7 Subtle Signs That Give Out When a Man Is Thinking About You


When does a man think of you? And when does a man go for you?

You like him, but is it mutual? Or maybe you are already in a relationship.

The doubts can be debilitating. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

Today I am going to help you as a dating coach. There are subtle, but strong signals that show that a man is really thinking about you.

In this article, I’m going to share these signs that he’s thinking about you.

If the man you have a crush on shows these signs, you can assume that he   is thinking of you as we speak .

Always thinking of someone: When does a man go for you?

You know all too well: When you like someone you always think about that person.

Does someone not mean much to you? Then your thoughts don’t go out to him as often.

So knowing if he’s always thinking about you is a very important indication of what he really wants to go for you. That he really likes you. Or if you’re in a relationship: that he still likes you.

And below you will find 7 important signals.

Does He Text Less?

Signal 1: He texts you in the morning and in the evening

The time of his (WhatsApp/text) messages says a lot about how often he thinks about you and how he thinks about you.

There are two specific times of the day that say the most about when and how often he thinks about you.

Early is good and late is good.

Does he regularly text you when he has just got up or just before he goes to sleep? Then you can assume that he often thinks of you.

If he already thinks of you in the morning, that is a very strong sign that he really likes you. His subconscious thoughts go to you soon after waking up.

You are, as it were, the first thing his mind goes to when he awakens.

Even in the evening people are often alone with their thoughts. If he texts you before bed, this is an indication that he has been thinking about you for a large part of the day.

Do you wake up with one of his messages and go to bed with it? Then it is clear that he thinks about you a lot and is crazy about you.


Signal 2: He sends messages that make no sense

If there’s one thing you need to know about men, it’s this:

Men are rational and functional beings.

Research has shown that women generally have a greater capacity for empathy.

For that reason, women are much more likely to act from feeling and men act from reason.

This is reflected when you look at the app behavior of men and women. There is in fact a big difference.

Men text functionally, women text more often for fun.

When men text, it is often because they want something specific. Otherwise the functional purpose would be missing.

It almost never happens that men also start texting purely for fun.

Unless… they are absolutely crazy about a certain woman. In that case, they will grab any opportunity to get in touch with you with both hands.

For that reason, men who really think of you often will text you. And if you think about it… in such a case their messages often make no sense at all.

For example, think of messages like:

“Did you get home safely?”

“Are you asleep yet?”

“How was your day?”

Yep, he’s just looking for reasons to talk to you.

So whether it’s a superfluous question, a stupid picture or a useless statement, these are all obvious signs that a man is thinking about you a lot.


Signal 3: He suddenly has a very strong memory

Some men’s memories are not good.

At least… when it comes to technical matters, men have a very strong memory.

But as you’ve read, men are functional beings. So any information that is perceived as ‘superfluous’ in their brains is immediately destroyed.

This can lead to miscommunication between men and women. For example, a woman might hate it if a man forgets their anniversary (and admittedly, it’s pretty sloppy if he forgets that).

But what you have to understand is that sometimes men can do little about it. Their analytical brain simply does not always store everything equally well, purely because of the functional operation. After all, there is space in his head to be able to think rationally.

But there is one exception…

If men often think of you, and therefore like you very much, they remember EVERYTHING

Suddenly he remembers exactly what you said last week. He knows exactly what you were wearing on your last date…

This is because the male brain has freed up memory for something he thinks about very often: you.

So, the stronger his memory when it comes to you, the more he thinks about you.

By the way… there are many more signs that can help you find out if a man really likes you. Some of those signals can be read from his body language.

Signal 4: He’s taking something for you

I used to have a cat that had quite a strange habit.

It’s kind of funny to see that now that I’m coaching people in dating, I see that some guys have that same quirky habit as well.

Often when my cat had been outside she would take something for me. And, believe me, they were often not things I was really waiting for (think of birds, mice, etc.).

Despite the fact that the presents my cat brought with me were not exactly high on my wish list, I thought it was a sweet and well-intentioned gesture.

Men also do the same well-intentioned gesture when they think about you a lot.

Suppose he just came home (or he meets you on a date) and he has brought you a small present…

As trivial as it may be… it’s a very strong sign that he often thinks of you.

Even before you actually start seeing each other, you were already on his mind and he wants to show that by bringing something for you.

One more little thing… I know you probably don’t but I see it go wrong more often with women I’ve coached.

Never denigrate his well-intentioned efforts. No matter how cliché or misplaced the gift is… it’s proof that he is thinking of you.

And you should really appreciate that, dear reader.


Signal 5: He starts the conversation

The following signal is a simple but very strong indication that he is thinking of you often.

What exactly happens if you haven’t spoken for a while?

Will it be dead silent? Or will you soon receive an app from him again?

If you’re wondering when and how often a man thinks of you, it’s those longer quiet periods between you that can answer that.

The more often HE contacts YOU, the more often he thinks of you.

This also applies if you are already in a relationship or even already living together.

If he regularly enters into a conversation with you and has a great need for your contact, you can assume that he often thinks of you.


Signal 6: He shows personal gestures

As you may have read earlier in this article, a man often thinks of you when he brings you a present.

But when it comes to gifts or special gestures, it’s important to be aware of two types of specific gestures that say a lot about how often he thinks of you…

The first thing you need to realize is the following:

The more personal the gift/gesture, the more often he thinks of you.

He gives you a present for your birthday that you have always wanted? Or does he spontaneously take you to that one place you’ve always wanted to go to? Then you can assume that he thinks about you a lot.

The more personal, the better. He remembers all the things that are important to you and wants to realize your wishes.

Instead of a simple gift card, he gives you something that he knows exactly is important to you.

This not only means that he thinks about you regularly, but he also knows HOW YOU think.

And that’s a doubly good sign.

Apart from personal gestures, there is a second kind of gesture that reveals that he often thinks of you. These are the random gestures.

Think of a fun, unplanned day out, he sends you a bunch of flowers at work or he gives you a spontaneous kiss on the cheek.

Of course it’s fantastic when a man does this. Not only does it give you a great sense of appreciation, but you can also be sure that he thinks of you often.

Signal 7: He takes you into account

So it’s a good sign if a man thinks about you often .

But there’s something better than a man who often thinks of you…

How cool is it when you’ve hooked up a man who also thinks along with you ?

He knows exactly what makes you happy. He knows exactly what triggers you.

He is aware of your strengths and weaknesses. He knows you through and through and takes your wishes into account.

He consciously remembers the dates that are important to you: birthday, anniversary, etc. He never plans anything on a day where he has already agreed something with you.

If he is so considerate and considers you in this way, you can be sure that you are often on his mind.

When a man regularly takes you into account, you can assume that your relationship is generally good.

That way you don’t have to wonder when he’s thinking about you; you’re sure he’s thinking of you.

The next step

These were the 7 small but strong signs that prove he’s thinking about you.

And of course it’s nice to have a man who thinks about you regularly.

But you can go a step further.

If you are aware of the 3 special links in the male brain you can make sure that you literally make men obsessed with you.

If you know how the 3 links work…

then he will follow you like a dog in no time.


I understand.

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