Side Hustles For Teens

Side Hustles For Teens

You know how it is, you’re a teenager looking for the best side hustles that will hopefully help teens make some extra money and gain more independence. I was there myself once upon a time! Nowadays my kids are helping out around our house with chores or doing other things they don’t want to do because of their age (and sometimes even if they can). But all this has changed since we found these awesome sites where people are willing to pay good money just so kids have something outside schoolwork – whether its web design, blogging on topics like fashion trends which keep them interested long past graduation day…or

You don’t need to wait until you’re 18 years old to find ways of making money. Side hustles can be a great way for college students, retired people who want something different than their traditional job, and more time on the side- all potential earners out there! Yet with so many options available it might not always be easy choosing what’s best suited just for your needs or preferences

Yet with so many different ones out there it becomes difficult to decide what is best suited for you personally and financially at this moment

There isn’t necessarily one “right answer” when looking at these types of side projects but here are some side hustles for teens worth considering:

Teens’ Best Profitable Side Hustles to Start Making Money Now
There are many more possibilities than just the ones we’ve presented here. If you’re searching for a new side hustle to add to your arsenal, go no further than these! We’ll walk you through each one, including how you can and the amount of money you can potentially earn. Here’s what you need to know about each one:

Make money with online surveys

1. Make money with online surveys

Another way to make money is by taking surveys on the internet. This is a fantastic method for teens to generate extra money. It’s a chance for kids to get compensated for their views when it comes to side hustles for teenagers.

You must have a genuine email address to begin participating in online surveys, as that is the requirement for most of these websites.

List of our top recommendations survey sites for any teenager to explore:

Survey Junkie

is a fantastic site for teens to earn extra cash. You can generate up to $50 in your account per survey, according to the company. The average is around $1.75 per survey which you can find on their website here . They have over 10 million members, and also have rewards points that you can use in exchange for PayPal or other gift cards.

is another great way to earn money with surveys . The survey site is based out of California, and its mission statement is “to provide consumers with access to the products, services, entertainment and retail brands they want.” It’s an ad supported website that you can also use to collect points for gift cards, just like Survey Junkie.

Make money with writing

2. Make money with writing

Writing is one of the best side hustles for teenagers because it’s easy to do well and can be done daily without too much interruption. It takes time to improve your writing skills, but you will start making money after following some simple tips. If you’re struggling, remember it takes time to be good at something. You’ll see that with practice, you can become an expert at anything!

Writing is one of the best side hustles for teenagers because it’s easy to do well and can be done daily without too much interruption. It takes time to improve your writing skills, but you will start making money after following some simple tips. If you’re struggling, remember it takes time to be good at something. You’ll see that with practice, you can become an expert at anything!

List of our top recommendations writing sites for any teenager to explore:


is a great website for teens who are struggling with their writing skills. You don’t have to be an expert, but you need to produce readable content that is well-translated and researched. If you want a career as a copywriter or editor, this company could give you a chance to make some good extra cash online.

is another fantastic way for teens to make money writing. The company is great because it’s not just about writing articles. You can make money with other tasks like data entry, surveys, contests and more! The company has free registration to join, but you can upgrade later for more access to things.

Crowd Content

is another fantastic way to make extra cash by writing online. This website is quite different from Textbroker and Demand Media, because it doesn’t focus on writing articles. Instead, Crowd Content is a fantastic way to make money with blogs, websites and graphic design! You can even get paid for shopping at various online stores.

Side Hustles For Teens

3. Make money with selling items

In today’s age, selling items is easy because of apps like Letgo and OfferUp. These apps allow teens to take photos of items they want to sell, and put them on the app for people to buy using their phones. You can make up to $200 per month selling items with these apps, depending on how quickly you turn around your stock!

