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Soulmates, twinsouls & twinflames

TWINSOULS – by Irma Schiffers

If you type these terms into the google search bar and you surf the internet you can no longer see the wood for the trees, but instead you end up in a jungle of articles, which often present it to you as established facts. And, as we know, entering a jungle is not without danger!

All those websites are a wonderful source of information, if you are very aware of yourself and if you study the many facts very selectively. But if you look for the truth out of great confusion because you can no longer find it in yourself, you run the risk of getting lost even more. Then it is to be hoped that a ‘monkey’ will suddenly emerge in the middle of that jungle!

My previous article ( HSP and society ) started with the words: ‘I don’t like to put people in boxes’ and I don’t like to put couples, ie two people, in a box! Because what are soulmates, when are you dealing with a twinsoul and what exactly is a twinflame ?

One knows even better than the other and that while you come across more and more contradictions as you search. And when you went looking you were already confused! Who cares what it’s called? It’s spicy enough when it happens to you and can hardly be put into words. No, I don’t like ‘boxes’.

The ‘soulmate’ era has already started a long time ago and it is all getting much more intense, because what really matters is that with the changes of our planet and our own ascension we start living more from our heart and thus on a to love ‘higher level’. And ‘soul mates’ fit perfectly into that picture.

It is the ‘recognition’ of the other soul through everything. That meeting definitely takes you to a higher level, namely ‘real love’ from the heart, beyond the mind… It transcends ‘normal’ being in love, because that passes after a relatively short and intense period. This lasts and will never go away. I prefer to use the term ‘soul mates’, because it covers all the relationships that will be formed.

For years, most of the questions I get have been about this phenomenon. And if this subject is discussed elsewhere, everyone has or had experience with it in one way or another. And the beauty of it is that everyone also talks about the same ‘penetrating’ feelings that go with it.

Terms like ‘I was blown away’, ‘I’ve never felt anything like this for anyone before’, ‘My whole life has been disrupted’ and ‘I can no longer function normally’ are the rule, even without exception! And the ‘suffering’ that comes with it before you ‘should’ come together should not be underestimated! But then my biggest problem also comes into play, because the question is always ‘will we get together and if so, when?’ And then I always immediately take a step back.

Because too often I get to hear that she is ‘promised’ sometimes with additional times. And if some also tell you that despite that promise the other has become terminally ill, has just got married because his new love is expecting a child or even died suddenly, I feel just as anxious with my high sensitivity as the one who advises me. asks!

Meeting soul mates is always aimed at an inner growth process

So no way! I am going to explain that ‘meeting’ soul mates is always aimed at an inner growth process. In and with yourself. And that you can only work on that yourself.

That it is also expected of you: become stronger, stand in your power, learn to care about yourself with all the trimmings. Don’t judge yourself for anything anymore, because you are just ‘human’, a student with an individual curriculum. On the way to your own inner happiness.

And no more fears or vulnerabilities that you hope the other person will solve for you, ergo: fill in! Because that’s  not  so more intentional. And since we as ‘humans’ have the freedom of choice to shape our own lives and to create all our life lessons ourselves so that we will eventually succeed, you cannot be sure that both parties will do the same.

And certainly not if the other, I’ll say it flat now, ‘just died’. What am I to say in ‘purity’ when the person has been assured countless times by others that they would have a beautiful wedding, followed by a family expansion with three children? Then all I can do is pull out all the coaching and therapeutic skills I’ve ever learned to stop someone from jumping off the balcony. Because that too is understandably part of the experience of someone in pure (soul) love trouble!

The term twin souls is used all too quickly and if it is ‘written’ over and over and it is said that twin souls ‘must’ come together in this life and you adjust your whole life to that, every day again, you cannot grow in yourself .

Your hopes and expectations are so focused on life with the other person that you forget what you carry in your backpack and what you still have to get rid of. In addition, for that reason I often ‘hear’ the conditionality resounding in the requests for help. “But I’ve already done this, and let it all go, worked on it, and where is it now?”

Then I say ‘If the other ‘half’ of you is to be a ‘reward’ for the hard work, you have not done it for yourself; so not out of love and respect for yourself! And that is exactly what the phenomenon of ‘soul mates’ was created for’. Being touched so deeply that you climb a few steps on the ladder that leads you back to your own ‘pure’ soul, to unconditional self-love.

And that road always goes through the deepest valleys first! The freedom to choose whether, how and when you will do this is up to us. And if you really love that other person – because you understand this process on a ‘soul level’ – you allow that other person his or her life lessons and pitfalls. Unconditionally!

Osho-never-love-halfAnd I assure you, once you’ve reached the top of that ladder, you don’t ‘need’ the other anymore. When you look in the mirror, you see a beautiful, authentic and pure soul that feels reconnected to ‘everything’ that is . Visible and invisible. Feminine and masculine in one: Yin and Yang. Insanely beautiful! You have become a powerful unit through trial and error! A very human being.

What does the person you love so intensely and feel so strongly does is then in complete freedom to the other? The outcome is up to you both. Feel for yourself, because you can! And then you know…

If then that other person decides to climb the ladder at his own pace and under his own strength and you look at the top of each from your own side in that mirror, you will see that it dissolves itself into an illusion and that you in the eyes of the other see your own reflection…


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