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Singing Plants of Damanhur-A Wonderful Phenomenon

Plants are very lively. Not only do they love human noise, but they also have the ability to learn and communicate. Perhaps even more amazing is that plants can also make music. Have you ever heard the incredible music of plants? the Singing Plants of Damanhur can actually sing and compose music; listening to it is genuinely beautiful and relaxing!

Since 1975, researchers from Damanhur, in northern Italy, have experimented with plants with the aim of learning more about their unique properties. Researchers use devices that allow them to measure the activity of the plants in their environment. The devices show the plants’ abilities to learn and communicate.

Using a simple principle that is a variation of the Wheatstone bridge research – namely an electrical circuit that measures the unknown electrical resistance for the balance between both legs of a bridge circuit – one leg contains the unknown component.

singing plants

The device has three fixed and one variable resistor. Electrical differences between the roots and the leaves of the plant have been measured. These differences can be translated into a variety of effects, including music, lights turning on and off, movements, etc.

There is no danger to the plants and to the researchers because the researchers use a very low intensity of current. Researchers have determined that every living thing, both animal and plant, gives off a variety of electrical possibilities, depending on the emotions being experienced at the time.

The music starts around 2:11. Credit:


The plants show the most sensitive variations when they signal a person taking care of them, watering them and talking to them and also when music is being played. The sensations felt by a plant trigger a physiological response that expresses itself in electrical, conductive and resistance responses. The variations can be translated in several ways, including the musical scales.

These experiments show that plants certainly seem to enjoy learning to use the musical scales and also make their own music, translating their responses into music using a synthesizer. Although there is currently little scientific research on this subject, it cannot be denied that listening to these beautiful plants is a joy for the soul.


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