List of our top recommendations selling sites for any teenager to explore:


is a fantastic selling app for teenagers. It allows you to take photos of items you want to sell, and post them on the app so people can buy them using their phones. The company is based out of the Bay area in California, and has over 200 million downloads worldwide! You don’t have to be a teenager to sell with Letgo, but the company is well-suited for teens.


is another great selling app for teenagers to use. You can make up to $200 per month if you’re good at finding things quickly and getting them on the app! The company was founded in Seattle Washington, and has over 100 million downloads on both Android and Apple devices. As a teenager, you can make money selling virtually anything with OfferUp!

Side Hustles For Teens

5. Make money as a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is a fantastic way to make extra cash by going to various businesses and eating or drinking for free! You won’t need to be convincing, just honest to get access to free food and drinks. If you’re struggling, remember that this is only a side hustle! You need time to learn about mystery shopping before you can go all-in with it.

List of our top recommendations mystery shopping sites for any teenager to explore:

Secret Shopping Club

is one of the best ways online to make money as a teen mystery shopper. The company has been around since 2001, and has amazing customer service available via phone or email. As a teenager, there’s nothing stopping you from getting paid to eat and drink at various restaurants and bars across your city! No fees are required; but if you upgrade your subscription, you will have access to more exclusive opportunities.


is another fantastic company to make money with as a teen. This company has over 20 years of experience, and provides training videos on how to get started with your first job! You need an initial $20 in your account before you can begin making money, but this shouldn’t be a problem since you’re just getting started. Teens are welcome to apply at eBestIQ, no matter what country they live in!

List of our top recommendations mystery shopping sites for any teenager to explore:

Mystery Shopper

is another great way for teens to make extra cash. The company doesn’t require any fee or subscriptions, so there’s nothing stopping you from joining you want to start making money! Teenagers are welcome to apply at Mystery Shopper, no matter where they live! As a teen, you can work with this company to begin making money at various restaurants and bars.

Side Hustles For Teens

7. Make money online with mystery writing jobs

As odd as it sounds, teens can make good money by participating in mystery writing contests. These contests will typically pay up to $100 per assignment, depending on how long the project is. You can find these companies online easily; but before you get started, understand that the assignments might be challenging for teenagers who aren’t used to such content! If you’re looking for other ways to make extra cash fast; try our top recommendations below: List of our top recommendations mystery writing sites for any teenager to explore:

is a fantastic website for teens to make money by writing! You will earn $5 per assignment and can try out new topics before you go ahead and start earning money. The company has been around since 1997, and will pay you via PayPal once you reach the minimum payout (this is currently $20). If you’re looking to make some extra cash; is one of the best sites for teenagers to get started with!

8. Make money as an online writer

As we mentioned previously; teenagers who don’t know where to start can make good money as freelance writers. This isn’t always easy, but if you put your mind to it; there’s no limit to how much money you can make. You can find lots of companies online who are willing to pay for your writing, but it comes down to you to market yourself and build up a portfolio before you get started! If you’re struggling, remember that this is only a side hustle! List of our top recommendations freelance writing sites for any teenager to explore:


is one of the best sites where teenagers can start making money as writers. The site has over 10 million registered users, so there’s plenty of opportunity to pick and choose between projects. Teens are welcome to apply at Upwork, no matter what country they live in! If you want steady work every week; Upwork is definitely one of the ways to go.


is another great website where teenagers can make money as writers. As a teen, you will have the opportunity to work with lots of different companies who are trying to build up their brand online! You need an initial $20 in your account before you can start making money; but this shouldn’t be a problem since you’re just getting started. Teens are welcome to apply at Fiverr, no matter what country they live in if they’re looking for some fast cash! List of our top recommendations freelance writing sites for any teenager to explore:


offers teens the chance to earn income by selling their ebooks on the site. The has been around since 2008, and has paid their authors over $9 million so far. If you’re a teen who’s looking to sell your ebook and start making extra cash; Smashwords is one of the top companies in this niche!

Side Hustles For Teens

9. Sell ebooks on Amazon

If you’ve been blogging for a while, there’s good chance that people will want to buy products from you directly! The process isn’t always easy, but if you’re not afraid of putting yourself out there then it can be incredibly rewarding both monetarily and mentally. One of the best sites where teenagers can sell ebooks right now is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. This company allows teens to publish and distribute their content online; which means that readers (who might be around the world) can buy your books and hopefully leave good reviews. Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world right now; so there’s no limit to how much you can make if your work gets popular!

