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‘Should’ you keep your vibration high? Sometimes not!

I regularly speak to people who are under the impression that they ‘should’ be in a higher vibration. Especially in spiritual circles we are often urged to live in happiness and contentment. People interpret this as if sadness and powerlessness should not be there.
This leads to an internal struggle, because they do suffer from the turbulence in their private lives and the uncertain period in which the world finds itself. It’s time to nuance ‘keeping your vibrations high’‘.
I also experience this time as very intense, especially with what is going on worldwide. Moreover, old pain and patterns, also from the collective, surface to be released: fear of speaking the truth and being allowed to let your light shine.
The betrayal and killing of fellow human beings is only gradually felt and transformed in the collective. People were forced, certainly in earlier times, to go over to the order of the day.
These unprocessed traumas and patterns are palpable. This may be acknowledged, felt and lived through. In fact, it is necessary. Humanity only now has the opportunity to transform these old ballasts and themes on a large scale.

By letting go you let go

In a transformative phase where old pain comes to the surface or in the ‘dark night of the soul’, you do not have to do yourself violence by striving frantically for a higher vibration. You can only sustain this for a long time on willpower, because the fear of feeling is greater than the confidence that you can handle it.
When you manage to surrender to that which IS and let it go, you will find that your vibration rises afterwards. Stay close to yourself and be aware of what is needed. Tips can be found in this article.

love and fear

Also in the spiritual world you are admonished to stay in love instead of fear. Fear has many forms, we can look at it more nuanced. It can take the form of a vague feeling, an intuitive signal to alert us that something is not right. Because nothing alarming has happened yet, these feelings are hard to place in our minds and we tend to ignore this gut feeling.
Our intuition is the wisdom of the heart and knows no time. It can, as it were, see into the future. Right now it is important to take our intuition seriously and act on it.
If you feel that things are not right around corona policy, it helps to examine the larger agenda of global organizations. This allows you to place your gut feelings.
You will discover that there is more darkness in our world than you could have imagined. But we don’t have to run from this anymore. Just by shining our light on it here, the darkness diminishes in strength.
Should these discoveries make you anxious, angry or sad, this is an invitation to inner work. We are faced with the challenge of transforming these feelings and not ending up in impotence. I admit, it’s not easy, it’s kind of an advanced art of living.
But I’m sure we’re at this point as humanity, otherwise this wouldn’t be happening right now. We only get what we can handle. The present time is helping us to transform previous collective traumas, sometimes going back to Atlantis.
Try to see it as an alchemical process, where we rise from our ashes like a Phoenix, a firebird. Know that the darkness in the world, the unlight , has the function of making us more aware and bringing us to our true potential.

Both sides of reality

Being aware of both dark and light is the step we are taking now as humanity.
In my work there is room for both. When people make contact with a blockage, they sometimes turn out to be dark energies or entities that have been hooked up during illness, an accident or a traumatic period. Usually at a young age.
The people concerned have extraordinary gifts. Some are capable of time travel, others are equipped with above-average healing abilities. All have exceptionally high consciousness. They have the potential to shine an intense light in the world.
Since the dark cannot tolerate the light, it will do its best in every possible way to dampen it. For example, by hanging from someone’s feet as heavy ballast or by forming a cocoon of low-frequency energy around someone.
The latter was the case with Maartje, whose situation had many similarities with others. She had lost touch with the lifestream and one disaster after another befell her: extreme forms of illness and strange disasters with family or pets. She felt that life was meaningless.
While there was no suicidality, there was a silent longing for death. The idea of ​​not having to be on earth anymore felt like a liberation for Maartje, just like for some others.
Because Maartje had no idea of ​​the presence of a dark energy, it was able to exert its parasitic influence. But by seeing it and shining its light on it, it disappeared.
Awareness makes the dark come to light and its influence diminishes in strength. This applies to us as individuals as well as the collective.


Transformation happens in waves: good times alternate with more difficult times. Be aware of your vibration of the moment. On difficult days, your Higher Self invites you to (self-)examination. On a ‘good’ day, the one when you cheerfully get out of bed, it is important to maintain this vibration.
Setting intentions, being grateful for pleasant moments and making conscious choices help with this. You will find that it is easier for you to find inspiration and that it takes less effort to put it into action. By even more consciously letting your light shine into the world when you feel good, you contribute to the vibration of the collective
Are you curious how I move through this time? In this video I share experiences of my own process.


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