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Rich or not rich? Your relationship with little or a lot of money

You often hear: ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’. When you look at the abstract, that’s also the case. You cannot eat the 100 notes as long as they are in your wallet. But you can buy food from it. As long as the money is in the bank or in an old sock, it is worth nothing. Only as soon as you start doing something with it does the flow come in, then you use the energy of the value we have assigned to it.

As soon as you ‘use’ it, you give someone else the chance to start using it. See it from energy! Example: you buy bread from the baker and because of that he has money again to produce bread and pastries. He buys the ingredients from the supplier, and so on… That’s where the energy starts flowing. As long as it stays in your old sock, it’s paper! You do nothing with it. As a result, nobody can do anything with it and it even decreases in value.

I am of course not saying that you should waste all your money. Keeping a sensible spending pattern and overview is the most important thing you can do with money. That is called in a nice word: managing money.

That way you can grow money. But that’s a whole different story.

I will give another example. Your talents!

Money used to be called ‘talents’.

Do you know that? Now yes

Suppose you have many beautiful talents that you do nothing with.

Everyone has talents. It’s just a challenge to find and develop them. See it from energy! When you use your talents, you give others the space to develop their talents as well. This can be in different ways, such as inspiring others or by giving them a kick in the ass and making them think, hey I can do that too, why does she do it and I don’t??!! Or share knowledge, such as during workshops, presentations or at school.

By sharing knowledge you can wake up others to think about themselves, others and life. Division equals multiplication. If you don’t do all this, leave your talents in the closet, your talents are worth nothing. The energy flow stops and becomes even worth less, because the world around you continues to grow and your information becomes outdated. That’s a shame, because you’re holding back both yourself and someone else. Inspiring others is also inspiring for yourself and you learn a lot from it.

As a result, your knowledge grows, giving you more opportunities to discover and develop other talents in yourself. Everyone can inspire others in their own way. The one with writing texts and giving workshops like me,the other with delicious healthy recipes and another by explaining the best way to keep your skin beautiful. There are many talents and sources of inspiration to be found.

What does that have to do with your relationship with money? Well, a lot!! It’s the same energy flow. If you place little value on yourself in money, you will most likely place little value on yourself in your own talents and vice versa. Value is value, whether it is eigenvalue or value in Euros. In this society we have unconsciously made a link with those values.

You may know what you are good at and have invested in it, but you then give that value away for free. That too is low self-esteem!

By the way, giving for free is fantastic! As long as you get something in return for it; that can be self-esteem, knowledge, fame, experience, advertising and so on. This is how you maintain the energy flow. The proportions have to be right. Keep an eye on the balance! It’s just not okay to always give and not be able, willing or daring to receive anything in return. It doesn’t matter who you give it to and from whom you get something in return! By that I mean to say: it may be that you give something to one person and then get something back through someone else. That is giving unconditionally. And with that you make the world a bit more beautiful…

It’s a different story, a different energy, when you do have a good monthly salary and you also commit yourself for free to a charity or association, for example. That has more to do with targeted choices. That’s nice too, of course, but I won’t go into that right now.

How much value do you assign yourself? How much space do you have?

That’s the yeast. Money in itself does not make you happy, but the space you experience with it to be able to do things without worry, does make you happy. Or having the space to experience experiences with each other, I call that making beautiful memories, that space, that is the energy! That’s the value!

And the strange thing is, that too is double. There are many things for free in this world that can make you really happy. When you ask people what makes them happy, they always name a feeling. A feeling of happiness. That’s priceless!

And that’s that space. That is precisely something that cannot be paid for with money. It is linked to whether you can see that space at all or not.

That can vary from a beautiful sunrise to a cute baby’s first smile. Or a walk with the dog in a spring sun with the wind in your hair, a day at the beach or something else. You can do that as often as you want, whether you have millions in the bank, or whether you still have to pay back millions to the bank.

But can you enjoy it? That’s the point.

Money is still very important. Why? Because that’s how we have agreed with each other in this society. You really can’t go to the supermarket and give a big hug or mop the floor in exchange for your groceries. Money is needed. Perhaps there will come a time when that is no longer the case, but that will only be possible when we all start to see each other as equal. Equality starts with yourself.

Unfortunately, it is still true that money can buy power and prestige when you are successful or can buy expensive things.

Of course it makes no sense! We are all one and all equal.

The key is in our own paradigm (paradigm is a limiting belief). As long as you yourself place someone higher than yourself because he / she seems to have success or a lot of money, is more beautiful or more intelligent, then you maintain the belief yourself. By putting someone on a pedestal, you automatically place yourself lower. It’s that simple. So stop with all those pedestals!

You also see it happening in the world of artists and celebrities. People often worship or idolize a singer or an actor while he/she is only human with his idiosyncrasies. With that you really place yourself at a lower level than that familiarity, provided you take an example from that person! That’s another energy. Then you get inspired by thinking; what he or she can do, so can I, or better!!

As soon as you consider yourself equal to others, you will automatically experience more equality. As long as you think in rank, success, more and less, better or worse, you will experience this energy and get it reflected in life lessons. As long as you place little value on yourself, you will always fall into work or assignments where there is a hierarchy or remains underpaid. You will then have little money to spend, little space to do things that you really want.

You stop yourself from ever having a lot of money just by believing that money doesn’t buy happiness. Imagine being able to feed 1000 hungry children every day and provide them with a safe place to sleep. Or think of another beautiful and good cause. Would that make you happy and happy if you could do that? probably. Money is needed for that! piggy bank

As long as you dwell on the belief that money doesn’t make you happy, it won’t make you happy and money won’t have a chance to come to you. Then you cannot eat the 1000 children daily, etc. With this conviction you stop it all yourself. Sounds crazy huh? But it really is.

‘A lot’ of money and ‘little’ money is your own perception. Your own experience indicates what is much or little. One thinks $10,000 is very much and the other thinks $10,000 is very little. It is from what perspective you look at it, what value you attach to it. And so the circle about value and self-esteem is complete again.

I come back to the word equality. That’s hard to find in our society. In love relationships, in religions, in parent-child relationships, in working conditions, you name it. Where does that come from and who maintains it?

And yes, of course it is true that in certain situations one bears more responsibility than the other and that one works more hours than the other. Yes! That’s right. Of course, a lot of money is still misused through corruption and other negative things. But if you keep linking to the belief that bad people have a lot of money, or those other negative things, you will maintain your paradigm with that and never have “a lot” of money. Because you don’t want to be a bad person, do you?

Look at what goes right with money! There are many people who are creating wonderful things for both humanity and the world and they do so with the help of (a lot of) money. Keep seeing money as energy. As a flow in which you can maintain the positive flow yourself. As a medium of exchange for services. Those can be great services!

Ask yourself the following questions

Do you quickly put someone on a pedestal? (Yes?)

Do you have a large income that you can live on without any worries? (no?)

Do you often give away services for which you should actually charge money to make a living? (Yes?)

Do you use your talents to earn your own money, to do the best work you can think of? (no?)

Do you live by the motto ‘money doesn’t buy happiness?’ (Yes?)

Then it could just be that you have low self-esteem. And self-esteem is linked to equality. When you can see the other as a ‘human being’ instead of someone above or subordinate to you, then the energy is already very different! Give it a go!

In short, having money, self-esteem, value and equality starts with yourself! Put yourself on the same level as the other. Take yourself for granted, but also the other!

Can you do something with this? I wish you a lot of self-esteem and enough money to have a carefree existence. Do you have any additions or comments? I like to read it below this article. Thank you.


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