10. Sell crafts online

If you’re a talented teen with a flair for creating beautiful hand-made goods, then Etsy is the website for you! This site is perfect for teens who want to start their own small business; as they allow teenagers with little or no experience to apply. You will be able to earn money from your craft, but it does take time and patience before this becomes profitable. If you’re looking for some extra cash; this might be one of the best websites where teenagers can sell crafting supplies online!

11. Sell sports cards online

Fantasy Sports has become incredibly popular recently; and teenagers are welcome to join the trading game. If you’re looking for some extra cash; selling sports cards digitally can be extremely profitable since there’s thousands of people around the world who want them! You will need to create a digital catalogue (or list) which you can then sell to customers; but this is something that anybody with good writing skills could do. The only downside is that it might take time before you start making money from Fantasy Sports Trading Cards.

12. Sell hand-made belts

Hand-made belts are proving to be incredibly popular with teenagers looking for some extra cash; since they’re able to choose their own color combinations! There’s lots of companies online that buy belts from teens who know how to sew, so this is definitely one of the ways to go if you’re trying to sell products and make money! You can begin making a profit by selling your belt on Etsy or Ebay; but choosing a website like Style Worship will help you reach more people around the world. This is especially true if you have a large following online already!

Become a virtual assistant

13. Become a virtual assistant

If you love helping others improve their work flow, becoming a assistant might be the best jobs for teens in 2019 . There are lots of tasks that you can take care of, including finding cheap flights and accommodations for people who need help booking a vacation. You’ll also be able to handle all the boring administrative stuff like sending receipts and invoices; so this might be great if you’re looking for something more than just office work. One of the best companies to find work at is Zirtual ; which was founded by Maren Kate Donovan in 2011. She created this company with the intention of providing low-cost services to busy professionals who want help with their business, but don’t have enough money to hire an assistant full time.

14. Dash off quick written items

If you have good writing skills, then one way for a teen to make money fast is by working Task Sites. In most cases, teens can work these sites without a problem since they don’t require a lot of initial investment to get started. You will be doing a number of different tasks, so there’s plenty of variety when it comes to how much you make. Some popular Task Sites where teenagers can start making money by writing include: ClixSense

Earn Money from home without any Investment :-


IZEA is one of the top companies in this niche right now, and allows teens to earn cash by simply blogging about their favourite brands! Teens are welcome to apply at IZEA, no matter what country they’re from if they want to speed up how quickly they make money blogging! If you want steady income every week, then IZEA is definitely one of the best ways to make money blogging.

2. Blogger

Blogger was initially created by Google back in August 1999, but has since become a household name for anybody looking to set up their own blog. If you already have an existing blog (or want to start one) this can be a great way to speed up how quickly you make money! You’ll need to monetize your site before you start seeing any profit; but once you do, there’s no stopping how quickly your income will grow!

3. Sponsored Tweets & Posts

If writing isn’t your thing; why not try promoting companies on social media instead? This might be something that many teenagers are interested in, so it might be a great idea to sign up for companies like SocialBee , which is one of the most popular social media management platforms around. You’ll need to take part in their public beta when you first join; but this shouldn’t take too long!

4. InvitationCodes

If you already play games like MapleStory or Dragon Nest, then why not earn money while doing something that you already enjoy? InvitationCodes is definitely one of the best ways for teenagers to make money fast since all they do is promote different websites online and get paid for every click! The average teen can expect to make $100 per month in commission by promoting these websites; and that’s only if they don’t refer anybody else in their downline! By promoting InvitationCodes, you’ll be able to speed up how quickly you make money by playing the games that you already enjoy.

5. Sell your body

Not really! A new way for a teen to make money quickly is through a company called TUKO , which specializes in “human intelligence” by creating different products from our data. If this sounds like something that interests you; then why not check out TUKO and see if they’re hiring? Even if they aren’t looking for new hires at the moment, it’s still worth checking them out since their business model is very unique compared to typical work from home companies. Also, teens can expect to make up to $12 per hour doing data entry!

