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Soulmates, your gifts and your life lessons

From the moment you come into this world, you meet people. As soon as you come together with your soul mates, life lessons arise. There are many different kinds of soul mates and karma bearers. In every life you meet those who help you best in your learning and growth process. ‘The best way’ can be very spicy at times!

Soul mates and karma bearers can be your father, mother, brother or sister. Your child, your partner, your best friend or the neighbor who lives next door to you for years. Someone you eventually (temporarily) disagree with is also a soul mate.

Gifts from soul mates

How do your soul mates help you in your life? See for yourself, make a list of all the gifts! I’ll explain to you how to do that. This allows you to live more from gratitude. In any case, start with everything you go through in your life, see it as a life lesson! That helps you stay out of the victim role. Because as soon as you are in the victim role for too long, it costs you a lot of energy in the end. And you don’t want that! You want to stand in your own power and live a life in the flow… A positive flow!

Also remember that we are all on our own unique journey in our lives. Each in its own process. It is difficult to discover and understand what another has to go through and what challenges they have to face on their own life journey. During that journey you meet each other and you give each other the lessons of life. So watch your own journey!

You want to be who you are and you also want others to let you be who you are. You want to be fully accepted. So someone else wants exactly the same! Often you ‘fight’ for the same thing, seen from your own point of view, making it appear different. Because your perspective is the only way you can see the world. Your perspective originated from your experiences. The same goes for your soul mates too! That’s why you always look different from others. Because everyone can only see and feel from within themselves.

The exercise

Grab a pen and paper.
Make sure you can’t be disturbed.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out.
Are you relaxed? Keep breathing deeply in and out and think about the people who are in your life right now. In any way whatsoever. It could be anyone you see or interact with regularly. Or someone you no longer see, but still think about often. Who do you think has a positive and who has a negative effect on your life?

Now write down the name of the first person you think of. Picture this person in your mind. Tune in to this person in a neutral way, while remaining in your own energy.

What do you feel when you think about this person?
In what situation did you get to know this person?
Does an incident with this person make you feel happy or sad?
Frustrated or forceful?

soul mate

The life lessons of soul mates

It is sometimes very hard to find, especially with a gift in ugly packaging , but everyone has a gift for you. Make clear to yourself what this gift is. As soon as you feel sad or frustrated when you think about someone, find out what your own expectations were for this person or situation.

Were these expectations realistic? What do you have to learn from it then? Be honest with yourself! Only then will the life lesson reveal itself to you. As long as you stay stuck in the part that it is ‘the other person’s fault’ what went wrong, you will not get there.

Then look for recognition. With whom in your life have you experienced similar emotion? Similar expectations? How old were you then? How did your life go on then? Once you are aware of that, you start thinking back even further; Has there been anyone before that you had similar expectations that couldn’t be fulfilled for whatever reason?

You will find that life repeats itself. Your life lessons keep coming until you’ve learned ‘the lesson’. Since we have several lessons to learn in our lives, the issues often overlap .

Thank your soul mates

You can apply this practice to any soul mate or anyone you think of with whom you have undergone a life lesson. Also nice things of course! In it you see that growth also arises from beautiful things, love and abundance. It’s not all misery! Good thing, too!

After you have described everyone’s people and gifts, send unconditional love to him or her. Thank your soul mates for their help, either in thought/visualization or in real life.

What you are doing through this exercise is making yourself aware. Personal growth and spiritual development starts with awareness! Always see everything as lessons, don’t see the issues in your life as personally directed against you, but discover the gift.

It will give you a lot of strength and positivity in life.


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