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Shamanism-The secret of the shaman


This is the first article in a series in which I explain Inca shamanism. My name is Martijn Stevens and I live with my wife and children in Spankeren in Gelderland

The reason I’m writing here is because I feel a need to share with you. Not much information about shamanism can be found on Nieuwetijdskind Magazine yet. That is a pity, because high sensitivity is precisely the shaman’s talent .

As a highly sensitive person who has found peace in this form of shamanism, I would like to describe my experiences and the wisdom of South American shamans. The main reason I have for this is because the connection to the earth and to the feminine are so prominent in Inca shamanism. It is precisely this that we westerners have lost. The potential in restoring that balance is that it can lead us to harmony.

In the coming articles I will tell you how simple the techniques of the shamans are and how we can apply them in our own lives.

“If you don’t want tomorrow to be the same as yesterday, you need to change your actions today.”

In harmony with creation

Unlike many westerners, most South American native cultures have never left paradise. They see the world as abundant and know that they are taken care of. Because of their strong bond with mother earth, which they call pachamama, they feel safe and powerful. They know their place in creation and can make contact with the source without much effort.shamanism

In our busy lives, many of us are looking for a place where we can experience silence. To find that silence, we go into nature or book a trip to a faraway country. We prefer to visit a mysterious guru who has an unpronounceable name. The film “ Down to Earth ” depicts such a journey of people who have fled our society and who show how it is with other peoples.

So the contact with the source is something that many people would like to experience. Few people know how incredibly easy it is to do that. You don’t have to go to India or South America for that. You can do that in the Netherlands, in your own home, with your own family.

A sacred space

Our churches, mosques and synagogues are sacred places. They are places assigned to experience the contact between us humans and the spiritual world. The curtain between the two worlds is thinner there than elsewhere. But unfortunately they are places you have to go and you can’t take with you.

In South America, the shamans create their own sacred space. They do this by invoking the organizing principles of our world. They focus on the cardinal directions personified as an animal. Then they make contact with the earth and the cosmos. This creates a bubble of energy that aims to make spiritual contact.

It turns out to be so surprisingly easy to contact the source through this bubble of energy. We can easily adopt this habit and apply it in our own lives. All it takes is dedication and surrender.shamanism

Harmony in yourself

By regularly setting up a sacred space, you can easily connect with the source. As a result, your view of the world and the feeling you have about it will completely change. You will feel connected as you gain insight into where we are as humanity right now. In addition, you will have access to an immeasurable amount of help from spiritual beings who can and want to help you.

The sacred space is a ritual that can help us change our habits and our perceptions. It is a ritual that enables us to reconnect with the world around us. It is ancient knowledge that we in the Netherlands and the rest of the western world need right now. We don’t need more technology and more distractions. No, we need the wisdom that can teach us how to become civilized cosmic inhabitants.

A sacred space provides the insight that makes it possible to activate the self-healing capacity of our body. It gives you the option to take back responsibility for your life. We’ve given away our power for too long.

From victim to responsibility

It’s easy to blame the world around us for our current state of being. Of course, we also partly live in a world that is influenced as much as possible and where there are parties that do everything they can to prevent us from being empowered. However, we always have the choice ourselves to do something about this.

You can change your life with the wisdom that the indigenous peoples around the world offer us. And today, these wisdoms are easier to find than ever. It’s up to us to do something with it. So, instead of expressing your displeasure with the outside world, try doing a daily ritual, such as “opening a sacred space.” With this you come into contact with the unseen world and the control in your brain is literally changed.The quartz crystal – seen from shamanism

The root of our challenges

Many of our discomforts are caused by living the lives of our ancestors. We possess the energetic and genetic ballast of problems that occurred in the lives of our ancestors. As a result, we can only live through the consequences of this ballast. The lessons we are presented with and the people we meet are predestined that way. A Dutch proverb that fits with this is “one who is born for a dime, never becomes a quarter.” But is that true? Is our life really that fixed?

According to the shamans, however, it is not so. You can certainly determine your own future. You can do that by looking for the root of your issues and inconveniences. By getting in touch with the root of the problems that is passed down from generation to generation. There are various shamanic techniques that can help you with this.

I myself have experienced various mystical and special things in my life. The techniques passed down in Inca shamanic culture are extremely powerful. In recent years I have seen various people transform from victims into confident and powerful individuals. Only because the connection to the source was restored and they came into contact with the power of rituals.


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