Reincarnation therapy at Psychoses

After some hesitation, I decided to extend my search for the possible cause of my supposed “bipolar disorder” to less traveled paths. After reading some books by hypnotist Michael Newton and Brian Weiss on the extremely interesting topic of past lives, I started looking for a regression therapist near me.

Soon I came across a pleasant, clear website where I came across the following sentence to my disappointment:  ‘However, this therapy is not suitable for people with a diagnosis of mental illness. Think Psychotic or Manic.’

I decided to send this therapist an e-mail and after we had some exchange of ideas, we decided to make an appointment. In my area, however, most people reacted quite reserved. Was that wise? Suppose you ‘hang on’?

During the first meeting with the therapist, I decided to address the latter immediately because I thought it was a frightening thought. The therapist reassured me and told me that she had never experienced such a situation in her practice. I felt comfortable with her and after answering a few questions, we got started.

I was nervous and still somewhat skeptical but to my surprise I did indeed end up in what looked like a past life. I was a man in his thirties and the assistant to a powerful, rich man; presumably around 1900 in England. I lived somewhere in the countryside with my wife.

Later in the session I saw myself rushing and nervously walking through a large city (London?) towards a large gray building with large, round pillars. It was a courthouse and I was supposed to testify before my employer. He had been accused of extortion and was fully convinced that nothing could happen to him. I saw him smile contemptuously and confidently at me.

I knew it didn’t matter what I said in my testimony; he would go free anyhow. Something flipped on my mind and I decided to follow my conscience: I couldn’t bring myself to support this criminal man!
After all, I knew he was guilty. I hurriedly left the courthouse afterwards, feeling anxious and restless and my mind racing. I was absolutely sure that I had signed my death warrant by this decision.

Later I saw myself sitting on a lawn where I slowly calmed down. I was still alive! Maybe I was safe and had misjudged the situation after all? At that moment my throat was suddenly squeezed from behind and I died. My last thought came to me sharply; I would have loved to know who the person had been who had done this, because I had not been able to see his face.

My ‘killer’ is still alive..

The therapist took me to a safe area for me, and again asked if I could see the killer. I was stunned! It was D! This ‘D.’ tried to take my life 12 years ago! During what he later called ‘drug psychosis’. D. said he didn’t remember anything about it and later I forgave him for this. While this may sound pretty intense, I’ve hardly thought about this incident for the past few years. I thought it was finished and already processed…

However, we have not dealt with the increased brain activity and accelerated thoughts in this session. I was tired and there still seemed to be a kind of resistance in me. In retrospect, of course, there is no way I can determine whether these events really happened. Yet there seems to be a certain logic in this history and it seems as if certain puzzle pieces have fallen into place because of this therapy.

The therapist told me that it is quite possible that the real cause of my ‘bipolar disorder’ has not yet been determined in that life. Maybe it goes back even further… Of course I don’t know this either, but because this session was a positive experience for me, I will definitely make another appointment with her in the new year.

Incidentally, during this session, several unconscious patterns came to light, which I will not mention here, but they have at least given me more insight into my family ties!

Regression and reincarnation therapy are – as far as I know – absolutely not common forms of therapy for the treatment of ‘psychosis’. In fact, I suspect most psychiatrists would strongly advise against this. But because it has given me a liberating and even healing feeling, I thought it was absolutely worth sharing this experience with you here.


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