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Soul Numbers–calculate your life mission here

Does our soul have something to tell us? And if so, how do we let him speak? The American Yvonne Chang helps people find the way to the soul. She sees ‘To unlock inner doors’ as her mission. ‘Think of the soul as a treasure chest. You just have to dig a little to find it.”

How do you calculate your soul number?

It works very simply. Make a table with the numbers 1 to 9 next to each other with the letters of the alphabet in three rows below:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
a B C d E f G huh I
J k l m N O p Q R
s t YOU V W X Y z

Each letter of the initials of your name as it appears in your passport has the value of the number directly above it. Add up the value of the letters to find your ‘soul motivation number’. If that is a single number, then that is the result. Numbers of 2 digits are added together (so 15 = 1 + 5 = 6. Or 20 = 2 + 0 = 2).

But beware, there are six exceptions: these are the totals 13, 14, 16, 19 and the double numbers 11 and 22. As an example: 13 does not become 4, but gets the combination 13/4.

Explanation of the soul numbers:

Soul Number 1has the vibration of originality and creative power. The 1 is known by a creative mind. You are a strong and courageous person. You accept profound experiences in your life, because your soul knows that they have a purpose, namely discovering who you really are.

In periods when your courage increases, you are challenged to gain new experiences and to develop further. When your soul number gets out of balance, you can be too self-confident and selfish. Then you take what you can. Are you too dominant and attacking. If so, you need to learn that this behavior has nothing to do with true courage and will not get you further in your life.

When you live in harmony you know what to do in any situation and you can be a true leader who shows the way for others. And last but not least: when you are completely in balance, 1 is also the vibration of the light, a spiritual vibration of the highest level. You can become a pillar of light with strength and courage at your disposal.

Soul Number 2is the vibration of sensitivity. Your soul is constantly aware of the discord, the yin and yang in everything and therefore you have a strong need for harmony. The 2 is a mixing energy; that is, you possess qualities that can lead to harmony and cooperation.

You are a good listener, receptive and very sensitive and can therefore mediate in a diplomatic way. When your soul number gets out of balance, you can be oversensitive and build a wall around you out of self-protection. You will have to learn to look for another, more transparent form of protection. Not a wall, but a protective mist or circle of light. You can also lose sight of the bigger picture because you focus too much on details.

On the one hand you can become timid if you put the judgment of others above your own, but the other extreme is that you can be very intolerant, even tyrannical, towards people who show you their weakness. Therefore, the challenge in your life is to discover that your softness is your greatest strength. Then you can be who you are: a bringer, a peacemaker.

Soul Number 3is the vibration of creative expression through emotions. Your soul wants to know why things are the way they are. Your soul has a creative urge and the more skills you learn to express it, the more your creativity can flow and the more you can shape what you feel.

This energy has a social character; you like to surround yourself with lots of people. You constantly learn from all your experiences because you constantly ask the question: why? When your soul number becomes unbalanced, you can be pulled in all directions at once and your energy is dispersed too much. That may indicate that you are afraid to look within, to search for your deepest feelings.

Or you keep your feelings inside, which creates inner tension; you become difficult to handle and lose control of your emotions. The 3 is a very emotional energy, which is why you can get impatient if you don’t understand the “why” of things. You must learn to be patient with yourself and with others. When you come into balance, you will learn to understand your emotions better and express them in a creative way. This will make you happier and will also bring happiness, humor and joy to others.

Soul Number 4is the vibration of order, organization and systems. You’re the one who sorts things out and moves on, one at a time until it’s done, and all of this lays a good foundation on which everyone can build in good faith. Your soul is practical and organized, a hard worker. You have it in your words to put into deeds.

But your decisiveness can become a pitfall, causing your soul to cramp. When you overcome your first fear of this trapped feeling, your soul leads you into action. Pay attention to your physical well-being. When your soul number gets out of balance, you will be physically stressed. You become less flexible, narrow-minded and walk through life with blinders ahead. You put salt on every snail and you can’t put yourself to work anymore.

Then try to relax through physical activity: sports or exercises, for if you overcome this and come back into balance, you will have developed a greater eye for details, without losing sight of the bigger picture. You will gain enough experiences in your lifetime to learn to organize and dose your energy well, to be practical and systematic. You are efficient, good at recurring tasks and a born team worker.

