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Reading aura: developing auric vision

Our Eyes

W e can sense (perceive) with our eyes a very precise range of vibrational frequencies of ElectroMagnetic (EM) vibrations corresponding to wavelengths from 0.3 to 0.7 micrometers – from purple to red. We perceive a mixture of the vibrational frequencies in the above range as color with our eyes. We can measure this mixture accurately by recording a spectrum of light, but only by using special instruments called spectrophotometers.

Colors perceived with our eyes are only our partial perception of a MUCH more complicated reality: intricate vibration of light (and other vibrations as well). To explain the above statement we should define the spectrum and explain how we perceive colors with our eyes.

How to See the Aura: Developing an auric sight

In an effort to see the Aura we must:

  • Increasing the sensitivity of our eyes AND
  • Extend the range of perceived vibration beyond visible light.
    It turns out that we can achieve the above by:
  • To use and train our broad field of vision (peripheral vision)
  • Increase exposure
  • Expanding visual sensation process in the brain – expanding the communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Can size

Why should we use our wide field of vision? Our retina (the concentration area of ​​the eye contains photosensitive cells) is less damaged there than in the central part. The central part of the retina is in constant use and has suffered accumulated damage over the years from excessive and/or artificial lighting (TV, computers, artificial light, etc…). Over the years we have also trained ourselves in a certain use of the central gaze.

Young children see auras much easier because their central vision has not yet been damaged. Once they go to school they are told to use their eyes a certain way and gradually they lose their natural auric sight.

Increased exposure

If we want a photo of a dark scene we have to increase the exposure time of the film. We can achieve this in front of our eyes by concentrating on ONE point for a while (30 to 60 seconds).

When our eyes move or a scene moves before our eyes, the images are averaged by our eyes. (25 TV frames per second seems to be a smooth movement). When we focus on one point we increase our sensitivity because we average the incoming and accumulate its effect.

Our photosensitive cells (Red, Green and Blue) operate as vibration sensors, similar to 3 radio receivers tuned to 3 “colors” RGB. When you want to achieve a great vibration like, say, a movement – you can achieve this by using a very weak stimulation force, but holding it. Concentrating on one point with your eyes achieves a similar effect: with a small stimulus you can gradually move your photosensitive cells to a large vibration, resulting in a visual sensation perceived by the brain.

Concentration exercise 1

Place image Fig. 1 about 1.5m in front of you. Look at the black dot for about 30 seconds and observe the colored dots with your gaze. Resist the temptation to look anywhere other than the black dot.

Fig 1. Image for concentration exercise

Note that the colored areas appear to be surrounded by an “Aura” of a different color. When the environmental sensors are stimulated for a while we get color sensations, very different than when we use the central gaze. The longer you focus, the brighter the “Aura” around the colored areas becomes, as your sensitivity is heightened.

Yesterday you could have looked at this image for hours and not have seen anything. Concentrating on ONE point long enough is key. Rather than the real Aura, this exercise demonstrates the principle of how to look , to see human auras by making you aware of certain specific capabilities of your eye sight and perception.

Concentration Exercise 2

This exercise aims to stimulate communication between both hemispheres of the brain, thereby increasing the “power process” needed to see the Aura. Place the picture in Fig. 2 about 1 meter in front of you. Extend your hand so that one of your fingers is between and below the circles.

Change the concentration on your fingertip and look over the circles. You should see 4 circles. Then try to overlap the middle of the two to see A CIRCLE WITH A WHITE CROSS on top of your finger, in the middle of the two. Seeing the cross is proof that the left hemisphere (connected to the right eye) communicates with the right hemisphere (connected to the left eye).


This exercise proves to be very useful: 5 minutes of it appears to double the size of the electrophotonic aura, as recorded by bioelectrography.

The cross will float and appear unstable at first. Experiment with the distance from your finger to your eyes to get a perfect crotch. You gain an important advantage by holding a perfectly balanced cross after 3-5 minutes, preferably without blinking, but 45 minutes turns out to be a magical time of concentration, said to make a REAL difference to your mental and physical health. auric skills.

In my experience, it’s best to start with a minute or two and gradually increase the time each week. Short and intensive concentration appears to be better than a longer one interrupted by a lack of skill.

Gradually with practice you should be able to hold and reach the crotch without the finger. While holding the cross, try to become aware of the other 2 circles as well by using your wide field of view.

You should see Auric colors around the colored circles using your wide field of view. When you can analyze environments using your broad field of view, without letting go of the cross (and concentration), you’re ready to see and read auras.

Advanced levels of concentration :

One diameter in the crotch usually appears to be “in front of” the other. This means that one of your brain hemispheres seems to dominate the other. Men usually see the horizontal diameter above (left hemisphere dominates), women usually see the vertical diameter above (right hemisphere dominates).

Try to see the “hidden” diameter above as much as possible by concentrating on request. The final level of concentration is to achieve and hold a perfectly balanced cross with all your four weapons of equal intensity, achieving a perfect balance of both hemispheres of the brain. Many people experience miraculous effects here.

First, the concentration becomes much deeper. Second, after 2-3 minutes you seem to lose sight of them, with a light background turning dark, purple or pink. Your sensitivity and awareness increase very much.

Several people reported that wearing the Chakra Shirt significantly improves such concentration and my personal experience confirms this.

Colors and Auric Pairs

In concentration exercises 1 and 2 we noticed that real colors are surrounded by auras of different colors. These auric colors are not random. Here is a list of Auric Color Pairs for all pure colors of the rainbow (monochromatic colors).

red gives a turquoise aura, turquoise gives a red aura
orange gives a blue aura, blue gives an orange aura
yellow gives a violet aura, violet gives a yellow aura
green gives a pink aura, pink gives a green aura

The above table also applies to intermediate colors such as eg yellow-green gives a pink-violet aura. Note that the above Auric pairs are DIFFERENT from additional color pairs, “color wheels” and “color spaces” promoted by the science and art on Earth. Any child can attest that the auric colors from the list above are real.

If you look around you will see that Nature is very fond of Auric Pairs. Take any red colored bird and you can be sure that this bird also has turquoise body parts. The same applies to blue-orange, yellow-violet and pink-green combinations, but not only in birds but also in fish, butterflies, flowers, etc… everything that is vividly colored by Nature.

Occasionally you will see the “first and best” color instead of a perfect auric pair. Have you ever noticed that MOST of the flowers on Earth that grow on trees and are surrounded by GREEN blisters are either violet, pink (purple) or red? Auric pairs in Nature are very stimulating and often lead to an overwhelming sense of beauty and happiness.

You need to remember and know well these Auric Pairs above. Why? Because when you see a pink Aura around someone in a green dress, there is a high possibility that you are seeing the “Aura” of a dress, not a person.


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