Spiritual growth: right through the pain

Spiritual growth: right through the pain
Being in balance, connected from love with everything and everyone around us. It sounds like a way of life in which you experience happiness and love again and again, as light as a feather. Many people who want to grow spiritually often see this as their ultimate goal. And this happens regularly by circumventing obstacles and resistance (because it hurts to enter into it) and by striving for perfection at the highest level. But then you actually ignore your humanity, precisely what the real spiritual growth is really about. You can read why in this article.

However, if you want to grow spiritually, so on the most profound level, a light, loving and happy life is only achievable if you do not bypass those resistances, but instead face them. And if you also realize that it is simply not possible to be happy and healthy 24 hours a day. Everything that shapes a person into who he or she is, is largely the result of experiences from a near or more distant past. By using those experiences, and everything that comes with them, your spiritual growth becomes the greatest wealth you can give yourself.

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Plaster on your humanity

Spiritual growth: right through the pain

The moment you are born, you start experiencing things. As a newborn, you feel and smell your mother’s body and the touches and sounds of the people around it. Later, when you grow up, all kinds of experiences come along and they can be great fun, but sometimes experiences are so bad or even traumatic that they affect you in a negative way. Pain, sadness, fear, insecurity, a negative self-image, destructive behavior, and depression; can all be expressions of this kind of experience.

What do you prefer to do then? Hide these feelings very deeply and pretend they are not there. In such a way that you don’t have to feel them and know how to avoid them when you are growing spiritually. You completely ignore your humanity with this. You stick a plaster on the wound, but that wound does not disappear. You are actually fooling your humanity because emotions, thoughts, and feelings are precisely what makes someone human.

What you have is not what you are

If you want to grow spiritually with the goal of balance, connection, and loving life, then you must not forget consciousness. When you are aware that emotions, negative thoughts, and unpleasant experiences also belong to you as a person, you can work with them in a way that benefits your spiritual growth. Cleaning your inner world of obstacles and resistance is a process of transformation. And that works like this:

Spiritual growth: right through the pain

  • You are aware that you have your feelings, body, thoughts, and emotions and that you are not them
  • You can accept and feel these feelings, thoughts, and emotions
  • You learn from what experience in your past these feelings, thoughts, and emotions are based by doing self-examination

By accepting and embracing everything there is in your humanity, and realizing that you have them instead of being, you can bend these experiences and transform them into strengths, instead of the weakness you experience with them. Through transformation, you free up inner space for positivity, love, and trust. You can change what you have; who you are doesn’t change.


It may all sound simple, but transforming negative experiences into strength, confidence, and positivity can sometimes be very confronting and painful. Know that everything is allowed to be because this is all that has made you who you are. Resistance and negative thoughts are part of life.

Fluttering like a happy bird between the resistance, obstacles and negativity is actually the same as not being honest with yourself. To ignore experiences that you would rather forget creates imperfection in your spiritual growth. And then you will not achieve what you are really looking for, for there simply cannot be connection and balance if you do not recognize these things.

Turning Inward: Who Are You Really?

Spiritual growth: right through the pain

So spiritual growth is not about being happy 24 hours a day, but about being able to accept who you are, with all the feelings, thoughts, and emotions you have. In this way, you get to know yourself and love yourself unconditionally and you are able to embrace and view everything without judgment. So to get to know yourself as you really are, self-examination is very important. Looking for the silence in yourself, let you listen to what you have to tell yourself. With this exercise you help yourself on your way:

Find a quiet place where you feel safe and secure and where you won’t be disturbed. Sit in the lotus position or on a chair, whichever you prefer, with your hands on your legs or on your lap. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe in deeply through your nose, let the air flow through your body, and exhale through your mouth. Do this until you feel relaxed.

Now try to feel where in your body there is something that deserves your attention. That can be a pain, a tickle, or a tingling. Shift your attention to that spot and possibly put your hands on it. What does this place tell you? Is it something you should pay attention to, or is it pleasant or not? Where does this feeling come from? What thoughts do you have on this?

Don’t judge what you feel or what you think. Just try to embrace what is happening. If it is nice, then you hold this and try to let this nice feeling flow through your whole body. If it is unpleasant, try to bend this feeling into what you would like to feel. Be aware that it may be there. Sadness or fear, uncertainty or gloom: it can be there and you can turn it into a powerful quality of yours. Vulnerability is not a weakness but rather shows how human you are and how empathetic and loving.

When you feel relaxation, acceptance, and peace in your whole body, slowly open your eyes and thank yourself for this inner journey.

Never forget that you are good just the way you are. With all your feelings, emotions, and thoughts; positive or negative. Don’t let them get in your way, but don’t pass them by either. Your experiences are a wealth for your spiritual growth.


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