Soul Number 5is the vibration of freedom and willingness to undergo changes. Your soul helps you to understand why things sometimes have to be different and you will learn to deal with that better and better in your life.

This increases your decisiveness. Because you also have to learn to take responsibility for freedom and change yourself. You want a lot of freedom mentally and emotionally, you like spontaneity and flexibility.

When your soul number gets out of balance, you tend to be busy with way too many things at once. You are restless, you start things but don’t finish and you hate routine. When you are in balance, you take responsibility for everything you do. Matured by life wisdom you will be better and faster able to make the best decisions for you.

soul number 6is the vibration of a healer. You need to give love and attention and people like to be around you because you are sympathetic, friendly and helpful. You don’t feel at home in the commercial world. When your soul number gets out of balance, your strong sense of what is right and what is wrong can cause a negative attitude: you judge, judge – not only others, but yourself as well.

And your helpful attitude suddenly takes on something assertive, something condescendingly protective. What you have to learn in life is some distance; You must not overshoot in your helpfulness. People have to learn their own life lessons, you cannot and should not take them from them.

There are times in your life when you will feel a fear of responsibility or indulge in melodrama. In order to get back into balance, you will have to pay a lot of attention to 6 elements such as home, family, friends, service, responsibility, personal distance, your ability to heal and love. Then you can grow into a healer and teacher in the truest sense of the word.

Soul Number 7is the mystical vibration of intuition, the sage and turning inward. Your soul is connected to the universe, you will feel and understand that better as you gain more life experience. You are attracted to work in the social/cultural sector, but you also have analytical talents that you can use in the field of science.

You see relationships as an opportunity to grow, but when your soul number gets out of balance, you get relationship conflicts. The analyst in you then takes over and that blocks your intuition. You feel impatient and far removed from inner peace. You will only be able to find it through introspection, by opening the doors of your inner world one by one until you have rediscovered your deepest soul sources.

You have to do this yourself and it can be a lonely road. Others may find you cold and distant during such a period of introspection—which can affect your relationships—but this process is necessary for you to regain balance. Ultimately, it will make you wiser and you will also be able to help others discover their inner soul resources.

Soul Number 8is the vibration of balance, Your soul wants to bring balance to all facets of life. And you want to live a balanced life in everything you do and in your relationships with others. 8 is also the vibration of matter, of the physical sojourn on earth and that prompts you to act. If your soul number gets out of balance, you get out of balance, which you experience as very disturbing.

You get anxious, but you don’t know exactly why. That can block your growth; you would rather not gain new experiences simply by losing the fear of them again. Being content with how things are and therefore staying put can look like profit, but life will pass you by if you don’t dare to open up, if you don’t dare to go for what presents itself. But whoever finds the balance will be able to grow into an organizer, a real leader.

Soul Number 9 is the vibration of unbound love, completion and letting go. You are someone with deep emotions and compassion. You have a big heart and genuine interest in the problems of others.

That selfless love can also be your pitfall; you have to watch out for too much involvement and learn to love without expectations, to love without clinging to it. Give the people you love the space to be themselves, make their own decisions and make their own mistakes.

9 is the vibration of completion, or fulfillment. Learn from the lessons that arise in your life; if you don’t, you will find them again and again in your path and you will not be able to grow. Therefore, you must learn to examine them until you understand what they want to say to you.

Soul Number 11/2is the channel of inspiration. The 11 is a double number, which is a feeling vibration of a cosmic level. You are extremely receptive, intuitive and sensitive and you might want to ‘turn that off’ for a while. When your soul number becomes unbalanced, you can become subject to nervous tension and find it difficult to relax. 11 is a musical vibration, so you are probably musical and you can try to find relaxation in it.

Because you absorb the feelings and emotions of others like a sponge, you sometimes cannot distinguish them from your own. So you will have to learn to guard against it, not by donning armor, but by looking within, examining what is yours and being honest with yourself. With this soul number, it is quite normal that you have to search longer for the right balance in your life than most people.

