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Spiritual cause of people with ADHD (Sonia Bos)

The person with the ADHD syndrome has also activated many primal traumas through his incarnation, especially anger and separation anxiety play a major role. His incarnation was experienced as a rejection from Source. Hence the anger and self-rejection that has arisen.

Because of his behavior he often evokes resistance from people in his environment, because of this he gets the feeling that he is not understood. He tries his best and yet he is rejected. This rejection makes him reject himself. Because of the chaos in his head and the restlessness in his body, he cannot reach his inner anchor, he is caught in the movement of matter. He reacts violently to everything that stimulates his senses.

Hyperactive, impulsive and unable to concentrate, that is the label that people with ADHD are given. There is a damage in the structure of his spiritual fabric, which makes him rudderless. This creates a field of tension, because the higher layers in his aura are not well connected with each other; he has cast the higher layers out of himself.

He experiences this as if he had been cast from the Source. He doesn’t want to be reminded of this trauma anymore. As a result, there is no good flow through his crown chakra, resulting in disruption in the brain and nervous tissue.

Detecting the primal trauma and making him aware of it, restoring the disturbance of the physiology of the brain, bringing structure and order to his life are some of the possibilities to help people with ADHD. A holistic healing through which he no longer rejects himself and his spiritual self.

The person with ADHD hides from the cosmic impulse and becomes rudderless. He keeps the peace, the unity, the anchor outside of himself and he is gripped by the matter. Man has involved more and more deeply into matter, more and more condensed. In 1989 this was turned around and it has become the task of man to evolve and bring the Spirit into matter.

The person with ADHD has a hard time with this, because his Mind falters. This is precisely why the symptom becomes so visible, because he too has to put his spiritual being in order and go back to the Source from which he felt rejected.

Every human being is Divine and human at the same time; let’s step into that power and recreate that light creation. Let’s lend a helping hand to people with dyslexia and ADHD and build a bridge,


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