So you can hear the voice of your soul

So you can hear the voice of your soul
Have you ever consciously listened to your soul? New? There is a good chance that you have already unconsciously had contact with your soul. Your soul wants to communicate with you continuously. Do you feel it is time to start step by step? Good news: anyone can communicate with his or her soul and it’s actually very easy. This article explains how.

Your soul is always there to guide you.

You too can listen to your soul

So you can hear the voice of your soul

It is actually very easy to hear the voice of your soul. Anyone can do it. But you have to be consistent. Your soul always has something to say, every moment of the day and the more time you spend with it, the louder the voice sounds.

You can never be too old to listen to your soul and it is never too late. Your soul is always speaking, it was so yesterday, today, and will be exactly the same next week.

Moreover, you cannot heed the call of your soul just once; you have to communicate constantly. Nor is it about doing one big thing or finding one answer to the question ‘What is my goal?’ You have to do hundreds of little things, one after the other. By hearing every call (a step here, a leap there), you are living the life you are supposed to live and what I call a soul-led life.

Your soul knows your path.

Keep listening to your soul and do something every day with the message you hear.

Before you know it, you are not only living true to who you are in your soul, but also living true to the rest of life.

Consistently listening to your soul

So you can hear the voice of your soul

Making a commitment to do something daily doesn’t mean you have to meditate for hours on end, it just means you have to stick to something consistently every day. It only needs to be five minutes (if you have more time, then definitely go for it, but I believe it’s more important to just be consistent).

It may involve meditation, chanting, intuitive writing, or walking in nature. You can go dancing, make pottery, engage in poetry or drink rose tea. You decide what works best for you. That can be anything that helps you connect with the inner temple of your soul.

Your soul is always there to guide you. The more you connect with your soul, the easier it becomes to hear and accept the guidance in your life.


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