You will slip more often, display deceitful and dominant behavior and unconsciously provoke. You have many talents, but driven by an almost fanatical idealism you set the bar way too high, not only for others but also for yourself. Then it becomes easier to daydream about the great “things-you-will-do-someday” than to actually realize them.

As you become more honest with yourself and more balanced you will be able to touch people in such a way that they move into a different spectrum of consciousness. You will experience both the vibration of the soul number 1 and 2 in your life and want to make the world more beautiful. You can wake up people and inspire them to reach greater heights.

Soul Number 13/4 is the vibration of inspired creative work. You are here on Earth to continue the work of previous incarnations. Your soul will always prompt you to do practical work and you will do so in your own unique way. Your solution to problems comes from soul numbers 3 and 4 – a combination of inspiration, creativity and practicality. You get the most satisfaction from working with and for other people.

When your soul number gets out of balance, you have little patience – especially with yourself. Then the shadow sides of the 4 (too dogmatic, fanatical and wanting too much) can play too great a role. What you need to learn in this life is relax, let go. Only then can inspiration flow again and you can use your creativity for your own happiness and that of the world around you.

Soul Number 14/5 is the vibration of constructive freedom. In other lives you feared freedom or abused freedom; in this life you must learn to harmonize with the vibration of 4 and 5 in order to gain the true understanding of what freedom really means.

The 4 will force you with every experience you have to stop, think things through until you realize the lesson you have learned. Then you can let go and move on. And you will have to do that again in many subsequent situations, otherwise you will continue to stumble across the same situations on your life path.

You have to try to find the balance between holding on and letting go. Always remember that life never takes anything from you without giving you something in return. When your soul number gets out of balance you will get frustrated despite your freedom, feeling trapped or blocked. Yet you should not run away from what you have to do: take responsibility for your freedom.

This danger lurks especially in relationships. If you choose to enter into a relationship, put your energy into it and don’t run away from the first setback. You are here to reassess your inner attitude, to question yourself and to adjust again and again. Then you will gradually find the balance between holding on and letting go and eventually become a real rock in the surf. You are here to reassess your inner attitude, to question yourself and to adjust again and again.

Then you will gradually find the balance between holding on and letting go and eventually become a real rock in the surf. You are here to reassess your inner attitude, to question yourself and to adjust again and again. Then you will gradually find the balance between holding on and letting go and eventually become a real rock in the surf.

Soul number 16/7is the vibration of wisdom in love. Through all your experiences of love, both in past lives and in this life, you must learn the true meaning of love. And that road is not always a bed of roses. Negative experiences in this area can make you shy, make you feel like you shouldn’t trust others too quickly.

You feel easily rejected and think that you are guilty of it. That makes you suspicious and cautious. If you are hurt, you withdraw. You act defensively or retaliate by hitting back. But what you will have to learn from all that rejection and disappointment is that true love is honest and of a sacred nature.

That it is about giving and taking and about forgiving, that only a faithful heart deserves another faithful heart. You will learn that by first taking a little distance and letting go. That may seem like a contradiction, but only if you can let go do you give your loved one the freedom to be themselves and to grow into who he or she really is.

If you can do that, your soul will develop further in wisdom and confidence. The 7 is the energy of connection and awareness. 7 indicates an intuitive mind, perfectionism, the ability to observe and discover the hidden meaning of things. The 7 is the ‘thinker’, who already knows is reasoned for something. It is important that you ask yourself what this life is all about when it comes to love.

Is it about deep fulfillment and how do you walk the path of truth and honesty? Try to leave painful experiences behind in the knowledge that there will always be new opportunities to do things differently, to do better. If you go in search of the vibration of the 7 deep within yourself, you will eventually make contact with the universal love that will bring peace to your further life path.

Soul number 19/1has the vibration of being devoted to humanity. You are someone who likes to help others, but at the same time you have to learn to take good care of yourself. Through what you experience in life, you will understand more and more how to give selflessly while maintaining respect for your own needs. When your soul number gets out of balance, the danger lurks that your attitude will turn you into a mess.

This soul number will bring many difficult challenges in your path; it is the vibration of being tested, of endurance, of balancing life and death, gain and total loss. In full dedication you are of service and aware of the needs of others. But in order to truly and selflessly help others, you must first learn to be strong yourself and always be honest with yourself no matter what.

