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Should spiritual help be free?


I got a response from Daniel:

I really appreciate your ideas. They are about something. Practical and intelligent. In fact, your blogs have helped me believe in the Law of Attraction. Like I said, I really enjoy reading your blogs. But when I saw you selling them and trying to monetize them,


I did have questions about your credibility that you’re just trying to help people. You know this is one of the biggest objections of anti-WVA people. Seriously, why are you trying to sell your stuff? Surely you can honestly try to help people (if that is your intention) without financial ulterior motives.

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for asking this question, publicly and with respect. Usually when someone brings up this topic, it’s done in such a way that I can’t publish it (ie. sometimes it’s really cheesy).

There are many lightworkers and healers among my readers and I am convinced that many of them struggle with the idea of ​​charging money for what they do. Therefore I am more than happy to say something about my view on this.

In my blog I have already discussed the mistaken belief that doing good for others is only valuable if it requires a sacrifice from the one who gives. The idea that something given is only of value if it involves effort or sacrifice in some way for the giver is frankly ridiculous in my view.

Not only can giving in this way cause a lot of guilt in the one who receives (who wants to get something with such a price tag on it), but it also severely limits how much can be given (if every time I’m a bit exhausted, then I can’t keep giving for long without running out of energy/money/life). I think the arguments I mentioned then fit in perfectly with this.

When someone asks me why I charge money for what I do, he or she often feels that I would serve humanity better if I offered my services for free. But is that assumption correct? Shall we try to dissect it a bit?

What would it be like if I gave everything away for free?

First, I have to provide for myself. As long as we spiritual help for free don’t all agree to an economy based on commodities, I need to have a certain income so that I can pay my rent. Could I make money doing something else, something less spiritual, something I would enjoy less than what I’m doing now? Of course you could. I could go back to business and make very good money there. Then I just wouldn’t be able to spend that much time on what I really want to do.

I could only coach a handful of people, maybe one or two instead of the dozens I can currently help.

I could only write a few blogs a month. There would no longer be a library of hundreds of blogs, articles, audios and videos available for free on my website.

I could no longer spend many hours amplifying my own vibration and reaching higher and higher levels of understanding, which I can then share with you. Self-development takes time. The retreats I go to are not just for fun. It is my source for continuing education.

I wouldn’t be authentic anymore. This is who I am. This is what I have to do. I practice what I preach. When I force myself to do work that I don’t really want to do I go against those things.

I would usually be too tired to commit. I can only write when I am inspired. When I coach, I’m in a different frame of mind. Not only did it take me many hours to learn how to do that, but I also have to be in a higher vibration to do it. I need time and space and the right environment for that to happen. Exhaustion doesn’t help.

By dedicating myself full time to this work, I am able to help many more people for free or in some other way than I could if I had another job. I also wouldn’t be able to work at the level I do now, if I were distracted for a significant part of my time with work that doesn’t match Who I Really Am.

Should spiritual help be free?

But isn’t it just wrong to ask for money for any spiritual aid? Shouldn’t all lightworkers and healers and teachers work for nothing? Wouldn’t we all be content if we had to live in poverty, living on gifts, content with the idea that our sacrifice is worth it in order to help othersspiritual help for free

I don’t believe that, no. Let me tell you why not:

Poverty does not contribute to helping others. Who do you think can help more people, a billionaire or a pauper? This question is easy to answer, isn’t it? The more money someone makes, the more people they can help, period. Living in poverty does not contribute to helping others.

It simply means that there is a belief that you cannot be a good person and have a lot of money, and that belief is wrong. Why would the Universe want it that way? Why should the best of us be required to have the least? Shouldn’t it be exactly the other way around (it is, but we mess it up by believing the other).

Money is spiritual.

Of course materialism for materialism is not a good idea and often causes a lot of trouble. But that does not mean that money, in itself, is bad or unspiritual. The energy of money is actually deeply spiritual, and an inability to receive it will cause a great imbalance.

Just think: energy has to flow. When energy flows out, it must also flow in. Otherwise there will be exhaustion. If you give but are unable to receive, you will create an imbalance in your life. You can get the love of the universe in many ways. Money is just one of them, and an easy one too. Why is that one form of energy so unacceptable? Well, it isn’t. Unless you think it is.

Being poor doesn’t make you more enlightened. There are many religious organizations that would have you believe that poverty is a virtue, while secretly lining their pockets. What do they care about you.

There are many spiritual schools of thought that sincerely believe that the mind can be lifted up through loneliness and poverty. I don’t completely disagree with that. I do think that if you go to live in a monastery and give up all material possessions, it can help you achieve greater clarity.