6. Sell your home made videos on YouTube

If you’ve been making videos for a while, these might be worth selling! It’s surprising how popular videos are nowadays, and this is especially true when it comes to teenagers. This can work well if you have an established channel with a lot of followers/subscribers; meaning that you’ll be able to draw attention towards the ads that play before your video starts playing. By doing this, teens can expect to make up to $100 in just one month from their YouTube audience alone!

7. Apps Script

Even if you don’t know how to code; there is still a great way for a teen working at home without any initial investment . There’s no guarantee that you’ll make money right away with this method; but if you do, it can result in thousands of dollars each month. By using Apps Scripts, you’ll be able to code basic scripts for Google Drive that will help automate your tasks and increase your productivity. This is definitely something that will require a learning period; but once you get the basics down, there’s no stopping how much you can earn from doing easy tasks online!

8. Social media manager

If managing social media accounts is something that interests a teen working at home without any initial investment , then there are plenty of ways that they can start making money by doing this! The best way to accomplish this would be through establishing an agency which hires teens from all over the world to manage social media accounts at different companies. Once you have built up a successful agency, it’s possible to earn hundreds of dollars per client on our team alone! If this sounds exciting; then why not start by building up your own social media following and making connections with other teens who are interested in working online?

9. Sell old books

Why not try selling old books that you no longer use instead of trading them in for money? Even if you don’t have any textbooks laying around, there are likely still plenty of ways that you can make money from selling your used books !

Blogging or YouTube videos

10. Blogging or YouTube videos

If you spend most of your free time on the internet; why not try blogging or producing YouTube videos instead? These creative writings and recordings can result in a good revenue if you choose to monetize it by placing ads on your site or channel. This is a great way for a teen to make money quickly , especially since this type of work is very flexible compared to typical office jobs . You can even start out with just one small blog post per day!

11. Sell old toys

If there are any kids that might be interested in making some quick money without any initial investment , then this is definitely something worth checking out! The best way to do this would be through an app called Cash4Toys, which allows parents and children alike to sell their unwanted toys for instant cash ! Perhaps you don’t want the hassle of shipping boxes full of toys; but what if you could simply take a picture of it using your phone and submit it from home? Once the item has been verified as being in working condition, then you’ll be guaranteed to receive a fair price based on the current demand for your product.

12. Become a mystery shopper

This is a great way for teens who are interested in making money quickly , but don’t want to deal with too much paper work . All they have to do is visit one of several online platforms that match them up with companies looking for mystery shoppers. In order to become approved as a mystery shopper, all that’s required is an approval from Applied Opinions which can be easily attained by taking out their brief survey . Mystery shopping jobs usually require only 20 to 30 minutes of your time and the best thing about it is that this is completely free !

15. Selling old clothes

Although there are several platforms such as eBay that allow teens to sell their old items , the easiest way would be through a site called Let Go. This is a great place to sell not only your old clothes for a quick buck, but also other popular items such as video games and cell phones! You can even use Locket to print out shipping labels that you can stick directly onto the packaging in order save plenty of time by not having to visit the post office.

16. Become a wholesale buyer

Although there are several platforms available online which allows teens to buy from wholesalers at discounted prices , the best one would be Samsara . It typically costs $9 per month or $48 for 6 months when paid annually; but this membership fee is well worth it considering how much money one could potentially save on bulk purchases. On average, teens will see a 60% to 70% savings on the products that they’re purchasing!

17. Sell old video games

If you’re looking for a great way to make money quickly in your free time , then look no further than selling old video games! There are several places that teens can sell used items, but one of the best ways would be through Amazon. It typically pays around $18 per product depending on whether you use Amazon gift cards or cash when trading it in. Another good place would be GameStop which almost always offers at least $20 per product when traded in with store credit . Either way, this is still an excellent way to earn some extra spending money !

