Meditate fast? 6 Short Meditation Exercises For Home

Short Meditation Exercises

 Meditation is becoming increasingly popular and is ideal for finding more peace and more control over your own mind and body.

In this article we discuss several short meditation exercises that are very suitable for at home.

The exercises are explained and you will see that these short meditation exercises can be performed easily and quickly at home.

Choose one of the 6 exercises that you can easily do yourself and repeat it a few times a week. You will soon notice how you experience more peace with meditation and that you feel better about yourself!

How often should I perform the exercises?

With meditation exercises it is important that you practice this in a place where it is quiet and where you feel comfortable, ideal for home.

You only have to perform most exercises for a short time, but a few times a week, so make sure you are regular. You can of course decide for yourself when you do this.

Woman is on the bed

Many people love to start the day with their exercises. Other people prefer to do this in the evening just before going to sleep.

It doesn’t really matter when you meditate. You’ll just have to find out for yourself when it’s most comfortable for you.


Keep control of your breathing

With almost all the short home meditation exercises we discuss in this article, it is extremely important to keep control over your own breathing.

But how do you keep this control? To begin with, take a deep breath in through your nose so that the breath goes completely through your entire body. Then slowly exhale through your nose.

You keep repeating this for a few minutes, you continue to concentrate fully on your breathing. After a few minutes you will feel the difference.

You will now become more aware of your breathing and you will notice that this gives you more control over it. You will also become calmer and you will feel more relaxed.


Before you start with short meditation exercises for home. Do we have some tips on how to start meditating at home?

  • Have a routine: when you start meditating it is important to know that you should do this with some regularity. Even if you only have five minutes a day to meditate, try to do this anyway because it will make you more routine with meditation. When you start meditating, it can often take a few sessions before you see the benefits.
  • Find a quiet place at home for your exercises: find a quiet place in the house where there are as few distractions as possible. Silence is important in meditation, so find a space where you are not bothered by noise that can bring you out of concentration. Also let the people in the house know that you are going to meditate so that they will not disturb you.
  • Place pleasant scents in your environment: When you are in a room, scents you love promote the ease of your body and mind. Incense, scented candles or lavender are ideal scents to use in short meditation exercises at home.
Scented candle and incense
  • The right posture: It is important in meditation that you find a comfortable posture for yourself. You can meditate both sitting and lying down, this differs per person what works best. Experiment with different poses to find the most comfortable position for you.
  • Do not meditate on an empty stomach: if you meditate with a hungry feeling in your stomach, this can lead to a decrease in concentration.

    Let go of frustrations: before you start a meditation practice, try to get rid of frustrations. A good breathing exercise can help you with this so that your mind is free.

  • Read books and articles about meditation: there are many books and articles with good tips that can help you meditate even better.  
  • Close your meditation session calmly: as soon as you have finished your meditation session, sit still for a while. Enjoy your session for a while before you immediately start moving, this strengthens the feeling you have.
Which meditation exercises are there?

There are hundreds of different meditation exercises. In this article we discuss various short meditation exercises that are very suitable for home.

All the exercises we discuss are suitable to do alone in a nice place in your home.

Woman sitting cross-legged on yoga mat

Discover which exercise suits you best and which has the best effect for you. Only by doing will you discover this.

We start with an explanation of breathing meditation and conclude the article on how you can also combine meditation with sports.

Breathing Meditation 

Breathing meditation is also one of the most suitable forms of short meditation practice for the home.

It is best to perform this form of meditation sitting in a comfortable sitting position. You slowly close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Try to stay focused on breathing in and out and don’t let your mind wander.

The most difficult part of this exercise is not to let those thoughts wander and to stay focused on your own breathing.

That is why it is best to perform this short meditation exercise in your quiet home environment, so that you cannot be taken out of your concentration.

It is quite difficult to stay focused, but you will notice when you have done this exercise more than once that it becomes easier and easier.

Scientifically Proven: Meditation has a positive impact on people’s cognitive and psychological well-beingResearch has shown that meditation can completely change and improve the gray matter of your brain in a short period of time.

Walking meditation 

Walking meditation is one of the short meditation exercises that you can learn easily and quickly and is ideal for at home.

In this exercise it is important that your attention is focused on the movements that your own body makes.

For this exercise you need a space of about six meters where you will not be brought out of your concentration, the living room is very suitable for this.

