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Spiritual growth: how do you connect with your own core

nothing is for nothing

We all learn from what we experience and go through in our lives. We increase our awareness with every experience. By following our hearts and our joys. By rediscovering the freedom in ourselves right through our pain. We learn from our success and we learn from failure every now and then.

That’s so valuable! Everything you have experienced so far has made you the beautiful person you are today. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that has not contributed to what you, by being yourself as pure as possible, radiate into the world. And everything you long for, purely from your heart, encourages you to express even more what you have to add to the big picture.

When you change

And once in a while it’s just as important to let go of everything you’ve collected around you and reconnect with yourself. Because as we learn to connect with our past and future, we also tend to get stuck in our thoughts about it.

When you experience more and more who you really are and live from what really suits you, the way you look at life changes. Then perhaps gradually what you allow yourself in your life changes. Whether that is in your relationships, in your work, or in any part of it.

You keep growing. But do the people and the circumstances you surround yourself with do the same? And if not, does that still suit you? Do you still want to physically connect with something or someone that draws you into an old energy? And if they do grow, do you grow in the same direction? Or are your ways slowly separating more and more? Did your meeting perhaps serve its purpose?

These are exciting questions. Because we often have great difficulty letting go of the old. We know what was there, we know what we long for. But is that still true to your current reality? In a relationship you can change in relation to each other. And when the relationship has felt good and has been of value, it is sometimes very painful to realize that now, right now, it is no longer so.

Adjusting for fear of losing

Often we are so afraid of the answers to these questions that we prefer not to ask them at all. Then we stick to what we know. Circumstances that we know have made us happy in the past and that we somehow think have the potential to do so in the future. We hold on to what we know and feel safe and calm in it.

And when our relationship doesn’t feel as good as it once did, we adjust our expectations. Or we adjust our desires. Or we adapt ourselves to what we think the other expects and wants from us. That’s very subtle. Step by step. While we are busy with our own growth processes and still get a lot out of it for ourselves, on the other hand we lose contact with parts of ourselves.

Reconnect with your core

Then it’s time to reconnect with yourself. To put everything and everyone aside. All connections loose for the moment. No thoughts, no dreams, no wishes. Just being in touch with yourself in the now. What do you find important in your life? What do you deeply give yourself? What nourishes you to be able to shine more and more beautiful and bigger? What do you need to thrive and be truly happy?

Connect with that freedom within yourself. With that unconditional love that you are made of. Allow without judgment and without thought about what that should look like in practice, what and who helps you with this. Give permission to everything and everyone to appear in your life to support you as big and beautiful and pleasant as possible in living from your heart. Invite that energy to manifest in your life.

Who and what contributes to being you

And from that energy, look again at all that you have manifested in your life right now. Who and what supports your energy and your love at all? Who and what supports that less or not at the moment? Do you dare to let go of the one who is not contributing right now? Do you dare to make room to admit new people, new circumstances, new opportunities? Are you willing to let go, to really say goodbye when it no longer works for your highest purpose?

Then feel what action you want or don’t want to take. In some cases it will be important to end the relationship or the situation. Then a rigorous streak is needed. A ‘no’, or a literal goodbye.

In other cases, it will be much nicer to let it rest in your reality for a while. To see what unfolds as you reconnect with yourself. Who knows, the relationship will change on its own. Who knows, it may come to a natural end. Letting go of something or someone (temporarily) does not necessarily have to be a dramatic action. It just means that you put your attention and focus on what makes you happy and then see who and what moves with you.

Our own life

In this way we always grow in phases. A phase of growth and growing pains, alternating with a phase of integration and new found people and circumstances. Nothing is right or wrong. Everything contributes to our experience of life. Our relationships and our circumstances are not the purpose of our existence. They are the wonderful tools at our disposal to live our lives as we once decided.


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