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Self-love: Is it selfish to love yourself?

When is self-love selfishness, and when is self-love creating? A nice issue to philosophize about… Self-love is often confused with Selfishness. But is that really so? Is it selfish to love yourself?

It depends from which perspective you look at it.

Right, because you love yourself and that it is necessary for yourself to make certain choices, it is possible that your environment at that moment thinks you are selfish. From their own perspective.

From your perspective you find your decision loving, because you may want to achieve a higher goal, or for example do a special study, to ultimately be a helper, teacher or example for many.

Sometimes it’s so contradictory…..

What is an advantage for one person is a disadvantage for another and then calls you selfish. The truth is almost in the middle. But most of all with yourself! In life you cannot avoid making choices. In your work, your relationships or, for example, your spiritual development.

Everything is connected. We are all intertwined. When someone makes a decision, it means a consequence for someone else. At the very least you create a change for the other person with a decision.

Take responsibility

Making decisions based on love for yourself, and weighing the consequences for those close to you, is beautiful and loving. Take responsibility for your life and your loved ones. It is not always the easiest and shortest way, but it is the most instructive, respectful and loving way. Also for yourself.

When you can make decisions based on self-love and love for your environment, it will always be creative and growing. A loveless decision shows little self-love. As a result, something always stops in life. There is no current and therefore nothing can grow. This also occurs frequently in many life issues.

When you have the feeling that you are a ‘victim’ of a decision of another, realize that the other only mirrors your pain, which you were not aware of, which was already inside you. Whatever situation it is. In any case, often difficult and sad, but also very instructive.

Go love yourself!

It’s a sign that it’s time to love yourself. To create self love. Let go of your bad feelings about yourself and the other person, stop thinking and talking negatively about yourself and the other. As difficult as it is….

Reconnect with the loving spark that is also within you. Ask the Universe, your God, Angels or other helpers to help you heal. Ask for insights and work on yourself. Miracles can happen, even with you. Believe in that! And work on that!

Because you’re worth it. Seeing that value is self-love!


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