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So much choice! How do you find the right crystal?

There are so many crystals to be found: all working areas, shapes and sizes are represented. In this article we want to tell you specifically about the different forms of crystals.

You can’t really do anything ‘wrong’, because every crystal serves a noble purpose. Although it is true that one crystal will serve you more at this moment than another. Then we are talking about the type of crystal that you choose, but also about the shape.

Each form has certain qualities that you can consciously choose to help you. Some are sharpened, others are not. One form collects energy, the other form disseminates energy. The more clearly you know what you want to use your crystal for, the easier you will attract that crystal to you. You can probably think about this:

❖ Which shape do you like? A sphere, a cluster or a point?
❖ Do you want your crystal rough (with rock attached) or cut?
❖ What size appeals to you? A palm full or a hand full?
❖ Are you going to use your crystal to heal (turn inward) or manifest (turn outward)?

Crystal forms and their effect

If you are on a crystal hunt, before you go to a store or visit an online store, think about your reason for buying a crystal and the crystal shape that goes with it. Shapes have a specific effect. If you know those, you can probably make a first choice. Here we list a number of forms and their operation:

sphere: To send energy and to ‘see’ deeper layers, both towards the past and towards the future’.

cluster: absorbs energy from its environment and emits it in different directions. Widely used to harmonize spaces.

Geode: Soothes energy and slowly increases their energy. Works well as protection or to get stronger.

rod or point: for sending energy, for example to heal a certain part of the body or to direct your energy towards a specific goal.

Double End: for breaking old patterns and making new connections. Transforms energy in two directions.

Egg: for finding new balance and harmony.

Finding the right crystal, but where?

Once you send out your desire to find a crystal, your vibration will begin to attract this particular crystal. Then it may just be that you get one as a gift, or that you find one in a place where you don’t expect it.

You can find a crystal in several ways. Excavating yourself in a cave is perhaps the most adventurous, but not feasible in the Netherlands. Fortunately, they are sold at spiritual fairs, in shops and through numerous web shops. With the latter it is important whether you can feel a crystal well from a photo. You may prefer to actually hold a stone to feel if it clicks. If so, it’s best to go to a store or a trade show.

Tool for picking out a crystal.

Imagine you are in a store and you feel overwhelmed by all the choice there is in types of crystals, their shapes and their functioning. Then stand in front of a display and intuitively choose the right crystal. This exercise will help you:

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths from your belly. Tune in to your heart, your desires and your intentions – the reasons why you want to find a crystal. Then experience how the energy of the crystals is and choose the one:

❖ The one you notice first.

❖ That continues to grab your attention.

❖ What you see a color or appearance around.

❖ Who “talks” to you.

❖ What you feel a connection with.

❖ Which makes you feel good.

❖ Which you find beautiful or ugly.

Or take the crystal in your hands and feel what changes in your body. You can experience everything. Your head may go silent, your hands may tingle, or the hairs of your arm may stand on end. You can feel heat or cold, you can feel energy flowing and all variations imaginable.

Remember that once you attune to your desire to find the right crystal, it will come your way. The more specific you are in terms of function and/or shape, the faster you will find the crystal. We wish you great finds!


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