14 Tips For Simple and Peaceful Living In A Modern World

Simple and Peaceful Living In A Modern World

We seem to have lost our purpose in our daily activities. A career, prestige, likes on Facebook, nice clothes… This should make us happy, when in reality these things make us less happy.

Why? Because simple things in a quiet and peaceful life make us really happy.

How can you live a simple and peaceful life in our modern society full of stress and bustle? That will be discussed in this article.

Here you will find 14 Tips For Simple and Peaceful Living In A Modern World and how to make your life easier with more inner peace.

Let’s go!

Taking the kids away, working fast from 9:15 AM to 11:30 AM. In the meantime, tidy up the house and do the laundry. At 11:30 pick up the children for lunch.

“I’ve agreed with my friend Kim for coffee, but I don’t really feel like it because I don’t have time” . Then go shopping quickly.

“Oh no, now I forgot the detergent again” . Puk knocks over the vase while I’m cooking, causing the vegetables to overcook and the meat to get a black short.

The kitchen is a mess, I’m fed up, full of stress and then my partner comes home from work. I don’t have the energy to be happy anymore…

  • Are you no longer able to do the things you want to do due to being too busy?
  • Have you completely lost your inner peace?
  • Do you still have an overview of your life and your daily activities?
  • Do you feel stressed and rushed every day?
Simple and Peaceful Living In A Modern World

Stress, stress, stress

We walk down the street like headless chickens. We are guided by our smartphone, social media, expectations and by our own insecurity. It’s a lifestyle that actually kills.

We have gone along with powers that are not even approachable. They are things. Our smartphone, career, status, superficial appearances, expectations, social media. These are things that can hold our lives endlessly.

It’s good to be able to cut yourself off from the outside world. Not to keep doing what society expects of us. We have to go back to the core of everyday life.

We should take a step back and go back to the simpler life with peace and simplicity. Why? Because then we can find true happiness again.

With a simple and peaceful life we ​​can be happy again.

How can you live simpler? How can you have more inner peace in your daily activities? I will give you some tips so that you can get more happiness from your daily activities. 

But first I’ll take you back to basics. What is happiness?

How do you become happy?

According to the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle , happiness is the highest goal in life.

“Happiness is the meaning and the ambition of life, the whole purpose and end of human existence. ”  –  Artistoteles

Aristotle established this more than 2,000 years ago, but it still holds true today. What can be the purpose of life if it does not involve living a happy life until we die?

Many people look for happiness, but look for it in the wrong direction. They think: “I am happy with a successful career”.

Or “Having a big family makes me happy”. “I am happy with status, a good education, prestige, many likes on social media, a nice car, a house in a popular neighborhood or clothing”.

Simple and Peaceful Living In A Modern World
But doesn’t that actually distract us from true happiness?

The career, car, house and clothes do not make us happy, but simply give us a moment of pleasure in life.

Such as a night out, a day at the beach or completing a level in your favorite game. We will then notice that the true feeling of happiness is not forthcoming. Happiness is structural, longer, in the lower term.

It’s simple things in life that bring happiness. Happiness can be found in simplicity and above all in the personal feeling of happiness.

The ancient and wise philosopher Aristotle gives us three simple steps to get more happiness in our lives. These steps are actually very enlightening, but also indicate the distinction between true happiness and moments of pleasure.

Aristotle’s three steps to happiness are:

  1. Start by identifying what happiness  is n’t  – so cross off what doesn’t make you happy. This can be, for example: your work, stress, busyness, a too full agenda or loneliness.
  2. Being goal- oriented – A person needs a goal that he/she can focus on. The meaning of life. The ultimate goal is simple and simple: happiness.
  3. Improving yourself – By wanting to improve yourself, you always have a new goal in mind that can be humanly achieved. So set personal goals and strive to achieve them.

A simple and peaceful life

“A man is rich according to the number of things he can leave for what they are.” – Henry David Thoreau

Living a simpler life is a process. It’s not just something you can start or stop. We all live in this world and in modern society, not outside it.

It is not possible to close ourselves off from the things of the world, but we can reduce the influence of certain elements on our lives to make room for simplicity and happiness.

For example, we cannot shut ourselves off from a smartphone, but we can from all notifications and the pressure that social media imposes on us via the smartphone.

Simplicity means making space by reducing the influence of certain elements on our lives.

Simple and Peaceful Living In A Modern World

A simple life shouldn’t mean turning your life around 180 degrees.

It should come naturally to live simply and simply and take moments of rest.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case in our current society. We have completely lost the simplicity and tranquility.

It is a turnaround, in which we no longer do what is expected of us, but instead do the things that make us personally happy.

This has brought us to a point where we have to ask ourselves: what else is important in life?

