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Set your intentions and change your life!

Your intentions influence your life in a profound and often inimitable way. Because energy follows intention. That is an energetic law. What are intentions? Wat are they doing? And how do you make sure that the energy law works for you and not against you? You read it here.

I like it: living with intentions. They keep you moving. They ensure that you change and grow step by step and manifest what belongs to you. Clear intentions help you, as inner direction indicators, always determine and feel what the right choice is. Often enough, however, they also turn your life upside down.

‘Be careful what you wish for’ therefore cuts real wood. Not that you have to worry that your dreams will come true, because that’s okay to live with. ‘Careful’ rather refers to the sacrifice that often precedes it. You can never control how the universe decides to support your intent. Because that is the difference between an intention and a (conscious) intention: with the latter you invite a larger energy field (from your soul, guides, god, and/or the universe) to support you in the realization.

Once my intention was ‘work without deadlines’. Result: all assignments dried up. And another good one from my collection: ‘divine sex’. Less than a month later, my marriage fell apart. Usually my intentions are manifested, sure, but if I had the choice, I (my ego) would rather arrange things differently.

With this in mind, you can actually take two paths. One: you don’t make your intentions too big, because then the consequences are manageable. Or two, you make them really big so they’re worth the sacrifice and hassle. I always choose the latter option.

positive intention

The universe is all energy, vibration, frequencies and resonance. Your energy field communicates with the surrounding field . An intention that works for you is positively phrased, in the present tense, connected to your heart’s desire, and focused on forward movement and growth. So don’t: I don’t want to be abandoned anymore. But: I’m with someone who loves me.

A strong intention includes not only a clear vision and a goal, but also feeling. You experience it in your body. To get there, you can use your full imagination: see, feel, hear that love, and program those feelings into your body.

Feel the vibrations of the loving person around you, the gratitude for his presence, the joy of being together. Experience deep inside that he is already there. Then connect your intentions to the words you speak. Do you share them with others. Write them down. Put them on your altar. Words have creative power.

Intentions as a catalyst

It’s not easy to be filled with all those loving feelings when you’re actually lonely or angry. But even then intentions work; regardless of the outcome, they are a catalyst for your inner transformation. There is always another law involved: as long as you don’t get what you want, you have work to do in your inner world.

That is how I wanted a child and my husband (for a long time) did not. Finally she got there. A few years later than I had imagined, much to my frustration. But in the meantime, I didn’t sit still. I went through my process, learning to let go of control and dismantling the fear that stood between me and the realization of the dream; that had something to do with my own birth trauma.

Negative intentions

In addition to positive intentions, there are also negative ones. The universe makes no distinction. They both have the same power. Negative intentions arise from your injury and emanate from separation, stagnation and maintaining the status quo. They are connected with your deeper fear of scarcity, insecurity, rejection, or with your anger, greed, jealousy, etc.

These intentions also resonate with your outside world and shape your life. So you can wish for a new man or woman, but if you believe that you are not really worthy of love, then that is your message. Your positive intention is undermined: you don’t see the right people, reject others, mistrust love or do not recognize it… Actually, the universe is very direct: the outside world reflects what lives inside.

Therefore make sure that you get both your positive and negative intentions clear, within your consciousness. Feel the pain beneath the negative and let it go. Let the positive move with your life, give them a place in your heart or womb, and offer the cosmos the space to align your life with your dreams and desires, instead of the other way around.

Sometimes an old structure is broken down first that still stands in the way of your new shape. Then try to move along. Life determines. Keeping control of existing situations prevents greater realities from being created.

Practically working with your intention

Finally, I will share one way in which I sometimes support and plan my intentions in the universal energy field (more will follow next Monday). When I started writing the book’ My father looks like Barbapapa, I was looking for thirty new-time children, thirty children with energetic consciousness, who would like to talk about their experiences with auras, angels, guides, healing etc.

The children were not easy to find of course and their parents also had to be willing to cooperate. At that time I regularly used my drum to support my intention and to drum into the cosmos, as it were. Once or twice a week I would sit down in meditation and as I played the drums I would imagine my call being deposited in the world of energy and then making its way to the children. It worked. I had them together before the deadline.

The full moon is on December 19. Then I give an online Moon ceremony where you work with your own intention, the energy of the moon and the power of the group field. What do you want to let go of from 2021? What do you want to allow in 2022? This ceremony is part of the December Downloads, starting December 12, in which we help you during this dark month to go within and focus on your own energy, possibilities, and potential for growth.

Align your energy system further with the planets, anchor deeper in your own power and light, and prepare your inner self for the new year! Sign up here.

In part 2 you can read more about the energy behind a powerful intention, how you work with it practically and how quickly you actually achieve your goals.


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