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Spiritual equality. We are all equal!

From a certain perspective, in the spiritual world there are beginners, advanced, advanced and light masters. But… actually that’s not the case, of course. We are all students and masters at the same time, in other words: equal. When you go beyond that, from a positive or negative conviction, you can sometimes scratch yourself behind your ears. Both indicate that one is better, or has more value, than the other. And whether you’re on one side or the other, it’s not okay! You should, from the perspective of equality, be in the middle!

Why? Because when you see someone else as “greater” or higher than yourself, you automatically put yourself in a lower place. Then it’s high time to work on your self-esteem. When you see yourself as better, more, higher, more developed or whatever, it is high time to work on your self-esteem! Because your self-esteem is probably so low that you need it to place yourself ‘higher’. It may come across as a bit negative as I describe it now, but I don’t mean it that way at all. Read more……

division of roles

What I’m trying to explain is that we automatically maintain a certain division of roles. That division of roles is in our system. A division of roles is learned from our upbringing, that which makes our conviction: a hierarchy. Our upbringing is based on the idea that someone who has learned more in theory or in practice knows more, is “worth” more.

But is that really so? From a certain point of view, yes. You can ‘know more’ than someone else, have more experience, have learned for a long time, but that is usually about one particular subject, field or area of ​​life. Often you have the balls to understand something else.

To give an example from myself, I know quite a bit about spiritual psychology, Mind Power and skin care, because I once learned a lot in those directions, and am still learning. But I don’t understand, for example, why someone is sidelined in football, to name just one thing.

You may be specialized in a specific subject or field and ‘worth more’, but as a person you are equal to everyone else. And we always put that together somehow, when they’re two different things.spiritual equality

More value = More power?

The system has also taught us that someone important or known is worth more and usually has more power than someone else. But that’s a (limiting) belief. From that conviction you place someone on a pedestal. As long as you put someone on a pedestal, you yourself will maintain those relationships in this way.

Because the person you put so high probably finds that, when that person ‘needs’ it, very pleasant. He’s only too happy to keep it that way. No matter how much you learn, grow and go through. All unconsciously of course! From this unconscious way of doing things, the energy forms. What is created thereby is manifestation. Manifestation of a hierarchy.

The energy is tuned to that ratio and to that frequency. Bad things can happen because of that. We can all give examples of situations where someone was given ‘high status’ because of certain knowledge or a certain belief, but in the meantime did things that could not bear the light of day.

Fortunately, time is already starting to change, but not nearly enough. We no longer call our Prime Minister Excellency, but just call him by his first or last name, we can shamelessly make films (I really like it, but that aside) about the King and call him Wim-Lex instead of His Majesty the Koning , and our teachers at school have been called by their first name for years and no longer sir or madam…. just to name a few small examples.

Back to the hierarchy.

At work you always have to deal with a director, a chief and an executive. That too is a hierarchy.

For example, in a business meeting you have different responsibilities, tasks and money is involved. For example, one has invested and the other has not, but does receive a salary. Differences in responsibilities mean that relationships are different. That makes it a one-way street with different interests. That’s hierarchy. That’s how we were raised, that’s how we learned it, and it still happens a lot. And it’s ok of course!! Some organizations simply could not exist otherwise.

And also: you always have leaders and followers. It is precisely in this respect that it is high time that we began to realize that leaders without followers cannot be leaders and vice versa. When we become aware of that, we enter the energy of equality. That works both ways. In other words: stand in the middle!

The soul piece

Back to spirituality, what about that? A business appointment is different from a light worker appointment.

In a ‘lightworker appointment’ or spiritual growth appointment it is usually the case that you will discover or use your (spiritual) talents to make your own life and that of others a bit more beautiful. The drive comes from your soul. Start working from your heart, only doing what you want to do what you are really good at and getting satisfaction from something of your own talent, from which someone else then also grows. That’s sharing knowledge.


You become aware that you want it different. But how? When you have always made choices based on reason, logic and there is still a hierarchical slant in your conviction, you automatically place the person who teaches you something about spirituality, ie the person who awakens your unknown, unused talents, a step (or ten ) higher.

