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Scientists think they’ve found a portal to the 5th dimension


Summary: A new study claims to have an explanation for dark matter. It has to do with the discovery of a particle that leads to another dimension.I know, it sounds like science fiction, but our world is a lot more mysterious and fascinating than most mainstream news would lead you to think. A short walk through the post-material science and you’ll come back with all kinds of fascinating discoveries.About superhuman powers, extrasensory perception, remote viewing, non-local awareness and more. In other words, we are incredible and amazing. I believe that science has already proven this, even though mainstream culture is still a bit behind and not open to it yet .By Joe Martino

In a new study in the European Journal of Physics C , scientists propose that a particle exists that acts as a portal to a fifth dimension. What exactly is the fifth dimension? Good question. First, let’s talk about what we now know about dimensions.

So far, scientists have discovered four dimensions in our universe. The space consists of three (top and bottom, left and right, front and back). That gives you ‘3D’. The fourth dimension is Time.

dark matter portal to the 5th dimension

To understand the fifth dimension, we can start by looking at dark matter. Scientists think that almost all of the mass in our universe is actually made up of dark matter. And we know very little about it.

Technically, we can’t see it, so scientists measure how it affects the matter we can see. In the most recent study, the authors — Adrian Carmona, Javier Castellano Ruiz, Matthias Neubert — said they planned to “explain the possible origin of fermion (a particle) through theories with a distorted, extra dimension.” They outline a new kind of math, based on the fermion, and argue that it is similar to the Higgs field and the Higgs-Boson boson.

“We have discovered a new scalar field with an interesting, significant behavior in an extra dimension,” the researchers told VICE. “If this heavy particle exists, it must connect the visible matter we all know and have explored so much with whatever dark matter is made up of. We base this on the assumption that dark matter is made up of fundamental fermions, which exist in the extra dimension.”

To put it more simply, this new study states that this new particle can provide a much better explanation for dark matter. And the more we know about dark matter, the more we can understand about the most sophisticated processes in our invisible universe.dark matter portal to the 5th dimension

The authors describe the particle as “a possible new messenger for the dark sector”.

But the hard work is only just beginning. Scientists now have to isolate the particle. The Higgs-Boson particle just mentioned has already been found by the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. But even that isn’t powerful enough to find this new particle. So we will have to build a new device.

What intrigues me about this story is something a physicist said about another study that explored a possible fifth dimension:

“This new particle may play an important role in the cosmological history of the universe. It could produce gravitational waves that we can capture with future wave detectors.”

I’ve always been fascinated with exploring the deeper, eternal questions that make up our collective paradigm. When we better understand the real essence of reality, of the cosmos and our relationship with the cosmos, we actually gain a better understanding of who we are.

dolores cannon gateMy research over the years has taught me that the most common assumptions about ourselves and our world are most likely wrong. Things like “consciousness comes from the brain” or “our consciousness does not affect things that are not with our bodies” or “the universe is random and human consciousness cannot influence it”.

With all the research I’ve read exploring these topics, it’s clear to me that the most fundamental assumptions of modern materialistic science are flawed. There are hundreds of studies that tell a very different story.

Your whole worldview changes once you realize that our human consciousness does influence non-local things, something that has already been thoroughly explored worldwide by hundreds of ‘ intent experiments’.

Then you must ask yourself: what is the real essence of our reality ? And who are we? Are we actually capable of much more than people would have us believe? Do our thoughts, intentions and emotions have a greater impact on our lives than we think? What does this mean for our understanding of who we are and how we live our lives?


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