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Sending energy from the dead to the light

When you are a lightworker you will occasionally notice that there are energies around you. Sometimes you don’t know what to do or what to do with it. I often hear from people that they are afraid of it and close themselves off or hide the feeling. As a child I would pull the covers over me and say, ‘Would you please leave now. I’m afraid of you.

When I was on vacation in Egypt with my husband a long time ago and was not yet aware of my spiritual gift, I noticed that there were energies in our hotel room. I was scared, it felt intrusive. After that week I was happy to go home. On the bus on the way back to the airport, someone told me that several people had died during the construction of the hotel. Then I knew that those energies ‘wanted’ something from me, only I had no idea what!


It is possible that you are a light worker. Your ‘light’ energy attracts entities (that is, energy from a deceased person) who are looking for the light. When you are in spiritual growth, you automatically increase your frequency. You are then ‘lighter’.
Example: you walk in a dark night and don’t know the way. Ahead you see light. Then of course you go there.

The dead who cannot find the way to the light come to you because you radiate light. There is nothing scary about this and it will not harm you. Except when you find yourself in a negative energy situation (which you have chosen yourself) that makes your aura open or shows holes. This is caused by, for example, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, work addiction, addictions (for example to medicines) or if you are very negative.
It is very important to close your daily routine by performing a protective exercise.
Here is the link to an exercise.

What makes a dead person unable to find the light?

There can be several reasons for this. In my practice I experienced a few times that an entity ‘stuck on earth’ because he/she attached too much to ‘earthly things’. Some of the dead find it hard to let go. These ‘earthly things’ (materialism, duality, struggle, physical experiences such as cold-warm, emotions, infatuation, anger, disappointment, etc.) only exist on earth and we can only experience it there. These are closely related to the life lessons on earth.

Responsibilities are hard to let go. Example: a young father or mother who has to leave a family or a business that was a life’s work. A deceased person needs time to realize that contact can be made much better and easier from the light to help or support, than from the earth energy.

This is, among other things, the reason that we want to incarnate again and again.
If you are only energy (so you do not have a body as a means of transport), everything flows into each other and you do not feel these experiences. Some want to hold onto the earthly experiences as long as possible.

If someone dies completely unexpectedly / suddenly due to an accident, a murder or whatever, then that person does not know that he / she is dead and does not understand where he / she ended up. It takes time. Also to get rid of loved ones.

Anyway, back to the topic: sending energy from the dead to the light. You then act as a ‘signpost’.

Here’s an exercise on how to do that:

Sit in an easy chair or lie down in a quiet place and relax. Make sure you cannot be disturbed. It is important to make sure you are protected. Visualize a white light around you. Connect well with the earth by visualizing roots or rays of light entering the earth from your feet and your base chakra.

Take your job seriously and do it with respect for both yourself and the energy you work with. If necessary, ask your guardian angel to help. It is not dangerous to do this exercise. But as I said, when you are working with energies it is always important to protect yourself and close.

Pay attention to your breathing, inhale and exhale slowly.
Be aware of the energies around you.
Visualize a large golden pillar from the earth to ‘heaven’. On top of the pillar you visualize a plateau. Take your time for this.

Now visualize a staircase going up around the pillar. Then you point the way to the energies and say: are you going with me to the light? I bring you! It’s this way. Look, there it is, and you’re pointing up. You walk at the front of the stairs, the energies follow you naturally.

You make sure that all energies that want to the light take the stairs. When you do this exercise, you will notice that energies are added. As if they’ve been waiting on the corner. Once you are on the plateau, you will find that some energies will immediately ‘float’ into the light and some energies will wait for you to give more directions until they are picked up by an angel or other energy.

As soon as you visualize the golden pillar with the plateau, immediately other energies, helpers and angels will ensure that the entities can flow into the light. They are standing by and holding the gate open to the path you have created. You go no further than the plateau and show the entities the way to the gate. The angels here take over from you.

As soon as you notice that everyone has moved on, go ‘down’ again and then see the pillar disappear.

Now focus on your breathing again and make sure you are fully back in the now.

Do you see it differently?

You may see a pillar but no stairs. Which can. You may see a rope or an elevator. It doesn’t matter. Nothing is wrong. This is the basics of how to do it. Then make it your own story. It’s nice that there are different lightworkers. Everyone attracts the energy that recognizes you, suits you and that you can help to the other side.

But why don’t the angels directly direct the energies to the light?
There are several reasons for this. The angels do, but when the deceased is so focused on earthly energies, he does not see or recognize the higher energies of the angels. Actually very simple. If you are alive and not spiritual, then you are not spiritual when you are dead.

When you’re dead, you don’t suddenly turn into an omniscient light being. Of course we are all basically! If someone has the conviction that there is nothing after death, that person will take a little longer or need extra help to see that and continue on his/her way. If you do not believe in a heaven, you will not easily recognize a heaven. You then walk in the dark and are attracted to something recognizable: the light of a person.

I’m not saying that spiritual people are enlightened, better, or whatever. Everyone is equal. Everyone looks at life differently, so you see, experience and experience different things. If you look to the left, you see nothing on the right. So it is in life, but also after death.

This exercise is quite simple, but take your time. And for everything that has to do with spirituality: do it with Love and Respect. You are a conduit, a resource. That’s nice, but you’re not chosen or super special. They are beautiful ego labels, that’s all ;-))
Just like you help an old lady cross the road, you help the deceased to the other side, to where they can continue their way. Resting from life on earth, finding and seeing deceased loved ones and back to their soul group.

After you have done this once and you notice that energies are coming to you more and more, you can also dose it. You don’t always have to do something with it. If you don’t want that, say so! Or indicate when you want to do it by saying a specific day and time. The choice is yours to engage in spiritual matters in this way. but do realize; You have this talent for a reason.

For me it was an opening to gain confidence to work with energies. I was afraid to see scary things. Until someone said: you always get what you can handle. From this point of view I have learned to trust. I think there was a period of two years that I did this very regularly. I also experienced that I was helped with difficult energies. And so you build trust step by step and you see more and more in the energies. Meanwhile, you immediately lift your own energy. The more awareness, the higher your energy becomes. And that’s no superfluous luxury these days.

I have a feeling that it is high time that many lightworkers ‘wake up’. So get to practice with it, get to work with it, so that there will be an easier flow for the dead. I notice that suddenly it happens more and more often, that it is necessary to send energies to the light.

You can see it twofold. There are currently so many living people (souls) on Earth than there have ever been in history. This logically means that many more than ever die every day. A lot is also going to happen to our world in the coming period. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I have the feeling that between 2015 and 2016 (a few times?) a large group of people wants to be helped to the light.

Lightworkers and lightseekers are limitless. It is too limited to think that you only send entities from your own country to the light. It just depends on what kind of energy you attract. That’s why it’s nice that there are so many lightworkers. Everyone attracts their own frequency.

Good luck!


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