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Soul relationships: how do you take care of the energy

Every soul relationship has moments of deep connection and distance. You awaken the greatest love in each other and at the same time you encounter your greatest fears in yourself. That can mean that one moment you deeply yearn for each other’s physical presence and the next moment you cannot tolerate that same presence. It’s a lot and intense. You often see that in these kinds of relationships, a period of intense connection alternates with a period of distance, in which you take the time to get back on your own feet. You often also need time to process what comes up. And sometimes you just don’t know if you’re quite ready to face, acknowledge and release what comes up.

With or without relationship

You are never responsible for each other. That’s not possible at all. Even in the most intimate and connected relationship, you can only take full responsibility for yourself. You determine what and how you send yourself out to the other, and what you allow and receive from the other.

However, you did enter into a relationship (whether that’s a romantic relationship, or a friendship, or whatever you want to call it). That makes you jointly responsible for the energy of this connection.

Not necessarily for maintaining the relationship. The survival of a relationship can never be the goal of this relationship. Relationships are never an end in themselves. They are an eventual result of the connection you feel when you and the other get close to your true nature.

Unconditional love in a relationship means that you love yourself and the other. That you don’t put any conditions on your love. You don’t give love, you don’t receive love. Love is just there.

Being in a relationship is also not a precondition for love. But a joint relationship, where you see, honor and respect each other can be a condition for playing an actual role in each other’s lives. It can be a condition of friendship. Regardless of the love that flows between you, you are not automatically each other’s friends or lovers.

Unconditional love

I love unconditionally. I am unconditional love. But in order to allow someone deep and great into my life, I want us to feel responsible for that connection together. We create a joint energy field and are both responsible for what we broadcast and do in it. And sometimes I act out of pain and sometimes the other does too. It doesn’t matter, we are all human and develop every day.

I feel responsible for the origin, continued existence and possibly also for saying goodbye to the relationship. I want to see, honor and respect the other in every moment. I want to feel seen, honored and respected by the other person at all times. Even when it is time to let go and each walk a different path. The love for myself and the other is great enough to allow that end as well.

Own responsibility

You are responsible for what you broadcast. Do you lift the other up with what you bring into the common field? Do you honor the other when you withdraw your energy from the common field? Even when you hurt the other with your presence or absence, you can lift the other up. Are you careful and loving in that? Both for yourself and to each other? It is best when you break down a common field that you build together, if possible, together.

However much you are responsible for what you radiate, you are never responsible for the way someone receives your individuality, your love. That’s not up to you. You can unintentionally hit the other person’s inner bruises really hard. You may be causing the acute pain by what you do or say, but you didn’t cause that bruise. It had been there for a long time. Your touch gives the other the opportunity to take good care of the place so that he can heal. But it is the choice of the other person whether he or she wants to accept it.

Inner bubbles

In soul relationships, in addition to all the love, you often feel every effervescence. You are touched where you didn’t even know there were sensitive spots. And that can hurt. That can confront you with parts of yourself that don’t feel right. You are being asked to turn inward, gently nurture your bruises, and allow them to heal peacefully. And that is not always possible together. Sometimes it’s wise to say goodbye. For a little while, for a long time, or forever.

You are forever bound in love. That’s beautiful. But that doesn’t mean you are forever connected as friends or lovers. Sometimes your love can blossom and flow most beautifully in physical absence. Make sure you cherish yourself and the other in that love. The love of and for another is the most precious thing there is. You can handle that with care. You can also expect that it will be handled with care. In the origin, existence and closure of the relationship.


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