But I don’t believe that our job in life is to sit in a dark room and meditate. I just don’t believe the West is completely wrong. While our brethren in the East have mastered the mind, and our sisters heading south (like Central and South America) have a deeper connection to nature, we in the Western world have a great understanding of physical pleasure and comfort (yes, I know I’m generalizing.

Don’t get too much carry through this geographical picture). And yes, we are hereWe have gone too far, but there is imbalance in all systems of thought. None of us are right. I believe the time has come to connect all these disciplines and find a balance between the extremes.spiritual help for free

We are here to enjoy physical existence, while being attuned to nature and aware of the power of our mind. And if we do, we should be able to make peace with materialism and learn to work with it in a balanced way, rather than demonizing it.

It’s okay to make money, but it’s not OK to rape the Earth and destroy entire cultures to get that far. And there’s no need to do that either.

Making money in a tuned way can be a great example.

If we want to move towards a world where all people can afford to choose the path that aligns with their hearts and their passions, we must set such examples. Many people choose not to go down that path because they don’t think they can make money that way.

I’d love to prove them wrong. I think the more companies we have that show us that you can make money while being happy and making others happy, the more people will allow themselves to do the same. That will go from a beautiful castle in the air to what is really possible in what people can imagine. We do not have to choose between a pleasant life and fulfillment. We can have both.spiritual help for free

One of the reasons why there are so many unethical and destructive businesses is because of the belief that you really have to be an asshole to make money. I personally intend to prove the inaccuracy of this image in a grand manner.

And many are already doing this. More and more companies are showing that you can treat your staff and your customers like stars, offer rock-solid service AND make a lot of money, all the while raising funds to help even more people for free.

I applaud these companies and envision a world where people are finally realizing that being in tune is more lucrative than being an asshole.

People appreciate things more when they pay for them.

This is an argument I’ve heard many times, and that’s why I’m citing it here, though I only partially agree. I think a lot of people appreciate things they paid for more. In fact, they seem to appreciate certain services more if they’ve paid a lot for them.

I’ve certainly seen evidence of this. My paying clients generally take their sessions and homework much more seriously than the people I am available to for free. They paid money and now they expect results. They are willing to do more for it.

They also respect my time more. I’ve never had a paying client who didn’t show up. There have been people I helped for free who just didn’t show up for an appointment. Was what I had to offer suddenly worth less because I wasn’t asking for money? Apparently they thought so.

Of course, this does not apply to everyone. Some people pay for services and do nothing for them, and some get it for free and do their homework faithfully and get great results (and because I started targeting these types of people, I stopped attracting non-serious people).

That’s why I still do a lot for free and will continue to do so. But it is worth mentioning that many people are better served if they have to pay for it. Think about this: would you rather read a book you got for free than one you paid for, even if it was just a small amount? Which car do you treat with more reverence, the $500 or the $100,000?

Spiritual skills are also skills.

people living their truthIn our society we have come to value professionalism very much. We pay a surcharge for expertise. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Actually, I think problems arise if we don’t pay people for their skills.

A very good teacher, for example, who inspires her students to peak performance, and who has acquired the skill to do so, should be given extra money. The fact that we don’t value this skill too much is beyond my understanding, but it is at the heart of many problems in education.

But when we reward great skill, we give people an incentive to pursue it. We’re making it more likely that more people will choose this path, and we’re making it more possible to do so. When someone yearsand spent tens of thousands of dollars to become a powerful healer or teacher, why is that skill suddenly worth nothing?

Why do we value the expertise of medical doctors but not of shamans? Why do we have no qualms about paying a lawyer, but find the idea of ​​paying an energy healer ridiculous?

Why is it OK for a polluting, unethical company to grow and create tons of horrible jobs, but isn’t it OK for a spiritual company to grow very large and provide lots of great jobs and benefit the world?

But isn’t it our responsibility as lightworkers to be accessible to all?

And now seriously: if you have chosen to dedicate your life to helping others, aren’t you also obliged to ensure that you can help as many people as possible by making yourself as accessible as possible to everyone?

Well, that’s not really possible. Why: Because you can’t help everyone. You can’t captivate everyone. And you are not obliged to do that at all. Never.

How can you make the world brighter?
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The idea that lightworkers are obligated to do something blocks more medicinal energy than anything else. It certainly kept me from being Who I Really Am for a very long time. I was born with a strong desire to heal.

When I, as a child, felt how unhappy the people around me were, I mistakenly thought it was my job, my obligation, to help them. If I couldn’t, because they weren’t ready to let go of their pain, I felt like a failure.

