Spiritual clearing: Real clearing is a form of alchemy that deeply affects your mind

Spiritual clearing: Real clearing is a form of alchemy that deeply affects your mind
Swinging things around the house have an effect on the energy in your house and a major influence on your mental health. The real clearing is a way to create space in your head. Read in this article practical steps to really clean up your house.

The ultimate goal of this process is not a more organized and tidy home, but the feeling that you have enough space to breathe, that you feel more alive, more present and aware of yourself in every area of ​​your life. opportunities.

The real clearing is a form of alchemy that can transform every aspect of your life. To work with that alchemy, you need to understand how you are affected by the vibrational frequency and energy of the objects in your home, and you need to understand why cleaning up is a spiritual pursuit.

You are what you surround yourself with

What you often don’t realize is that the energy in your home and the objects you surround yourself with have a profound effect on the energy you radiate into the world. Your “stuff” has a remarkably negative (or positive) influence on your life and how you feel. If you surround yourself with objects filled with love and joy, the resulting energy in your home will improve your mood. And that positive vibration stays with you even when you leave your home.

It’s important to note here that just cleaning up the things you hate or don’t use anymore isn’t enough. You also need to find out what those superfluous items mean to you personally. For example, if all that stuff is a reflection of your fear of not having enough or of falling short, then you’re not solving that underlying fear by getting rid of the unnecessary stuff.

Spiritual clearing: Real clearing is a form of alchemy that deeply affects your mind

Facing inner blockages

It is only when you understand what your inner blocks are that you can tackle the basics, step out of your fear, recognize that you have enough, and come to realize that you are good enough. Once you trust and believe that all is well, you can begin to break down the energetic wall between you and your potential.

The ultimate goal of this process is not a more organized and tidy home, but the feeling that you have plenty of room to breathe, that you can move freely throughout the day, and that you feel like you’re in every area of ​​life. your life is more alive, more present and more aware of your possibilities. Clearing the clutter in your home is so much more than putting things away and organizing them better. It can help you to heal yourself and to be more powerful in life in all kinds of ways.

Spiritually speaking, getting rid of physical things equals letting go of blocks and obstacles in your life. Clutter (physical or emotional) always represents more than the physical objects or things and their function. Clutter refers to what is going on beneath the surface.

The spiritual meaning of your stuff

Then why do we have all that stuff around us? The cause is often fear. For example, we are afraid of not having certain things in the future, of having to do without. By thinking this way, you create your own needs and stop relying on the universe to get you what you need. This belief is self-perpetuating because fear of the future is usually the cause of a distressing or threatening future.

If you believe that all your needs will be met, they usually will. What you expect from life usually becomes reality. A person who expects to have a bad day is usually not disappointed. But someone who expects a fantastic day is often rewarded. If you’re holding on to all the junk you’ve accumulated around you for fear of falling short in the future, get rid of it! Trust that you will be right where you need to be. Whatever your reasons for holding on to old things, you’re hiding the flow of energy in your home, body, and life.

Spiritual clearing: Real clearing is a form of alchemy that deeply affects your mind

This is how you really clean up

Now you are ready to really clean up! To do this, use five boxes, which have the following intentions:

• Disposable box. This box is for things that no longer have a function for you and cannot be used by anyone else.
• Still-usable box. Use this box for things that can still fulfill a function and be used by someone else.
• Maybe-later box. In this, you do the things that you are not sure about, or that you cannot let go of yet. They are things you no longer use, but to which you are still attached. (Often, fear or guilt is a reason to hold on to things you no longer care about.) Put these items away separately after the cleanup session.

Seal the box and put a date on it. For that, take today as a reminder, or pick a day in the future when you’ll give away the contents of the box if you haven’t used any of it in all that time.
• Storage box. This box is for things you want to keep. It will be stored in an appropriate manner during the second phase of the clean-up session.

Depending on your personality, you can add the following boxes to this to further divide your belongings:

• Giveaway box. This box is for things that you donate to a good cause or that you put at the door (if allowed) with a note ‘for who can use it.
• Gift box. You use this box for things you want to gift to others. However, make sure that you don’t bother others with stuff to get a good feeling about it yourself. Only use this box for items that the recipient is really happy with.
• New Destination box. This is a box for things that have a certain value that you can sell online, give on consignment, take apart or repurpose.


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