Special transformation this summer: letting go of what no longer suits you

Special transformation this summer: letting go of what no longer suits you
In the summer we sometimes have a little more time to think about our lives. This summer will be dominated by a special transformation that will continue in the coming years. Transformation doesn’t mean you have to change. You are already good just the way you are. Nor does it mean that you have to do completely new things. It is mainly about stopping permanently with the things that no longer suit you. Below you can read what you should stop doing.

Stop with the idea of ​​power

The old world is about power. That no longer works. It is often almost laughable now that we are solving our fears. You only have power over yourself. No one else has power over you. Decide from your desire instead of ‘must’. The new world is about the power of softness and the power of vulnerability. Communicate based on needs instead of trying to force something on others.

Stop the idea of ​​control

Don’t live based on goals and planning, but based on trust that your gut feeling indicates perfect timing. It’s like a stream of water. You cannot control a water flow. You can only intend to keep it flowing. We think we can control something, but in reality it flows like water through our fingers and splashes in all directions as we try to control it. It requires letting go, patience and trust in our intention that we can uphold ourselves.

Stop procrastinating

Special transformation this summer: letting go of what no longer suits you

We tend to look for the solution outside of ourselves and wait for the missing puzzle piece. But it’s not about completing the puzzle first or having your mission clear first. Life grows with you and, especially in this day and age, takes place on a completely different level.

It doesn’t take a big complicated change in your life, just a different way of thinking and feelingStop looking outside yourself and go inside and feel it in and from yourself. What do you want to take a step in? Do not look for more knowledge from outside yourself, but practice trusting the wisdom within yourself. Do not wait to see whether ‘something is intended’, but stand for your intentions.

Stop helping

There is no need to sacrifice yourself for others, including your family. The other will be helped the most if you first set a good example and give everyone the opportunity to learn from it. In this time it is no longer about being there for others, but that you are there for yourself first so that you can really connect with the other person is a powerful, independent and loving way.

Consciously stopping can only succeed if you first connect with yourself, with the desire in your soul. Connect with your core, with your deeper feeling. From there you can let go by ‘letting go’. You may become powerful and land in your own place on earth by doing things in your own loving way. Think about what you will stop doing this summer so that you can continue inspired!


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