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Sometimes love is not enough


Meeting the love of your life, initially with terrible reluctance to part with it, to eventually see your own light and (creative) power reflected in your deepest and darkest inner caves. To then live in harmony with your past and future to be able to create in the now from heart and soul. And can feel that you are love. Connected and present.

It could just be my own story, but I read it this week in ” Nine secrets of women” ,  Hermelijn van der Meijden ‘s new beautiful book that is about the magical journey she has made in search of “a deeper truth about love and sexuality”. One that took her to ancient power places, their history and their guardians. Also to sacred divine sexuality, and what it was originally intended for.

Well, she took me right away with her book. I couldn’t stop reading because I kept wanting to know how she would fare on her travels. I soon felt like an invisible travel companion, quietly encouraging the heroine to move forward. Because you learn all her lessons along with her. She is honest in every way, you can just feel it.

That invited me to also feel deeply without judgment. And so it happened that her story touched me in something old, because part of it was also about my own journey. I could feel it in myself while reading. That deep love. The broken heart, and the pain of the bruised ego. The choice we never would have made if we had stayed together. Those to find and heal ourselves. Learn to support ourselves first instead of supporting the other. “Sometimes love is not enough”. She told me that before I could hear it. And now again.

Do you know what trees do with all their wisdom when another tree falls? Nothing at all! They don’t help anyone. Do not reach out with their branches. And they feed on what the fallen tree leaves behind. They know the illusion of living and dying. Every tree knows that light and dark give it exactly what it needs to grow and be. Connected unconditionally. From beginning to end. Call it unity consciousness.

I felt the lesson learned again thanks to another book.

“Sometimes love is not enough”.

I am eternally grateful to her.

It has opened my eyes and my heart.

I see the trees and the forest again.

PS: Thank you, dear Hermione, for your powerful book. And your courage. It touched me deeply on many layers! Energy healing & energy medicine in one book.

PS2; You can find the book here. It could just be your own story 😉


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