Shopping, spending money, work, career, accessibility, appearance? Or rather: your partner, children, friendship, peace and happiness?

This seems like a selfish position, but it really shouldn’t be. Because: when you are happy yourself, you can radiate happiness to others. When you love yourself and have peace of mind, you can radiate peace and love to others.

To get the best out of yourself, you have to be able to go back to yourself and find the simplicity and peace in life every day.

How do I get simple life? Simple and Peaceful Living In A Modern World

The problem that many people face today is that they cannot comprehend how to live a simpler life and become happy with it.

‘Simplicity’ strongly suggests that modern technology and luxury means should disappear from our lives.

That we can no longer use a telephone, or have food delivered at home, no social media, not this… not that. A simple life therefore seems to suggest that you are not allowed to do many things.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many things in our lives that should make our lives easier, but actually make it more complicated. Instead, we should make our lives simpler and less complicated.

That’s why it’s important to change things that keep us in the modern world, but make life a little easier.

Tips for a simple life with more peace

To help you on your way to a simpler life in which you can find peace every day, I would like to give you some tips . These tips are easy to follow.

You will find that they will give you more simplicity and peace of mind in your daily activities. No stress and unreasonable or unnecessary expectations for you, but peace and a simple life.

1. Make a morning routine

Do you immediately feel stressed from the moment you wake up with everything you have to do? Start your day calm and relaxed by following a regular morning routine.

For many people, when they wake up, they reach for their phone with sleep still in their eyes. They do not start the day calmly and simply, but by reading messages, posts, e-mails and social media notifications.

Simple and Peaceful Living In A Modern World

As a result, they unconsciously create the space to be immediately influenced by stress, a busy schedule and expectations.

Starting the day with a certain routine can help you maintain calm throughout the day.

How? Don’t be the first to pick up your phone! Just wake up calmly, greet your partner good morning, take a shower and get dressed and make yourself a tasty and healthy breakfast.

An important tip for a good morning routine is to start by making your bed and tidying up your house.

You can spend 20 or 30 minutes on this. This fixed routine works very well psychologically.

A tidy house is a tidy mind. You start the day with a clear mind.

This allows you to enjoy a clean and tidy house throughout the day instead of being annoyed by the clutter in the house. Then grab your phone to check your messages.

2. Only do what you can

Do the things you can do. Set daily goals that you can achieve so that you don’t get stressed and disappointed in yourself.

This is not only efficient in time, but also saves unnecessary irritations that can negatively affect your mood.

Do you remember the quote from Henry David Thoreau? “A man is rich according to the number of things he can leave for what they are”.

How many things can you leave for what they are?

3. Stop Multitasking

Few are as satisfying as completing the tasks at hand. For example, crossing off tasks from your to-do list. When you start your day by clearing your house and mind, you have already completed these tasks.

Done jobs give you peace of mind. You will soon notice this. Because of this feeling you start with good courage and new energy with the next task that needs to be done.

Therefore, multi-tasking is useless. Doing things at once makes them less efficient. Moreover, it takes longer before you can successfully complete tasks and feel good about the end result.

Then your motivation and discipline drop while multi-tasking. So keep it nice and simple and do things one-by-one.

4. Reduce Your Obligations

Can you also get so tired and stressed from doing what you have to do?

Obligations are often things imposed by others or things that you have to fulfill because of social expectations. It’s not the things you want to do or that make you happier.

Some things you have to do; you can’t get around that. You have committed yourself to other obligations while they do not make you happy. You better not do this anymore.

If you don’t like gardening, don’t get a high-maintenance garden. If you don’t like washing dishes, get a dishwasher.

If the volunteering is no longer satisfying, you are reluctant to go there and it feels like an obligation, then go do volunteer work that gives you more satisfaction and happiness.

The feelings you get when you do something against your will are destructive to everyone. You radiate it when you do something reluctantly. Reduce these obligations whenever possible.

5. Help others

Helping others is satisfying. The love you radiate to others comes back multiple times.

When you look back on your life, you know that you have done well when others have loved you. That is the secret in life.

Simple and Peaceful Living In A Modern World

You should not underestimate this. The love of others gives you true happiness. To get the love of others, you have to radiate love yourself to others.

In short: Be there for your friends, relatives, your acquaintances or the people you meet on the street, because the love you give will come back in plural.

Do you agree with this? Then it is essential that you free up space and time to be there for your friends, your family and relatives.

6. Live in the present

We are very busy with the future. ‘What if….?’ We have savings accounts, mortgages that have to be paid off in 20 years, pensions, death insurance, life insurance… they are all worries about the future.

We are very busy with the future. But what about the present? To what extent do we take care of ourselves in the present?

Many people are very responsible and have arranged everything well for the future, but have therefore been completely blind to their happiness in the present.

