8 Simple Tips To Overcome Indecision For Good

Simple Tips To Overcome Indecision

Do you ever feel indecisive?

Maybe it even gave you a stomachache when you had to make a decision?

Don’t feel bad about it. Everyone has been at a point where you freeze inside and don’t know what to choose. Don’t worry i will give you my best tips to overcome indecision.

But when you’re indecisive, even the small decisions require more energy than necessary.

What can you do about your indecision? Read the tips below to overcome your indecision.

Purpose of this article: In this article we are going to help you with indecision. First we explain what it is exactly, with some examples, and we also give you tips to combat it.


What is indecision?

Being indecisive or indecisive usually stems from insecurity, a lack of self-confidence or doubt.

Anxiety is also identified as a cause…

Tips To Overcome Indecision For Good

But then it’s about fear of change, making mistakes or getting success.

You worry about what other people might think when you make a certain decision.

Perfection seems to be the standard, while there is no standard for perfection. Indecision can therefore have a different cause for each person.

But fear of creating an unknown future is usually the reason for being indecisive.

And so making a decision is postponed. Purely to protect against making the wrong decision.

Woman rests fingers on her temples while trying to read a book and suffers from indecision

Do you suffer from indecision? Then this causes a lot of stress.

It seems as if your energy is continuously being sucked out of your body. It hinders you from getting the most out of life.

You miss valuable opportunities  to grow, which keeps you in the same circle.

But there is good news!

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You can learn to make decisions. And because you make more and more decisions, you will soon feel much more confident.

The causes of indecision

The inability to make a decision has a reason…

Being indecisive is usually a constant and recurring situation. You keep asking yourself what decision to make.

The fact that you’re questioning your options again comes from fear.

Frightened woman holding her hand to her mouth

And then it’s not just about fear of making the wrong decision. There’s more to it. The fear has a different basis.

Namely, the fear that you will not be able to handle or handle the result of your decision in a good way.

If you think about this further, the loss of control is ultimately the culprit for not making decisions.

Feet of a man surrounded by many arrows pointing in all directions

Anxiety, loss of control, insecurity; they are all hallmarks of a certain instability.

No one is born insecure. They are environmental factors that have shaped you, such as your childhood and past experiences.

Woman sitting in front of her laptop with her hands against her temple and staring at the screen

The experiences you have gained determine how confident you are in life.

As diverse as the causes of indecision are, it is usually the same questions that people ask themselves.


  • What if I make a mistake?
  • What if I choose the wrong thing, or what if someone doesn’t like what I chose?
  • And what if I want to trust my intuition, but it is not correct?

It is clear from the above questions that a lack of (self) confidence is a cause.

Man holding his hands on his head and looking down and blowing out

And insufficient confidence in yourself and in the chosen result, makes you indecisive. You prefer to opt for a status quo.

Then you know what you have and you know what is to come. But opportunities are missed because of this.

My advice is: Get out of your comfort zone and choose the life you want to live.

Examples of indecisive behavior

1. You are constantly reassessing the possibilities

When faced with a choice, you assess the options.

Man writing an evaluation

Weighing is very normal, everyone does that in order to make the right choice. But if you can’t decide what to choose, you’ll get stuck in this one.

You keep reassessing the choices over and over again, so that you become paralyzed, as it were. This makes it impossible to make a choice.

This scientific article also points out that indecision is the single biggest cause of underachievement.

2. You include past experiences in your choices

If you are indecisive, you take past failures and worries into your choices in the present.

Watch and newspaper from the past

It brings up emotions of fear and uncertainty.

You feel like you have failed in the past and want to avoid that at all costs in the future.

So you are going to consider all options extra carefully. This puts you back in a paralyzing situation.

Relationship problems or problems with a narcissist or manipulative person in the past can also lead to indecision.

Male being held by the hand of a bigger man

3. You doubt your feelings and intuition

Indecision sharpens your analytical self.

Your feeling and intuition are almost completely pushed aside.

Worrying and weighing is what you do. Trusting your gut feeling and making a choice therefore seems impossible.

Often you don’t even know what you feel anymore, when you think about the options you have when making a choice.

