Skin hunger: what can you do to solve it yourself?

Skin hunger: what can you do to solve it yourself?
Skin hunger is the feeling you get when you haven’t been touched for a long time. You probably recognize it all too well and that is why you have come to this article. The most important thing is that you know that you are not alone. That just doesn’t make it any less bad. In this article, we share tips to see yourself in this and recognize how important touch and attention are. If you are depressed or worried, please contact a professional. You don’t have to do it alone.

There are different levels of touch. In Huidhonger, Bruno Müller-Oerlinghausen and Gabriele Mariell Kiebgis write about the pyramid of touch, starting when you touch yourself to touch by a professional such as a masseur.

Touch yourself

“We often do this kind of touch unconsciously and hundreds of times a day: we rub our foreheads or eyes when we get tired or want to concentrate better, we run our hand through our hair or smooth our clothes to feel more comfortable. . ” Off: Skin Hunger

When you practice yoga or meditation, start or end your practice with a heartfelt hug to yourself. How does it feel to embrace yourself as your best friend? How can you send extra heat to yourself? Take the time to hold yourself tight.

Visit the hairdresser or dentist

“These are the superficial or accidental touches by, for example, the hairdresser, a waitress or the doctor’s assistant, but also the pat on the back from a colleague or the high-five from your sports coach.” Off: Skin Hunger

Touching someone else feels different. When it is not possible to experience everyday touches without special intention, what is possible? A visit to the hairdresser or a dental check-up can help you experience that touch of another. Give yourself the space to receive the touch.

Skin hunger: what can you do to solve it yourself?

Is it not possible to go to the hairdresser? Then this virtual haircut is interesting to experience . Get some headphones or earphones, close your eyes, and see what it does to you.

Speak heart to heart with your loved ones

“We also call these touches conscious touches and have a clear intention or purpose. The touch is not superficial, but we really embrace someone or silently lay a hand on the other’s. We are attentive and focused. The intention often lies in the intended effect: comfort, support, support, compassion.” Off: Skin Hunger

“That touches me”, we sometimes say without talking about physical touch. The personal attention of support and compassion can touch us deeply. When you can’t get closer physically, candid conversations focused on love and appreciation are vital. How can you express your love in words? Dare to open up to your loved ones and speak words of appreciation. Especially when you experience skin hunger, it is important to experience mutual appreciation in communication.

Whenever possible: give yourself a massage as a gift

Skin hunger: what can you do to solve it yourself?

“The skin is the sense of touch. And not all contact is instant touch. Healing touch is always done with the hands. That is the core of every massage, the oldest form of healing treatment. ” Off Skin Hunger

There are many different types of massages. They are described in detail in Skin Hunger. When the masseur or masseuse can touch you safely, you will notice that your skin hunger can be satisfied. When you live with a partner, you can also touch each other for the sole purpose of this touch. Massage is a way of receiving and giving touch without other expectations.

If you notice that you remain depressed, contact your doctor. It is good to seek help when you find yourself unable to resolve it. Being brave is having the courage to ask for help when you need it.


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