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Searching for your twin flame? Maybe closer than you think!


What I’ve been wondering lately is whether the whole idea of ​​a twin soul, twin ray, or twin flame even exists as something or someone outside of yourself.

Longing for your twin soul

There is a great longing for something like a twin flame. Articles on this topic are eagerly read. I regularly come into contact with people who think they have met their twin souls, who think they have lost them or have found them in an unreachable man/woman. There is much longing and sadness surrounding this theme.

I recognize that desire too. For a long time I had the feeling that I was not complete, that I was missing ‘my other half’. Twice this was touched by an encounter that struck a deep chord of recognition in me. An instant recognizing, a feeling of coming home, an intense soul connection. I had a strong desire to merge with it. Is this my twin flame, I asked myself.

Over the past year, I’ve had other ideas about that. I’ve started to wonder if the woman/man outside me with whom I feel so connected is rather a mirror of my own twin half. Or that this twin half is an unconscious part of me that I project outside of myself onto another human being.Intention and attention

Uniting opposites

I wonder if the whole idea of ​​and desire for a twin flame could have more to do with the desire to transcend duality within yourself. Or that it might indicate a deep need to unite your own opposites and that the time is right to begin this process.

It also belongs to this new time in which we are making a transition to the Age of Aquarius and in which relationships also take on a different meaning. If you think you have met your twin flame, this can offer you the opportunity to become more aware of desires for inner unity that you are still projecting onto another human being.

Consciousness has expanded and developed in many people in the past decades in the form of more knowledge and more self-awareness. As a result, more and more people are aware of their ego, of feminine and masculine energies in their person, regardless of gender.Have you passed duality yet?

Symbolic clues

As consciousness grows, one is usually also more open to the unconscious. Through that (collective) unconscious, as in dreams, symbols can come to us that indicate that a fusion or synthesis of male and female energies is imminent.

Dreaming that you are having sex with someone of the opposite sex or dreaming that there is a marriage or birth of something. Making intuitive drawings or getting images in which opposite parts merge are also examples of this.

They are symbolic clues, not images to be taken literally. They are clues to the Sacred Marriage that lies within each of us. Getting directions does not mean that unity in yourself has been achieved. This can sometimes take a long time with many wanderings.

It can be very confusing when you are in the transition phase from duality to oneness. It is only natural that from time to time you project this confusion onto someone outside of you and you think that he/she is the one with whom or through whom you feel one.

The goal of being human is ultimately to become one who is inwardly one. Apart from imposed and learned ways and facades about what a woman or a man should be. To be liberated from that and above all to be human, an androgynous being.

Sometimes it’s not what you think it is

In an earlier article on this subject I wrote that sometimes there are very different lessons hidden in the encounter with a soul love than you initially think. This is another possibility. In this article I investigate a possibility, I am not claiming anything, I am not stating here that I have a monopoly on the truth. Much sensible and nonsensical is written about the theme of ‘twin souls’. Whether this article makes sense or makes sense is up to you, the reader.


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