Spiritual Meaning of Solitude: A Necessary Experience on Your Initiation Path

Spiritual Meaning of Solitude: A Necessary Experience on Your Initiation Path

More and more people feel lonely. For them, loneliness is not a theory and not a word like many others, but the painful description of the atmosphere in which they live every day. Many experiences their loneliness as an oppressive and oppressive feeling that they would prefer to avoid or hide very deeply. But if they succeed, then in later life they discover again and again that that hidden, cold loneliness reappears at the most unexpected moments. Until they finally learn to take their loneliness seriously and no longer run away from it. Then, at last, they realize: there is no other way but to go through the loneliness.

Because that’s the fascinating thing: many people who have gone through the deepest loneliness say that they eventually became richer because of it.

What is loneliness?

If you try to define the concept of ‘loneliness’ and find apt words for the intense feelings that a deeply lonely person experiences, you soon discover how difficult it is to find the right words. This is actually remarkable because many of us know the painful and intense feelings that loneliness causes, but are unable to describe those feelings clearly and clearly. And when they make an effort to do so, the result is very different.

Loneliness is often described as a feeling of loss. Others describe loneliness as the feeling of being all alone. Still, others refer to loneliness as the experience that no one is interested in how you are doingSome experience it even more intensely. For example, someone said: I always think that the others don’t like me. Still, others speak of feeling misunderstood. Sometimes such a feeling has to do with communication: people do not dare or want to burden the other (partner, girlfriend, friend, father, or mother) with their own feelings.

Spiritual Meaning of Solitude: A Necessary Experience on Your Initiation Path

Hans Stolp: ‘Besides the above insights, especially the remarks made by Mathias Wais helped me to understand the nature of loneliness. In an interview he was asked about a definition of loneliness:

“The opposite of loneliness is participation. That means that I give something from myself to my environment. If I don’t give anything, there can be a deep loneliness.’

This view of Wais, then, means that it is important to give something we can, what we know or what we are, to the community to which we belong: to our family, to our circle of friends, to our spiritual family (i.e: like-minded people with whom we share our ideals), to our sports association or club of friends, and so on. This creates a warm, real connection with the members of that group.

When we don’t do that for whatever reason (don’t dare, can’t, or don’t want to), we end up in an atmosphere of loneliness because we don’t experience a real connection with others. The core of loneliness is therefore the lack of connection: that you are not part of a group of people with whom you feel at home and dare and can be yourself.

The awakening of your Higher Self

Why are more people lonely in our time? Because people start to focus more and more on their own inner world, they have less contact with each other and are also less interested in each other. As a result, people in our time become more lonely, selfish, and individualistic: they focus their attention mainly on their own inner world and close themselves in on themselves. That process is still going on in our time.

Spiritual Meaning of Solitude: A Necessary Experience on Your Initiation Path

It is important to realize that the awakening of our consciousness soul is very important: only through this can the higher Self (also called the higher self or the spirit) be born in people. After all, our consciousness soul forms the basis of the higher Self. In short: we must go through the loneliness of our time (resulting from our focus on the conscious soul) in order for the higher Self to be born in us. In other words: our loneliness (a condition for a growth in consciousness) is the birthplace of our higher Self.

The need to accept our loneliness

Spiritual Meaning of Solitude: A Necessary Experience on Your Initiation Path

The solitude of our time is a necessary accompaniment to the development of our consciousness soul. That loneliness will become even stronger because we are still quite early in this development. Our loneliness is therefore not just negative: it gives us the inner space we need to become aware of our inner world and to learn to accept authority over that world. But that can only happen if we are willing to accept, face and live with our loneliness.

But how is that possible? That by accepting our loneliness higher insights are born in us? This is possible because deep solitude enhances our acumen, as does our sensitivity and our humanity. This increasing sensitivity makes us aware of movements in our souls that we would otherwise never notice in normal life. By attentively and attentively watching those silent movements you will find that they sometimes become an intuition, yes, even a higher knowing.

Loneliness is part of this time. And so, sooner or later almost everyone will be confronted with these feelings of abandonment. Loneliness is therefore not a punishment, nor is it your own fault, but it belongs to the life lessons that we are presented within this time and in this life.


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