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Soul connections, romance versus reality

You saw him and immediately felt: you have a soul connection. And indeed your bond is deep and intense from the start. Hours of conversations, the feeling of coming home, merging and knowing: this is forever, the search is over. All those others were only the way to come to this divine and eternal union. You have found the one! And… then he breaks up. He is not ready for a relationship yet.

How are you doing now? How can you still feel that intense connection with yourself, with life, with the source, how do you manage to do this without him? It’s very tempting to think that a part of you has left with him too, that you need him to be yourself again. You have the conviction that you are not whole without the other.


The romantic idea is that you are like two halves that only become whole together. That you are looking for this other half for a lifetime and often that this is one specific person. Once you have found it, then all will be well, then your inner struggle will be over, then you will find peace in your life and in love.

Even if you are aware that this is not true, that you are whole without another and that your task is to experience that wholeness in yourself… then there is often a part of you that unconsciously still believes in this romantic picture complement each other and make whole. And that’s okay, you just need to bring this part into your consciousness to heal it further.


The invitation is to look in the mirror that your soulmate has held up to you .Really seeing what is there, you are also almost blinded by it, and now give further shape to this honest reflection in your life. Usually without him. Just without him, because it’s part of you.

What is the lesson you can learn from this life-changing encounter? May you become more powerful, discover your softness? Can you take more leadership or just surrender? Is it time to speak up or to seek the silence? Whatever it is, the task is yours to give shape to this repressed part in your life now.

What if you can’t let go?

If you suffer from separation anxiety and codependent behavior , this lesson is often very difficult to grasp. After all, you are used to, from your destructive relationship patterns, to focus on the other person instead of on yourself, which only reinforces the illusion that you need your soulmate.

Your pitfall is then to work very hard to convince that other person that you really belong together, that your soul connection means that you must continue to enter into the relationship in this earthly life.

That fighting can be very visible, for example because you always seek contact and want to show the other how much you belong together. It can also mainly take place within yourself, where you wait inwardly for the return of your soul mate and until then put everything on hold. Both ways keep you from your real task: the healing and integration of that part of you that your soulmate has shown and felt so clearly.

Soul connections, romance versus reality

Can a relationship with your soul connection never be possible?

Of course, it sometimes happens that you enter into a lasting earthly love relationship, as a way of fulfilling your soul contract. Much more often, however, that is not the case and you only cling to the other person, because you yourself are still unfulfilled on an emotional level. Your connecting behavior is therefore not aimed at healing yourself, but at temporarily feeling better because of the presence of that other person.

You become emotionally dependent on your soulmate and out of the despair that this provokes, you can settle for a relationship that does not really fulfill you and that may even be harmful to you. But you don’t have to sacrifice your earthly happiness for the sake of your soul connection!

Feel your earthly emotions and release yourself from the bond

At a soul level, agreements are energetic and not emotional. Just because you have a soulmate with someone doesn’t mean you have to stay involved with that person. You don’t have to be in a relationship with this person to fulfill your soul contract, you don’t even have to be physically near him.

Your bond is truly eternal, so let go of the need to be here and now. This can be done by initially allowing the intense emotion that the rupture awakens in you. Descend into the abyss of your sorrow, let the scorching heat of your anger turn everything to ashes, and listen to the shrill shriek of your fear until it dies down.

And when you bravely and surrendered that emotional storm within yourself, it’s time to reap the rewards of the special encounter with your soulmate and therefore with yourself.

Tune in from inner peace to your eternal union

You will see that your need to make the connection on a human level has now become less compelling. You no longer have to physically have that other person with you; you no longer pine for his touch, his look, his energy, because you have touched and healed yourself with the sincere and loving attention to yourself.

From here you know that you are whole, from here you know that you and your soulmate are connected and stay connected. You are also at peace with how this has taken shape here and now, because you are at peace with that part of you that was mirrored. From now on you shine your own light on this and the light of the other is no longer needed.

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