Ruth Chang offers advice on making difficult choices in the following video:

4. You value the opinion of others too much

Indecisive people are often primarily concerned with what others might think of their choice.

  • Would anyone else agree?
  • Would anyone else like it?
  • Wouldn’t someone else think I’m stupid?

It is, of course, impossible to know what others might think.

Man sitting on the floor with large shadows hanging over him from other people

But it does ensure that the opinions of others outweigh your own when indecisive.

The consequences of not being able to make a decision

Putting off making a decision makes for a life that is comfortable, but uncomfortable.

Comfortable because you do not face uncertainty and therefore do not have to feel fear about it.

Woman walking towards an intersection

You don’t take any risk and so comfort is your standard of living.

Your life is therefore uncomfortable. You want to move forward, but you don’t dare. You want something different, but are afraid of the consequences.

Indecision causes unrest and it costs a lot of energy, which you can better spend on what you really want to achieve or do.

8 tips to combat indecision

Here are easy-to-apply tips that will encourage you to overcome your indecision.

1. Work on your confidence

Get started with confidence in yourself.

You now know that lack of confidence in yourself and delaying making a decision go hand in hand.

Two people shaking hands

So the sooner you start working on your confidence, the less indecisive you will be.

That means less fear of what you choose and more energy to make your choice come true.

Also apply the tips for staying positive in difficult situations that I explained to you earlier in  this article .

2. Stop worrying about making mistakes

There is never complete certainty when making a decision. So there is no such thing as right or wrong.

A decision is good when you fully support it. Regardless of the opinion of others.

Allow yourself to let go of the urge for complete certainty.

Man in suit raising his thumb

Be flexible. Nothing in life is fixed. With this certainty, you can handle the decisions you make.


3. Trust your intuition

Not everyone has a highly developed intuition.

This means that when you go by your gut feeling, your brain quickly takes over. If that’s the case for you, start with small decisions.

View the options, find out how you feel about this and choose the best option for you.

Man with a blindfold who follows his feeling

When you start with very small choices, without major consequences, you will get to know your feelings better and better.

And the better you train this, the stronger your intuition will be heard. Even with the big decisions, and that’s where you want to go.

4. Stop Overthinking Everything

This tip is directly related to trusting your intuition.

Woman touching her temple with her hand and closing her eyes

Because the more you give your mind space, the less likely your indecision will win.

5. Don’t wait for someone else to make the decision for you

Unfortunately, indecisiveness often leads to the ultimate decision-making power falling into other people’s hands.

Waiting for the right moment, or waiting for the situation to improve on its own, delays making a decision.

Calendar with dont think just do written on it

Waiting may eventually lead to someone else making a decision.

You relinquish control. And that’s not what you want. You want to make the choice that is best for you.

So remember that no one can choose the best for you. You can make the best choice for yourself.

To wait is to postpone until a moment that will not come. Keeping this in mind can help you make a decision faster.

Man standing at a fork and having to make a choice

6. Talk to people

Indecision can also be based on a lack of knowledge.

Are you faced with making a decision and don’t know what to choose?

Then talk to others. Gather knowledge and facts. Ask questions and weigh up all the information.

Don’t forget to skip negative people. They add nothing.

Three people sitting on a staircase and talking

Get your knowledge from people who are well-informed about the subject, without involving too much emotion.

7. What’s the worst that could happen?

Do you feel the stomachache of indecision rising again?

Then immediately ask yourself What is the worst thing that could happen when you make a decision?

Almost always, the worst-case scenario is better than not making a decision.

Woman holding her finger to her mouth and shrugging her other shoulder

Keep that in mind. It will be an immediate help, if the confidence is lacking for a while.


8. Realize that not making a choice is also a choice

Can you feel the ‘aha’ moment? Indeed, not making a choice is also a choice.

Because doing nothing leads to nothing, or to something undesirable. And let that be the drive for many to make a decision.

The idea of ​​doing nothing and standing still is uncomfortable. So: feel the energy to keep going and make a real decision.

Now that you’ve read everything, taking action appears to be the only way to leave your fears behind.

Taking action is having the courage to make decisions.

By at least choosing something, even if it turns out to be the wrong decisions, you enable yourself to move forward.

And progress is always better than standing still!


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