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Spiritual Affirmations for cleansing the aura

Cleaning and healing the aura

Healing and cleansing your energy field fills your life with peace, joy, prosperity and light. You can cleanse and magnify your aura with two basic energies: light and sound. The following affirmations change your energy field. The sound of saying these affirmations out loud has a positive influence on your energy field.

‘Let there be light’ prayer

Let there be light. Loving, empowering,
White, gold, violet, pink, green, and blue,
Healing, empowering, Christianized light
Of Jesus Christ, Babaji, the Holy Spirit, and God, in and through this Christianized, healing, empowering
session and situation for cleansing and heal my aura,
for my highest good, and that of all others around me.
(Repeat at least three times)
Thank you God and SO IT IS.

Affirmation of the white fire

I am now lovingly lifted up, healed and cleansed.
In the white fire of the Holy Spirit
And the consciousness of Christ,
And the violet cleansing flame of Saint Germain,
Under God’s grace, in God’s own way and perfect ways.
Thank you God and SO IT IS.

Prayer for Golden Healing

I AM now lovingly filled with, lifted up and surrounded by
the golden healing substance of God’s consciousness.
I AM now filled with God’s love,
God’s light and God’s truth.
God now fills my aura and body of light
with this golden healing substance,
which closes the doors of both
my physical and subtle bodies
to the lower astral levels of the mind
and aligns me instead with Divine consciousness.
This golden healing substance now heals me and lifts me up.
She awakens the sense of Divine consciousness within me
and all of creation, now.
This healing has made me more attuned
to the God in me and in all creation.
I am lovingly awakening to a greater awareness
of the God within me right now.
Thank you God and SO IT IS.

auric first aid

Your aura can be compromised in many ways . Psychic vampires can suck energy from your auric field. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or other addictive substances can damage your aura.

Unhealthy food, shallow breathing, negative thoughts or stress can reduce your energy field. Playing with the occult without protection and security can be an invitation to lower energies drilling holes in your field. Here are some powerful affirmations for restoring damaged, injured energy fields.

Close gaps

I ask Jesus Christ
Lord Sananda and the divine mother
to close all doors, openings, holes, portals and entrances
present in my multidimensional energy system,
to all limited planes, planets,
domains, dimensions, spheres, realms
and places anywhere in creation.
(You can expand here and plug holes for all kinds of situations, people, events, etc that ‘hold you back’)
These holes, doors, openings, portals and entrances
are now closed and sealed
in the name of and by the power of Jesus Christ,
in the name of and by the power of Lord Sananda,
in the name of and by the power of the Divine Mother.
All energetic forms or attracted mechanisms
are now dismantled, dissolved and released.
And I open fully into the wholeness of Divine love,
joining in the wholeness of Divine truth.
By allowing the wholeness of divine grace.
I am one with the truth…
Thank you God and SO IT IS.

Recalling parts in the wholeness of the self

Make the following statements with a strong intention and know that they are true.
I call back to my self all parts of myself that were once separated, isolated, detached, lost and given away.
(You can expand here and recall all parts of all possible situations, people, events, etc that ‘hold you back’.)
I now withdraw all those parts of my self into wholeness of my self.
Repeat at least three times or, if necessary, several times until you feel strong and centered in yourself. Breathe into the heart center as if the currents of breath are pulling these parts back into the wholeness of your self, centered in the heart.
Thank you God and SO IT IS.

Building a Christianized Armor

I now allow my heart to open to God’s love.
I now allow the radiant light of God to penetrate into my being.
I let my energy field be filled by God’s grace with such splendor,
such light, such wholeness.
I AM filled with the light of God.
I AM now released from psychic bonds.
All the psychic ropes that have held me back
are now being lovingly untied and released.
All the psychic nets in which my energy field has been trapped
are now gone and elevated.
They have been released into the nothingness
from which they actually come.
I now see myself boarding a ship.
The sails flap in the wind,
and I AM sailing far away from the psychic astral realm,
to the bright sunlight of God’s love.
I AM now surrounded by a Christianized orb
of beautiful, iridescent, twinkling, radiant light.
That christianized sphere is a divine sphere in many colors
with white and brilliant purple,
pink, blue, green and silver light, which fills, surrounds, penetrates and spreads into
my energy field . This beautiful impenetrable sphere of light now protects me and shields me, heals me. I know that all the apparent holes and gaps that have destroyed my energy field, as a result of my connection with

persons, places, organizations,
situations, circumstances or addictions
that have negatively affected me are
now sealed with the christianized energy of the white fire
and the beautiful golden light of unconditional love.
Thank you God and SO IT IS.


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