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Separation or Connection? Communication technology as a force of habit

Chat, Whatsapp, Facebook. These are words that are part of our current vocabulary and determine our current form of communication. Nowadays there are so many ways to communicate but the question is, do these forms of communication lead to real connection or rather to separation?

While I am writing this article, the lyrics of Douwe Bob’s song come to mind: “ Slow Down Brother ” is being sung and it makes me realize how fast our society has become and how fast communication technology is developing. . Whether this is good or bad depends on whether or not you let the technology control you.

Albert-EinsteinWhen Albert Einstein was alive, technology was nowhere near as advanced as it is today. But that technology could take over our humanity was something he already knew at the time:

 ‘I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will then consist of a generation of idiots.’

In this article I want to take a closer look at how we can lose ourselves in technology if we don’t keep feeding our hearts with love and physical connection and give tips on how we can master the technology instead of the other way around.

If you look around you like this, the daily image is characterized by staring at the mobile phone or Ipad. Everyone lives in their own world and it seems as if the human connection is being undermined by this.

We live in a kind of virtual cocoon in which we do not have to connect with the other and thus close our hearts. You can already see this happening with couples who are sitting in a cafe and have nothing more to say to each other and are “gazing happily at their smart phone”.

Or parents looking at their smart phone non-stop while their kids are playing and can’t be in touch with their kids. Technology can never replace our hearts and yet the technology has come to the point where humans are recreated as a drone, but as a robot without feeling.

What makes us human is our feeling, and the experience of all emotions. This experience is necessary for the growth of our souls and that is also the reason that we came here on earth as souls. If we are meant to feel everything and experience life, then it is actually strange that we allow ourselves more and more to be controlled by technology and in such a way that we want to experience, lose our feeling.

The fact is that we have become creatures of habit with regard to communication technology and no longer notice it ourselves. What used to be weird is now normal. We do not think it strange at all to surf for hours on the internet, socialize via social media, order products online and send too short messages via WhatsApp or Messenger.

We think it’s very normal that we don’t have to go out anymore and can do everything online, even dating. But is this behavior really normal and what effect does this behavior have on our soul when you consider that a soul needs living energy but also love and touch and real connection? To answer this question, I want to first define what a habit is because that will explain why we do what we do.

What exactly is a Habit?

A habit is an unconscious repetition of a pattern that you have been taught to yourself or by others or by which you have been conditioned. Our brain is so programmed to automate every new action we perform. The brain does this from the basal ganglia. These are brain cells that control our behavior and that create a control system in our brain that ensures that actions are automated so that the rest of the brain has room to act if we have to be alert in traffic, for example.

Habits can be good and bad. Habits such as sports, good nutrition, etc. are good because they make our body and mind stronger and this makes us feel happier and more balanced. Habits such as being computer addicted, just sitting on the couch and eating chips are less good for our body and mind, actually mind-numbing. And this includes hours of watching television or endless Facebooking and WhatsApp.

Often we start doing things because we are used to doing them and no longer think about what we are doing. Often a habit is also accompanied by an unconscious conviction: I can’t do without the internet, “I have to check my email now,” “I have to check my Facebook now otherwise I’m behind”, “I have to be available all the time”.

If you take a closer look at these beliefs, you will see that these are simply thoughts that have been empowered by believing in them. Because honestly, how important is it to check your email or facebook when you’re having a nice conversation. So what is it about people or technology? Anyway, I know from experience how persistent beliefs can be.

Precisely because beliefs are so powerful, it is more difficult to stop a habit. Because habits become ingrained in our consciousness, we quickly forget that we always have a choice, for example whether or not to do something such as turning off the phone in company or going to the gym even though we feel tired.The fact that we always have a choice to do or not to do is essential because we can take steps ourselves to get out of the pattern of behavior.

What do bad habits do to our souls?

We all have our ingrained patterns and do many things on autopilot. But what about you and the technology?
What do you subconsciously say to yourself to convince yourself that you should check your email or Facebook now?
Think about how you start your day: You probably wake up, take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast and if you have children, make sure they are also awake and ready to go to school. Somewhere in that routine does the Smart Phone or Ipad turn on or not? I do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to judge the technology because I see and benefit from it: It’s a fact that the Internet makes life a lot easier.

What matters to me is to create more awareness of our habits so that we don’t lose ourselves in our behavior. The moment you switch on the smart Phone, you are no longer present for the other person because you shift your attention from a person to an object or rather to the stimuli of the outside world. Space for your inner world is then not available at that moment.

That space to go to our inner world is desperately needed if we want to stay in balance. Communication technology constantly tempts us not to listen to ourselves and to feel real. Because what happens to you if you have no incentives to distract you, then you are confronted with yourself and all the feelings and because that can be scary, we don’t do it and choose endless distractions.

Facebook especially has such a magical appeal by stimulating your curiosity about posts that have been written and then taking you on a quest for information or further in-depth knowledge. Before you know it, you’ll be wasting a lot of time on this, sometimes useful and sometimes not. Technology certainly makes life easier. While it brings the world to us, it takes us further away from ourselves.

I took the test to feel what happens if I read the messages from my Phone or open Facebook immediately after breakfast without tuning in to my heart. I feel that I am less with myself and certainly not present for my son. I challenge you to test this. Before you turn on the phone or iPad, vote? to your heart and feel the difference the next day if you don’t? Has anything changed?

Our soul is here to experience life in all its facets and also the accompanying emotions. Technology can never replace emotion or create physical contact. We humans need love and touch, but also nature to calm us and bring us into balance. If we deny ourselves that by letting technology control us, we die spiritually inside. We humans cannot do without love, but we can with less control by technology.

Like everything in life, it’s about balance and awareness. What can you do to be less controlled by technology? Below are some tips.

Tips to let technology control you less

1. Before you start the day, tune in to your heart and fill your heart with gratitude and love. This way you tune in to the vibration of love and you may not immediately have to switch on the smart Phone out of a feeling of emptiness or boredom.

2. Only turn on the phone, IPad after breakfast and connect with your partner, child etc.

3. In your day, schedule a non-radiation moment and go outside to nourish your soul, meditate or do yoga or anything that makes you happy and has nothing to do with technology.

4. When meeting someone, turn off the phone or put it on vibrate mode if you are expecting an important call.

5. Just perceive the emptiness or the feeling of boredom, let it be and don’t try to fill it with facebook, WhatsApp etc. Sometimes emptiness is needed to keep the space open for insights that trigger changes.

6 . Put people first before technology and not the other way around.

7. Limit yourself to a facebook limit or internet limit.
8. Avoid being in contact with radiation from a telephone or television one hour before going to bed. These influence your night’s sleep enormously and perhaps do a relaxation exercise before going to sleep in which you let go of the day in your way.

9. Remove any kind of radiation from the smart phone or television from the bedroom to ensure a stimulus-free and radiation-free environment.

10. Remember who you are in essence, a beautiful soul full of love who wants to experience life. This reminder will help you return to your core if you get too far away from yourself. And take a few deep breaths that you are love and that all is well the way it is.


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