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Sensitivity is a gift

Have you ever been teased for being too sensitive? I do! And yet sensitivity / sensitivity is a gift and not a deviation from your personality .

It is a means that helps us to feel the truth about people and situations. Our sensitivity helps us in our energy work, making it accurate and effective. It is the gift that helps psychics to see deceased loved ones and angels.

When you are sensitive, you feel everything much more strongly. Your physical response to groups of people, chemicals and loud noises is amplified. You have trouble with added substances in food, such as sugar, caffeine, preservatives and pesticides. You can even feel pain in severe situations!

And yet, while these reactions seem problematic, they are actually signs that you have a healthy internal radar system. Your sensitivity helps you to discover and prevent unhealthy or unusual situations and substances.

While Lightworkers and Indigo Children are super sensitive people, the new Crystal Children may be even more sensitive! When our sensitivity goes to a level that used to be seen as maximum (for example 10), the sensitivity of crystal children goes to a level of 15 or 20!

This is one of the reasons why Crystal Children tend to “hang” on their parentsCrystal children are so attuned to the nurturing and loving energy from the human source that they quickly and deeply connect to this energy.

The love a Crystal Child feels from a parent or grandparent reminds him or her of the divine love it felt before incarnation. Crystal children can sense when one’s heart is open. They are attracted to those who can give them love.

As adults, it is our job to help Crystal Children to feel the love that others have within them too. Even if a teacher or classmate does not have a completely open heart, the Crystal Child can learn to see the divine light in that person. A good analogy is to tell the child that one’s inner light is like the pilot light of a gas stove.

If we hold the intention that we want to see the light, we can see it in everyone. Even in people who don’t act in a loving way. By seeing that light, we can even challenge the other to act more lovingly. This does not limit the free will of the other – ultimately love and peace are the spiritual truths and the higher will of all of us.

Crystal children are, of course, sensitive to the current world energies. They can sense when you are stressed or anxious. It is better not to deny these feelings when your child asks what is wrong with you. It is important to teach your child that he or she is capable of discerning feelings. And yet we should not burden the children with negativity.

I think it’s good to admit our basic feelings towards children, and then explain that you deal with them in a healthy way. For example through meditation, physical exercises, creative activities or through conversations with friends. In this way, children receive confirmation of their feelings, but also learn how to deal with their own overwhelming emotions in a healthy way.

The angels tell me that the children are continuing their powerful spiritual work to bring about world peace. They do that in their dream travels. The Crystal Children form a powerful network of healers and teachers on the astral plane.

The angels say, “Don’t let their little body fool you. They’re pretty old souls, veteran veterans of untangling things that entangle man every now and then. Their innocence stems from a perfect faith in the divine.” We may thank God for the Crystal Children. They are a role model for all of us.


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