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Sleeping separately: the importance of your own space

I’ve been sleeping in my own room almost since the beginning of my 40-year relationship. Since my husband turned out to be a snorer, after trying desperately to cope with this for a long time, I decided to choose for myself and give up co-sleeping. Not only did I finally get to sleep and dream well again, I also discovered how nice it is to have my own atmosphere around me. The needs of my husband and I are quite different.
We are very different, also in our lifestyle. I am much more sensitive to disruptive elements, while he sleeps through everything and needs completely different things for a sense of well-being than I do.We both quickly experienced it as a blessing that we can do exactly what we want in our own (bedroom) room, without disturbing the other.

Sleeping separately seems to be a taboo

It has struck me that very few people make this choice. I remember a TV program where the theme was: what do you do if your partner is bothering you because he snores? No one mentioned the most obvious solution as far as I’m concerned: sleeping separately! People talked about how it undermined their health and well-being, but there seems to be a taboo on separate bedrooms for loved ones.

As if that affects the relationship, while as far as I’m concerned it can actually benefit the relationship. Incidentally, it used to be a sign of wealth if you could afford to have your own bedroom. Only the lower classes slept together in one bed.Sleeping separately: the importance of your own space

The importance of the night for our spiritual development

Also from a spiritual point of view it is important to sleep undisturbed because we need our deep sleep to leave our body. Apart from our body we experience all kinds of things, both in contact with other souls and with our guides.

Those nighttime hours are invaluable for our spiritual development. This includes our dream life. If you want to remember your dreams, it is essential to wake up quietly at your own time, preferably without an alarm clock.

A place of your own in the house

But also during the day, a place where you can be completely yourself, where you can withdraw and, for example, meditate or do yoga, is good for your psychological health. The space around you has a major influence on your energetic space: your aura.

Many highly sensitive people are particularly sensitive to their environment and experience disruptive elements as a nuisance. It can negatively affect their energy. Your environment is a reflection of who you are; colours, materials, objects and furniture can give you a comfortable feeling and energy or make you restless.

In a ‘previous life’ I was involved in, among other things, giving color and interior advice. I never followed trends, but made sure that the colors I chose were healing, suited the client and the house and not subject to fashion. Everything has its own energetic appearance and vibration and it has to be right.

Your aura as your own space

Your aura is your own space, energetically speaking, and it doesn’t include energy from others, even from people you love dearly. If you each take your own space and respect that of the other, it is better to stay in your own power and mean more to others, than if you let in too much energy that is not yours. This is one of the reasons why an open-plan office is such a bad idea.

In this time of working from home and teaching your children at home, many people experience how difficult it is to keep to yourself if you cannot regularly withdraw into your own sphere. If you live in a small house and don’t have a room of your own, perhaps the best thing to do is get outside and go for a long walk, preferably in a natural environment .There you can recharge your energy.Sleeping separately: the importance of your own space

Visualize solar energy

A powerful exercise, which is part of the guided meditation I give during a Contact with your guide session , can help you with that. First make sure you are well grounded. Then imagine a large sun directly overhead, casting its rays on your crown chakra.

You let the golden-yellow solar energy flow into your body and radiate through all your chakras into your aura, so that you are present as a radiant center, like a sun, in your own energy field. This not only helps you keep unwanted energies out, but is also a way to anchor and ground the cosmic energy on Earth. This is not only important for yourself, but also for the greater whole.

Dare to take up space

It is clear that not everyone has the luxury of their own space at home. Yet I often notice, especially with women, that they do not allow themselves to do it when they could. As a result of an upbringing that trained them in this, everyone in the family is more important and they themselves come last. As a result, women often have trouble taking up space, both literally and figuratively.

I’d say stand up for your needs, take them seriously and make your space bigger and yourself more radiant than you’ve ever dared!

I am curious about your experiences in this area or the ideas you have about it. Would you like to tell us something about that?


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