18. Sell old phones

Have a ton of old cell phones just sitting around gathering dust? Why not sell them for a quick buck ? There are several platforms that allow you to do so, but one of the best places would be Decluttr . You simply select the product from your device and enter your condition before being given an instant cash offer. Once you accept it, they will send packaging right to your door which you can use to ship out the phone(s). It typically takes about 1 week in order arrive at their warehouse; and once it does, then payment will be sent directly into your PayPal account!

19. Try freelancing

Perhaps there’s something that you excel at aside from blogging and video recording , such as graphic designing or web development . If that’s the case, then there’s a good chance you could earn money through freelance work. All you have to do is sign up with these freelancing sites and start making bids on projects that interest you! Another great thing about this is that teens are given an option of choosing which currency they’d like to be paid in when bidding for projects.

affiliate marketing

20. Get into affiliate marketing

Although many teens are already familiar with affiliate marketing , it can still prove to be beneficial in order to make money quickly . Once you’ve created your own website using platforms such as Blogger or WordPress , all you have to do is place 3rd party affiliate advertisements related to your niche so that every time someone clicks on one of them; you will earn a percentage of the sale.

21. Offer consulting services

Are you proficient in computer programming , web design , Youtube video creation or social media marketing ? If that’s the case then there’s a good chance that you could offer consulting services through sites such as Clarity . This is where hundreds of experts are registered, each specializing in different industries; allowing teens to make money quickly depending on their preference. However, it typically pays around $50 per hour for this kind of work, so make sure to keep track of your time and effort!

$500/month with extremely minimal efforts? Sounds too good to be true, right? Don’t worry because it isn’t! All it takes is 4 simple steps while managing your time in order to achieve this goal:

1. Ensure that you create a blog – It’s difficult to make money online without having a website, so the first step is to get one started! The best platform for this would be Weebly because it automatically provides you with a free domain name, unlimited pages and hosting while only charging $8 per month ! With these features, teens can start their own blog and begin posting content related to a particular niche . It will take less than 5 minutes in order to set up an account and get going!

2. Register for Google Adsense – As soon as you’ve finished setting up your blog , then the next step is to register through Google Adsense . Simply add the necessary code to your website to ensure that you receive an instant approval, after which you will start receiving monthly payments based on the number of page views and clicks on all advertisements.

3. Start using social bookmarking sites – Although this step doesn’t sound as if it would help much in making money quickly , think again! There are dozens of sites such as Reddit where teens can submit their favorite posts or videos; earning points for every time they’re upvoted . These can be exchanged for gift cards to various online platforms or even PayPal cash .

4. Complete surveys online – The final step is to sign up with survey specific websites such as Opinion Outpost to earn rewards for completing simple tasks. If done correctly, teens could make hundreds of dollars within a month by only completing a small number of surveys!

And that’s it! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start implementing these steps in order to achieve your goal, whether it be making money quickly or simply teaching yourself a new skill! Once you’ve started getting paid for work completed; don’t hesitate to buy yourself something nice with the extra cash. You’ve earned it after all ;).

$1,000/month is definitely achievable; especially if one knows how to make money quickly . Fortunately, there are hundreds of strategies available online which prove this statement right. So without further ado:

Side Hustles For Teens

Final Thoughts

With the right items, there’s no reason why teenagers or college students cannot make money. Side hustles are designed to help anyone create an extra income to reach a financial goal. So while some things for making money online may be hard, others are far simpler and more stress-free.

The side hustles above are perfect options for many teens because they’re quick, easy ways to make extra cash around the house or in free time without any effort required! Because what teenager wouldn’t like spending time on the internet while making money? Who said even parents couldn’t make money online!

If you want to earn money at home, other than crafts and other hobbies, pet sitting is a great job for teens. There are lots of opportunities available via but it’s not always safe so we recommend having someone else set up appointments and transactions for you if they don’t mind.

Be careful with craigslist though because there are scammers everywhere, we recommend this site (URL below) to make extra money and avoid scams:

Check it out!

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Good luck!


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