One doesn’t exclude the other, but don’t forget it now. Now you’re alive, so enjoy. Now you are still young and flexible or old and healthy, so do the things you like to do. Don’t push everything forward, because there may be no more later.

So don’t worry too much about the things that aren’t yet, but keep it simple and focus on the now and here.

Maybe you should book the trip you already want to do…

7. Go by bike

Exercise and sport are very important for a good mood. You feel good after exercise. When you live a healthy life, you have more energy for your daily activities, you are more productive and you get more done.

When you live healthy, you get better ideas and you find better solutions to problems.

Simple and Peaceful Living In A Modern World

Cycling is a very easy solution. By cycling, you have the daily movement that allows your head to relax. Relax for a while. Process the day, breathe fresh air and cycle out the stress and worries.

Cycling is a form of simple living. On the other hand, there is the frustration that the car or public transport can cause, for example due to delays or a traffic jam. So grab the bike and keep it simple!

8. Changing careers

Don’t let your life be influenced too much by a job that doesn’t make you happy. Work is work. Work is not the most important thing in life.

Yet we work a lot in order to live. Five days a week and 8 hours a day. We spend a lot of time in the workplace.

So it is important that we have a job that makes us happy. Perhaps this is not the career you studied for, but it is something simple.

Your own company, for example, or starting a B&B. Choose something that is close to you and where you can put your egg in. That is where you will find your true daily happiness.

9. Live simpler

Housing costs make up a large part of our monthly expenses. Because of this, we work as slaves to our accounts. We work to pay our bills, not to do what makes us happy.

When you simplify your spending, you can have more money that you can then spend on things that make you happy.

Perhaps the large corner house is too big for you and a small, cozy house can make you happy. This not only means less housing costs, but also less cleaning, heating and maintenance costs.

The extreme here is the new phenomenon of a Tiny House, or a small house. Have you heard of it? Imagine. You only have the things you really need. You got rid of everything unnecessary.

You have a lovely, cozy, little house with enough space for all the essentials in your life. The housing costs are clear and low and heating costs are nil. But you are happy.

A Tiny House is the personification of a simple life.

10. Stop Using Electronics

Modern technology is the main counterpart of a simple and peaceful life. The smartphone, social media, taking photos, sending and replying to messages, e-mail at hand.

We are constantly getting new messages and calls and have completely lost the pleasure of personal face-to-face contact.

Simple and Peaceful Living In A Modern World

Yet we hold on to our electronics, because we have also become dependent on them. We can’t live without it anymore.

Modern technology has also brought us a lot of good. So we don’t have to get rid of the smartphone, but we should limit the bad influence of the smartphone on our lives. How? By living simpler.

Turn off your phone. Do not allow you to receive notifications. Make a promise to yourself not to check your phone in bed, while eating, and when you are with your partner, friends, or other people.

It is essential that we do not allow electronics and the smartphone to rush us and negatively affect our sleep. Keep it simple and simple and find the peace.

11. Clear out your wardrobe

Do you still wear all the clothes in your wardrobe? A tidy house gives a tidy mind. This is especially true for your wardrobe. Simplicity brings peace. Consider Aristotle’s statement mentioned earlier in this article.

Does clothes make you happier or does buying clothes just give you pleasure?

When you keep it simple, it gives you peace of mind and in your life. So tidy up your wardrobe.

Donate any clothes you don’t wear to charity and keep the clothes you do wear. The result will be a neat and tidy wardrobe with an overview.

Steve Jobs always wore the same clothes. Nice and easy. Then you never have to comply with what others may think of your clothes.

12. Walk Daily

In a daily walk you can clear your head and think about the things that come your way. This allows you to take the time and peace of mind to make the right decisions.

You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym every day to clear your head. Very simple: with a walk you have the same mental result.

13. Remove the negative things in your life

Negativity is incredibly destructive in our lives. It makes us gloomy, insecure, irritated and gives us even more negative emotions and moods.

To truly become happier, we need to cut off the negativity in our lives. For this it is necessary that you identify the negative aspects in your life and remove them from your life.

Does the high phone bill make you unhappy? Change your bundle.

Do you reluctantly go to work every day? Then you have to look for another job.

Don’t you like how you look? Make your outside a reflection of your inside.

What makes you unhappy? What irritates you? What makes you sad? Have the courage to cut these things out of your life.

You will see that a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You can breathe freely again and smile again. That is the result of removing the negativity from your life.

14. Play with your kids

Is there an easier and better way to relax? I do not think so. By playing with your children, you strengthen the bond with your children. You can show and give your love.

This will give you back the love of your children. By playing with your children, you can become a part of your children’s lives.

So don’t forget this simple but important part of parenting.

Moreover, it is also a moment of relaxation for yourself.


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