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Rock crystal elevates you to higher consciousness

Rock crystal is considered to be the most powerful healer and energy enhancer. Since time immemorial, rock crystals have been used for healing & reading, to charge spaces, to protect you, to attract abundance and harmony and simply for ‘the beautiful’ as jewelry.

The crystal regulates energy, gives energy to the person who works with it (or to the room where the rock crystal is located) and stores energy. Rock crystal is so pure that it can be recharged for all kinds of energetic work. He can also help charge other stones with his energy and enhance the effect of other stones.

Rock crystal donates its energy to every ‘charity’.

Working with rock crystal is not only helpful for healers and therapists, but also for people with a regular office job, freelancers, parents, intuitive people or seekers. Whether you want to improve your health, harmonize the atmosphere in your home, develop yourself spiritually or stand in your power: with rock crystal you can do it!

What does rock crystal help you with?

Healing and energetic work.
❖ To recharge your energy.
❖ To enhance the action of other crystals.
❖ For crystal clear concentration.
❖ To shield your aura from negative energies.
❖ To connect you more with the crystal in the center of the earth.
❖ To strengthen your clear knowing, your clairvoyance.
❖ To promote your spiritual growth.
❖ To charge spaces with positive energy.

Rock crystal is more than just ‘stone’

Rock crystal raises your energy to the highest possible level and aligns you with your spiritual purpose. Because of its formation and growth in the earth, rock crystal contains so much information and wisdom that accessing it opens up a whole world of possibilities for you.

Rock crystal is present in several dimensions at the same time. Matter is in the here-and-now, but the crystal being is connected to higher dimensions. When you open yourself to crystal energy, you feel a flow of empathy and love. If you also see images, you see a pure, bright light, sometimes with a blue-purple color through it.

The energy is so enlightening that doubt disappears and you see very clearly what is needed. That is why rock crystal is also called the healer of the healers: it helps you to penetrate through all kinds of layers of unconsciousness.

That clarity can be sorely needed if you’re wondering how to handle certain things in your life. We all have our challenges. We face them best when we are firmly in our power and when we have a clear idea of ​​what the next step is to take.

Rock crystal reminds you of who you are: light and love

The rock crystal anchors you and grounds you in your body on the one hand and it elevates you to higher consciousness on the other. This is due to the higher vibrational frequencies to which the crystal is connected. When you feel a little less well or you have forgotten what your light is, your crystal reminds you of that.

Even if you feel cut off from the whole, rock crystal brings you back to (self) love. Working together with a crystal causes your vibrational frequency to rise. Especially if you want to develop and grow yourself, the rock crystal gives you all the support in that process.

What we find most beautiful about working with rock crystal is that it helps you to trust your own truth. If you are well tuned to your rock crystal, there is a special exchange between the rock crystal and the ‘owner’.

This means that your rock crystal knows your life questions and intentions and gives you information and insights about it. That gives you inner peace to walk your own path and the freedom to discover much more, without needing permission from anyone that what you are doing is right.


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