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Spiritual enlightenment, how does that feel?

“Spiritual enlightenment, how does that feel?”

“Um well, nice, quiet and airy I think?!”

Ordinary human language

To be able to finally let go of the idea that I should take myself seriously after half a life at the age of thirty-five is, I think, the greatest liberation. I also suddenly seem to have all the time. The haste is gone, for where the hell am I supposed to run to in infinity? Life also feels a lot less heavy.

I wish myself and everyone I meet all our happiness. But what really gives me peace of mind is that I also allow myself and everyone I meet all our pain. In other words, I grant each piece of consciousness all its experiences. After all, you can only experience so much in one lifetime, right? And every experience is another one.

‘Self Realization and Enlightenment’
‘The Death of the Ego’
‘A State of Complete Detachment’
‘God Consciousness / Unity Consciousness’

Well, that all sounds pretty bombastic. You would almost think that a person in this state must consider themselves very special.

These descriptions may be correct at their core, the problem is that they trigger that part in us that will never be able to experience that state. Namely the living illusion that something or someone is important, or our ego.

I would like to take you along in a visual description so as not to get lost in too abstract language.

A metaphor

Our galaxy is unimaginably large. Despite its almost infinite expansion, it only exists as a speck in the cosmos. So it is with the nature of the earth. However grand and diverse it may be, it only exists as a speck in the Milky Way.

A drop of water is apparently small to a person. Yet it consists of an ocean of molecules or, a layer deeper, atoms.

All these beautiful forms of ‘being’ happen all the time and allow themselves to happen. The Milky Way moves on its own scale, at its own pace, just like the Earth and its oceans. Nature does not blow trumpets when her buds open in spring, nor does she sing a lament when she dies again in feel

The illusion of separation

It is here that we seem essentially different from the rest of the universe. We do not experience ourselves as part of that beautiful infinite dance of things. Our personality thinks it can stand on its own, to achieve something and even stranger, to prevent things.

You could describe our ego as a drop in the ocean that wants to swim against the Gulf Stream. If the drop manages to stay in place for a moment, she wants to receive the congratulations from other drops.

When it doesn’t work out and she is thrown onto the rocks of the coast, she laments the injustice that has been done to her. There is one thing that the drop absolutely does not want to touch. The thought that a single drop has never done anything but where the ocean was pushing her. How do I assign blame then? In what way am I doing better or worse? What is my identity then?

Spiritual enlightenment enlightenment is not something you can achieve. The enlightenment, however, is able to gain you if you allow it. There is one magic word that is used so much that it has almost lost its meaning, namely: ‘ let go ‘.

flow along

You probably know these funny flowcharts about how you should never have to worry. A normal ego reads such a diagram, feels the truth in it and at the same time thinks with a laugh: “Tsss, as if that could really be done…”

A piece of enlightened consciousness reads such a chart, feels the truth, and thinks, “Yeah, sure, as if I could ever feel differently.”

This is what Spiritual enlightenment is, quiet, small and simple. A drop that merrily ripples along with the Gulf Stream in anticipation of what’s to come. It recognizes that form is void and finite. It realizes that nothing can be achieved that will not also wash away. It realizes that wanting to temporarily prevent things that must happen anyway are aimless battles within yourself.

This article is intended to give you an idea in which direction you want to look for Spiritual enlightenment. It is the opposite of weighting. It’s anything but serious and important. To make an internal movement in this direction not only an ‘understanding’ is needed, but also a form of ‘doing’. I describe these first steps here.

To feel is to know

“But how do you know when you have attained Spiritual enlightenment?”

It’s actually quite simple, that’s not how it works. Enlightening yourself is a learning process of endless self-discovery in which you get to know a greater part of yourself. So it’s not really achieving anything at all. Initially, your world is getting smaller and smaller. Until you have made yourself so small and unimportant that you discover that ‘the whole ocean of being’ has been carrying you all along.

You feel more and more that what you are doing now is just as important as what you did before you were born and will do after you die. One you don’t even remember and the other you can’t imagine. So not very exciting.

Slowly but surely, the confidence that the ocean wants the best for you is regaining. You may still want the same things as before you awaken, but your interests may change in the process. You pick a direction and relax in the friendly embrace of the ocean. You feel confident that she probably knows a lot better where to put her droplets in order to do their best than a droplet knows. It is letting ‘Jung’s synchronicity’ do its work, without wanting to force it. If there is an infinite amount of something, it is time.

In other words, there is a sense of open receptivity. For anyone who takes two seconds to realize it, it is obvious that feeling and knowing are two words for the same thing.

There has never been a person in human history who, after stubbing his little toe, wondered if pain existed. When you have your loved one in your arms, you know there is a connection. No one needs to read a scientific study to validate this sense of connection for them.


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