Recovering from a burnout: follow your gut feeling and trust your intuition

Recovering from a burnout: follow your gut feeling and trust your intuition
The way out of your burnout to work that suits you much better is not a short straight line. You do not follow a step-by-step plan that takes you straight to your goal. That’s not how it works these days, and certainly not for highly sensitive people who want to live their soul mission. How can you do what makes you happy and gives you energy?

The feminine way takes you where you need to be

The good news is, that it can be done, but this process takes time. You first want to know what your talent and deeper desire are. You may feel that you are at a crossroads. Do I continue to do the old, or do I take a new path, and which one? You may encounter doubt and fear that demand your attention.

Closing the door of ‘keep doing what you’ve already done is scary because the door to the new is still closed. Making a decision and stating ‘I don’t want this anymore’ means that you are entering unknown territory. That can feel like entering a void and it takes courage. Feeling that the old really isn’t an option anymore helps in making that decision and speaking it out.

First feel, then act

You don’t always know in advance what will happen, and how people will react if you say something. All you know now is that you can’t go on like this. That is then your starting point, and perhaps also your most important point of reference. Take a step and see what happens. And depending on the responses, you take your next step.

Recovering from a burnout: follow your gut feeling and trust your intuition

The feminine way runs along the line of ‘first feel, then act’. That is why it is important to always stand still and feel. What does a situation do to you? You may feel insecure as to whether you can do it. And then you pick yourself up. You experience your emotions and find your center. You find your footing and then you move on. What step is there to take? What do I want? What do I feel?

The road is circular rather than linear

We tend to see reintegration into other work as a linear path, you formulate a goal and map out a route, straight to your goal. However, it doesn’t work that way. Burnout forces you to stand still, and it invites you to feel. Rather, it is a circular path, in which you always feel good and take a step. You do not know exactly where you will end up in advance. I call this the feminine way.

In the female way you apparently first turn in circles. You’re reinventing yourself, that’s how I see it. What do you need to recover first? What values ​​are important to you at this stage of your life? What are your qualities and what do you have to offer with them? Take your time here.

The road has curves, so you can’t see what’s coming. That is behind a bend. Only when you take a step into the unknown will you progress. Then you gradually find out what lies ahead for you. The road unfolds as you go along. That can be very exciting. Unexpected opportunities and people come your way. The road is very special, sometimes miraculous.

Take control of your life

If you go on like this, always take a step that is appropriate at that moment and feels right, then you gradually discover your strength. You strengthen your self-confidence because you notice ‘I can do this’. That gives a sense of personal power. Not power over another, but control over your own life.

Control your work

Recovering from a burnout: follow your gut feeling and trust your intuition

Orientation to other work may take a while. My advice is don’t make it too big. That you set yourself a goal that you don’t know how you will ever get there. That is overwhelming and instills fear. So keep it small. Where are you now, and what could be the next step? So go forward step by step.

Try things out

The process can take place in several stages. You only experience whether certain work suits you by trying it out in practice. This can also be done as a hobby or as a volunteer. There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, you are getting closer and closer to what suits you best.

Breaking through your old energy-guzzling patterns is sometimes a huge struggle, a road of trial and error. That does not mean that your life stands still or that you do not move forward. You always discover a new aspect of yourself and come closer to what drives you deep down. You get closer to the things that give you energy.

The manly way

Sometimes it may also be necessary to make a plan, namely if there is a goal that you want to achieve. In order to eventually get to where you want to be, you may need to set yourself a goal. You can then see how you can achieve that, and which steps are then necessary. I call it the masculine way. It runs along the line of ‘must, and then go’.

We are familiar with that road, it may have caused us to burn out: just keep going, and not feel it. Sit in your head and do what is expected, and what is needed. The art of arriving at your destination is, in addition to this masculine way, also using the feminine way. So that there is balance between thinking and feeling, between head and heart, between taking action and taking rest… balance is the magic word here.

Your new future, the destiny of your soul

Recovering from a burnout: follow your gut feeling and trust your intuition

The road to the future that awaits you is through step-by-step discovery, letting go of old patterns and feeling good. You can occasionally glimpse this future and then you take another step to really make the new possible. This is how you progress, in an organic way. The feminine way is a natural way, in which we can follow and trust our own nature, our feelings and our intuition.

The great thing about taking a step back is that you can rest for a while. It may even be necessary to take a step back every now and then, the advantage of which is that you get an overview. On the situation, or on your life. With every step you take, you get closer to the work that really suits you, to the essential. Where you want to be, your destination.

Three tips to find a new direction

  1. Take the time for this important process. Take a break every now and then and look at your actions, your emotions, and your thoughts. Examine your real desires and take them seriously. Let go of what you no longer want and what doesn’t suit you.
  2. Take a step forward if it feels right. Doesn’t it feel right? The body is always right and knows very well what is going on and what you need. So listen to your body’s signals.
  3. Learn to trust yourself and the road. On your feeling and on your ability to deal with a situation. Do you find it scary and don’t you dare? Then stop for a moment and see which small step you can take with confidence.

If you set out in this way, first feel and then do, and also occasionally set yourself a goal and take action to achieve it, you will get to where you want to be: at work that fits much better with your qualities and deeper desiresWork with which you can put your mission into the world. I wish you lots of luck!



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