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Seeing with the eyes of your heart


“Don’t think black, don’t think white, but in the color of your heart” blared from the loudspeakers in 1984. Frank Boeijen ‘s song was an incredibly popular song, which is still in the NPO Radio 2 Top 2000 every year. Such a mama apple juice song, because many people hear something completely different in it than what is being sung.

For example, it was made ‘in the color of your hair’, while it was about the heart. The reason to write the song was a nasty one: an argument between two boys, in which 15-year-old Kerwin Duinmeijer was stabbed and later died. It has often been thought that the 16-year-old accused had a racist motive, although the judge ruled that this had not been proven.The song is performed annually in the musical The Passion.

The color of your heart

But what exactly is the color of your heart? (You will understand, of course, that I am not talking about the physical heart here.) What is meant by the color of your heart and what about you? What Frank Boeijen meant by the song was tolerance. And where do you find that? In your heart. Your heart is full of beautiful things such as love, warmth, intuition , mercy, forgiveness and peace resides there. Also, the heart is without judgment, it is kind and frank and unconditional.

Did you know that your heart has eyes? compassion. Or, as my spiritual master called it, with the eyes. The heart looks mildly, from a deep love and compassion. It is always understanding, supportive and essence focused. It is not interested in criticism, polarity or gain. It is connected to the unit. That’s why it is so wonderful to be around real heart people; you feel their warmth and a certain fullness, as if they are carrying you with you. Like a round mother hen that protects, feeds and carries her chicks under her feathers, round and soft and warm.mother hen

The eyes of the head?

If the head also had eyes, they would look very different. They want to assess, structure, look at things in a logical way. Intellectually and from within frameworks. There is nothing wrong with that in itself, just as there is nothing wrong with the head.

It’s kinda nice that we have it, isn’t it? It helps us with everything: learning, developing ourselves, understanding things, figuring things out, making decisions… We have just placed too much value on it and it is time to get back to it. So that the two can work together, the way it was always intended in my eyes. We’re not meant to live in pieces, are we? We are made and intended as a whole. So let’s get the heart more involved.

What about your eyes of the heart? Do you use them often or are they not very open yet, not developed? It doesn’t matter where you are, you can continue from there, grow, develop. If the eyes of your heart are barely open, it doesn’t matter. You can decide at any time that you want to use them more, training as it were, and you have daily life for practice.

Training the eyes of your heart

eyes of your heartWhat could that workout look like? In any case, you can start by determining what really matters to you. Looking at how you would like to be treated and how you want to treat others. If you really think about it, take the time for it, you are already taking a big step.

Try not to react immediately in situations where you are challenged, but first to breathe slowly and make contact with your heart. That’s where your thinking comes in very handy. You just have to think about it and you have already made that connection. Then see what happens.

Give yourself your whole life to learn this, to open the eyes of your heart more and more. In this way you also look at yourself mildly and you do not have to do it perfectly, you are already good the way you are. I hope you want to allow yourself this and therefore also the people around you. I’m sure the world will become more tolerant if more people start using this and hope that songs like Frank Boeijen’s will no longer be needed.


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