You will achieve the best effect if you perform walking meditation barefoot, because you feel the movements you make best when you are barefoot.

That is why this short meditation exercise is very suitable for home so that you can walk around barefoot without having to watch where you put your feet.

Walk Meditation Exercise: How Do You Perform It? 

In this short meditation exercise you first stand up straight and concentrate on your feet.

You begin to realize how both your feet keep your entire body in balance.

Then you start walking very slowly and focus on the movements your legs make.

You stay focused on both your feet and feel the movements your heels and toes make as you take another step.

Bare feet on the floor

If you are well aware of the movements your both legs make while walking, you can focus more on the rest of your body.

The goal of walking meditation is that you become aware of the movements of your entire body while walking. An ideal exercise for home where your focus is best!

Meditation exercise against stress 

Due to our busy lives, we experience more and more stress these days. Stress makes you feel uncomfortable because you can no longer relax properly. There are short meditation exercises to do at home that will help you relax.

It is important for this exercise that you sit in a quiet place where you cannot be distracted from your concentration.

You focus completely on your own breathing. Place one hand on your stomach and inhale deeply through your nose.

With your hand you feel how your belly swells due to the air you breathe. You then hold your breath for one second, then slowly exhale through the mouth for about five seconds.

Repeat this process for a few minutes and you will notice that your body relaxes more. Try to do this exercise every day and you will notice that the stress in your body slowly disappears.

Label Meditation 

Label meditation is one of the short meditation exercises for home where you notice other things with your senses in addition to your breathing.

You sit in a quiet place, for example in the living room. You breathe in and out slowly through your nose and concentrate on the breath.

Allow other thoughts to enter your head and label them with a simple word. Breathe in, breathe out and say this in your head as well.

When a thought comes up, you name it in one word in your head.

You perform this exercise for about five to ten minutes.

Guided Meditation 

Guided meditation is one of the short home meditation practices that you practice using a voice that guides you.

It is a great exercise for beginners who have trouble meditating properly.

You sit down in a quiet place and you play the audio using your phone.

Woman listening to music

There are handy apps that offer this form, and CDs are also for sale. After you turn on the audio, the voice will tell you exactly what to do.

These exercises will help you organize your thoughts. It also ensures better concentration.


Meditation for insomnia 

If you suffer from insomnia, there are also suitable short meditation exercises that can help with this.

These exercises are ideal for at home so that you can perform them in your own bedroom.

Just make sure that you do not perform these exercises for too long, a maximum of fifteen minutes and just before you want to go to sleep works best.

Concentration meditation is very suitable for insomnia. With this exercise you shift the focus of your own senses.

After this exercise, these are more concerned with perceiving, so that you are not worrying.

Concentration meditation exercise: how do you perform it? 

You will sit comfortably on your own bed during this short meditation exercise.

At home, this exercise is best just before you go to sleep. Now close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Be aware of each breath and take a deep breath in and out slowly. Hold this for a few minutes and don’t force your breathing.

You will automatically notice that you are completely focused on your breathing.

As soon as you lie down in your own bed after this exercise, you will notice that sleeping is now a lot easier.

Body scan meditation 

Body scan meditation is one of the short meditation exercises for home where you detect the tensions and unrest in your body.

This training ensures that you relax and you let the tensions flow away from your body.

Woman meditating cross-legged

You sit in a comfortable position and be aware of the position you are sitting in.

First, focus on your breathing.

Then focus on other parts of your body. Observe all parts of your body and track down these tensions. Try to let these parts of the body relax through this form of awareness.

Yoga Meditation 

Yoga also has many short meditation exercises that are very suitable for at home. After all, you don’t need a lot of space to perform the exercises and the peace you have around you at home is so nice.

Yoga is mainly about your breathing, by determining the rhythm of your breathing you get more control over your own body.

The control you keep over your breathing is the basic principle of Yoga, if you don’t have this control you are basically just performing exercises.

So make sure you have this under control and keep your focus well. There are several suitable exercises of yoga meditation such as the sun salutation or the cobra pose.

Sports in combination with meditation 

Most of the short meditation exercises that we have discussed in this article are very suitable for use at home and also very suitable for combining with sports.

For example, if you have done an exercise that mainly focuses on your breathing, you will notice that you have better control over this during exercise.

You also perform these short meditation exercises in your quiet home environment, after which you start exercising actively. You will notice that you are sharper during exercise and you will feel fitter.

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