Your spiritual teacher awakens something in you that was already in you, but was still unrecognizable. And it makes you feel so good that you put ‘that teacher’ on a pedestal.

And that’s where it goes wrong, because it usually starts with taking courses. Those who follow courses often place themselves immediately lower than those who give the courses. why is that? Because the other knows more? Have more experience? Is that true? Maybe in that subject, but also in other aspects of life? Maybe you have more experience in that 🙂

With spiritual courses you have to deal with two things and we usually ‘forget’ that: a business piece and a spiritual piece. The business part is completed as soon as payment has been made. You pay for the time, the lessons and the experience that the teacher has acquired in the meantime. That’s fine. That’s just how it works in our western world. We all have to eat. Then the spiritual part begins: being a teacher and a student at the same time. So that’s where the equality begins!

Equality in spirituality is an important issue. As soon as we start to worship or put people on pedestals ‘because he knows more’, the ego (of the ‘guru’) is immediately addressed. And that is precisely what sustains the ‘self-proclaimed gurus’, because that self-proclaimed guru gets the confirmation from you. So you do it yourself!

You sometimes hear people say: well, that one has also fallen off its pedestal! But actually that’s not the case. That person has not fallen, you have finally stepped over ‘your belief that you are less than someone else’! And because that often comes with a shocking experience, because suddenly your eyes are opened, it seems that the other person falls.

Beautiful examples too!
Please note the above piece: I am writing this from the perspective of leader and follower, without equality. There are of course also countless examples of wonderful groups where lightworkers set up beautiful, loving, wonderful and special projects based on co-creation and equality, so that the light on the earth only grows.

‘Spiritual Dad’

I come across the craziest names in spiritual groups, such as: spiritual dad/father, people who proclaim to others to be the chosen one through love to save the world together with you, but you are (only) ‘co-creator, collaborator , founder etc.’ Personally, I am shocked by these kinds of terms, because this alone indicates a hierarchy. ‘I am the father, so you are the child’,

‘I am the chosen one and you are the assistant’, huh??? How do they make it up. Just when someone comes up with these kinds of terms, it is inevitable that he or she thinks and acts from a very old structure. That alone proves that he or she has no higher consciousness, but still has life lessons to learn. It doesn’t matter, I’m not saying this out of judgment!We all still have a lot to learn. As long as you don’t go with it!

In the hierarchy of this society, the father is higher than the child, in other words, “I know more than you, so I’m better.” In the hierarchy of the elect, the elect is higher than the assistant, ie, “I am the special one here and you must follow.”

Seen from the other side: ‘I am a child, so I know less.’ Or: ‘I’m an assistant, so I have to fulfill assignments.’ This way the energy is maintained until you wake up.

Everyone is chosen!gratitude

I don’t think anyone is the chosen one, or rather: everyone is the chosen one! I think everyone has a mission to accomplish: to develop your talent and use it for yourself and a better world, in whatever area. And in this we sometimes take the lead and other times we supplement or assist, but always in full, equal cooperation. A leader cannot be a leader without followers and vice versa.

You do need an ego! It is an important pillar to be able to function based on self-esteem, pride, recognition and growth. But when you need to artificially maintain your ego through the worship and acknowledgment of others, relationships quickly become skewed. You place yourself higher than the other and you are not.

No one is higher, better, more beautiful, anything than another. We are all equal. The only difference between us all is that through experiences we have a different frequency and through choices we have different responsibilities. Your frequency is the same with someone in certain areas of life and different in other areas of life.

Create yourself.

Create equality for yourself by not putting anyone on a pedestal anymore! Make yourself aware that we all walk this globe to learn something. Someone who is a teacher to you, or even feels like a guru to you because that person has awakened something in you, may have a lot of knowledge in a certain area of ​​life or craft, but is still a person with whims, peaks , dips and idiosyncrasies. Nothing more and nothing less!

Valuable person.

Keep your feet firmly in the ground and do not confuse ‘more knowledge’ with ‘more value as a person’ or even worse: ‘better person’. With that, someone can still be a valuable human being to you, but not “better than you.” Equality is something you create yourself and what we create together. The more equality there is, the less room there is for inequality.


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