Because if you give too much of yourself, you will become unbalanced and eventually you will get the feeling that no one ever gives you anything. Therefore, during your life you will have to learn to let go and to go your life path in the faith that your life is part of the universal life. Then you will be strong, courageous and pure to do what you are here for: to give real love.

Soul Number 22is the vibration of intuition in action. This energy intensifies the qualities of 4 in combination with the higher possibilities of the double number 22, which gives you the ability to see everything because your intuition is linked to cosmic guidance.

It is your job to bring this leadership down and give it a place in daily life. The number 22 gives you many possibilities on the one hand. You are equipped for large projects, special work that requires vision. But on the other hand, it often brings a lot of inner tension and a lot of effort to make your dreams come true.

When your soul number gets out of balance, you can be rigid and stubborn and find your work meaningless. You pull back and build a wall to hide your oversensitivity. And you lose sight of the greater healed, your higher purpose.

Remind yourself that you have the sensitivity of the special 2, and the talents to mediate and bring together. And you can combine that with the practical work ethic of the 4. Give your intuition the lead as you act and you will see that your dreams can come true.

How do you get people to the soul?


Yvonne Chang gives different exercises to her clients. She says, “There is always the dominance of thought. Thought overshadows the soul, to put it simply. What helps is realizing that you are more than just your thoughts. Thinking always rolls on.

As an example: I always think: will I make it? That’s what excites me. Like a kind of chain, always the same: do I get it, do I get it? I have to break that chain, I have to find out why I do that, why I think that. So learn to observe your thoughts and to think: I am not my thought. And only when that succeeds does a crack arise in the mind and you catch a glimpse of the soul.”

feel your body

Another important exercise, tip from Yvonne. ‘We are so charged with energy, with thoughts. We forget that our body is the packaging of our soul. So we do well to get in touch with our body and not just focus on thinking. Feel your body. Do something you are not used to doing. Opt for an event, a sport, if only for once, to get yourself out of your routine, out of your normal life. For example, go dancing or take drum lessons. Do something you wouldn’t actually choose to do.

Or do something calming if you like to run – or vice versa. Sexuality also puts you in touch with your body. Sometimes I give as an exercise that couples are only allowed to caress each other in bed. Use your senses—just to feel the whole body again—instead of the usual sex routine. Become aware of your body and remember that your body forms a unity with your soul. They belong together.”

Observe your emotions

“People are afraid of emotions. Emotions can cause blockages and blockages in turn ‘hide’ the soul. So show your emotions, look at them. Research shows that you can cry for a maximum of 7-15 minutes. We forget that nature has arranged it well, everything is a natural movement and begins and ends.

That goes on like this. cry too. You don’t really have to worry about it, because it will stop on its own. A nice exercise can be: grab each other’s hands and look at each other. That may be very confronting, but give it a try. Hold on, don’t look away. Observe your emotions.”

listen to nature

“To get you out of your comfort zone and to give the soul a chance to show itself, it’s important to get into a different state of mind. That works very well in nature. Go outside, relax in nature. And if it is too cold or raining for that, buy such a crazy CD with nature sounds. From whales, or jungle sounds, it doesn’t matter, do something you’ve never done before or listen to sounds you’ve never heard before. And write down what you feel, write down what comes to mind. CDs with intuitive sounds can really help you with that.”

ask your angel

“Practice with your inner knowing, that ties in with your soul motivation. If you are unsure about a particular decision, imagine having an angel sitting on your shoulder: this is how you can get in touch with the subtle vibration of your soul motivation. We all have a guidance system, learn to activate it. Ask this imaginary soul motivation angel a question and listen to the answer. Often there is a short, but powerful inner answer. Practice with that.”

Practice being here and now

“This exercise is a free translation of a meditation I learned from the wise monk and master Thich Nhat Hanh. It’s intended for everyday life. Do it when you have to wait somewhere, in line, at the counter.

Breathe in and think: I can relax

Breathe out and smile
Breathe in and think: now
Breathe out and think: what is special now?

And then it can be anything – a flower, the sun, a certain situation – but it’s about the practice of being in the here and now.”



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