That led to a belief that I wasn’t good enough, from which I am still clearing things up. The intense desire to help coupled with the belief that I was not up to the task caused a lot of pain. And thus I shut off my faculties, hid my light, and became an angry, depressed, introverted, quiet and desperate teen and young adult. I allowed people to mistreat me.

I thought I wasn’t worth anymore. After all, if I couldn’t do what I intended, if I couldn’t make others happy, if I couldn’t fulfill my “task,” what good was my doing?

It took me years to figure out that I didn’t have a “job”. It had been an intention, a desire, but never an obligation. And when I finally allowed myself to be happy even when others weren’t, I really started helping others. My joy inspired their joy.

My pain couldn’t do that. As a child I felt like a failure because I thought I could and should help everyone. I didn’t understand that it wasn’t up to me to help them. I couldn’t put good energy into their reality. All I could do was make myself available to those who were ready to receive whatever I could let flow through me.

I could make myself available and then let the people who were ready for my particular kind of energy come to me. The help had to captivate them, and if I wasn’t available, someone else would. Their help did not depend on me.

I also became aware that I was not here to save the world, because the world does not need to be saved. This falls under the Universe. Each of us is given more guidance than we can comprehend. And we can choose to participate in the game or not. It is not mandatory to do that. We can choose it because it’s fun and enjoyable, but not because we have to.

So you can’t help everyone. And you cannot be accessible to everyone, because the Law of Attraction can only bring those people who are right for you. If you are focused on helping others, you will only attract those you can help. If you focus on suffering and scarcity and frustration, you will attract many people who constantly ask for help but are unable to receive it. Nothing will wear you out faster.Learn to understand the traditional Hawaiian practice of forgiveness.

If it’s not a win-win, there’s an imbalance.

The bottom line is this: the Universe works on a win-win basis. In fact, it works on a win-win-win-win-win basis. We are the ones who came up with the twisted idea of ​​a win-lose principle. But that doesn’t really work, especially in the long run.

If all parties benefit from an exchange of energy, then there is no end to the amount of energy that can be exchanged and how much benefit can be gained from it. If one has to lose in order for another to win, it always comes to an end.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. If that teacher is charging more money for what he has to offer than you can afford, then either you are not ready or this is not the right teacher for you.

If you are really ready to show the clarity you are looking for, it will be done in a way that is certainly within your reach. It’s not the teacher’s responsibility to make sure you’re ready (it’s not possible).

My personal balance

Of course I struggled with this myself. I have a strong desire to help as many people as possible and I believe making this my business instead of a little hobby really helped me get there. I also give a lot of information for free, not because I think I have to, but because it makes me feel really good.

It is my intention to always offer a multitude of ways for those who are ready to achieve what I have to offer, for example through scholarships and sponsorships. I’ve found the balance that works for me – I make the most of what I can, while making sure I don’t exhaust myself, so I can continue to grow and develop and give on an ever-increasing scale.

Each of us has to find a balance for ourselves, but I think the biggest mistake we can make as a spiritual community is to think small. If we are going to change the world we have to be prepared to play on a big stage. We must be willing to use our money and economy for good , instead of complaining that others aren’t doing it.

Don’t tell that fucking director to do things differently. He won’t understand you. Start your own spiritually minded business and make a ton of money helping others and show them that it is possible; that it is in fact more lucrative than their destructive way.

Show them that they don’t have to be afraid. They too can be Who They Really Are. They can be enriched instead of exhausted. They can win instead of lose. We can all do that. And that’s basically what it’s meant to be.

When will we start? Do we cling to the idea that spirituality requires great sacrifice? Or are we finally going to make it part of the bigger picture? Wouldn’t it be better to find a balance between mind, soul and body, instead of mastering some of it.

Finally, shouldn’t we even start encouraging and compensating the people who really have something to offer? Instead of asking whether it is unethical to charge money for spiritual help, would it not be better to ask whether it is ethical to charge for work that does not have a spiritual attunement? Isn’t it time we opted for win-win-win-win-win? I think so.

And that’s why I charge money for what I do. Wouldn’t it be better to ask yourself whether it is ethical to charge money for work that does not have a spiritual attunement? Isn’t it time we opted for win-win-win-win-win? I think so. And that’s why I charge money for what I do. Wouldn’t it be better to ask yourself whether it is ethical to charge money for work that does not have a spiritual attunement? Isn’t it time we opted for win-win-win-win-win? I think so. And that’s why I charge money for what I do.


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