Spiritual meaning of the beetle: discover your gentle self

Spiritual meaning of the beetle: discover your gentle self
Beetles come in all shapes and sizes. Almost all of them can fly, otherwise, they are called beetles. The beetle has sacred symbolism and is traditionally revered in some cultures. Also, beetles seem to have a medicinal effect, and unfortunately and unnecessary, they are therefore regularly ground physically in all kinds of remedies, because you can always invoke the power of the beetle. What can the beetle tell you?

The beetle kingdom is versatile. So many species. Just like there are kinds of people. Every beetle is unique, just like every human being. Yet every beetle has its core qualities, just like you, dear human.

Hard shield

Who are you, sweet person? You are a loving, soft, warm person who has a lot of light in you that can radiate every day! But be sure that you can’t do that at the moment. Why? Because you put on a beetle. Nice and hard on the outside and impenetrable to others, but now also to yourself. The beetle’s shield protects the beetle against, for example, the climate, the heat of the sun, and the cold rain. Do you feel the sun shining inside you? Or does the heat bounce off you and drip onto the floor like cold rain beating against your armor?

Power of love

It’s time to show a little more of your real self. First to yourself, of course, because if you know who you are, you can also confidently face the outside world. If you dare to be vulnerable to yourself and then to the outside world, that is a victory for you. Knowing that the beetle’s shield will always protect you no matter how much resistance and negativity outside. The beetle shows you that you possess the power of love and peace and that that power is untouchable.

Spiritual meaning of the beetle: discover your gentle self

The beetle’s shield thus has a dual function. You may break down your hardness and protection of yourself to the outside and vice versa the shield of the beetle will always protect you from outside influences. As with the heron, you will always experience resistance. People who live far from themselves will not understand how you are or act. Does not matter. They also wear armor around them and focus on the outside instead of the inside. And they too will have to work on this to progress in this life or not. Then they will stop and look at you with envious eyes. Just because you do shine.

Harsh conditions

We know the scarab from ancient Egypt. A large black beetle that was often used in jewelry and the like. Why? Because the animal could magically survive in harsh conditions. In fact, that is exactly what we fourth and fifth dimension humans are doing. For 4th and 5th dimension people this almost more 2nd or 3rd dimension world feels like a barren living environment. Yet we survive here. Albeit with the necessary reluctance for many. The love that is in our hearts is so inconsistent with the fear, the power, and the egos that have gripped our beautiful Mother Earth.

Yet it is important that you develop. That you search for your own core and the qualities that go with it. May you feel ultimate bliss. May you have fun. That you can dance and sing (even if it sounds out of tune) if you feel like it, even if you are in a full shopping street. As long as you care about others, you will let it all go… But just start for yourself. At home or in a place where you feel comfortable. Let yourself go with your feelings. Do what your intuition tells you. Even if you often don’t see why you should follow your intuition. Let others look and judge about what they would most like to dare or do.

The world has to change! That is only possible if more and more people start living from their being, or deepest core. The more bliss, laughter, and fun there is, the more powerful the positive flow-on Mother Earth becomes. Will you join us?

Hey beautiful!

Spiritual meaning of the beetle: discover your gentle self

You are a beautiful, sweet person! Not a single beetle looks in the mirror and thinks, “Well today I don’t look like it!” In fact, we humans think that every beetle does not look good. We think they’re ugly. How bad is that really? The beetle is a beetle in his full conviction, whether he has a crazy snout, a round body, is dull brown or bright red, it doesn’t matter to him. That is something that we humans can take an example from.

Everything revolves around the inside. If your hair is crazy, but you’re glowing, no one will notice. If your hair is crazy and you’re trying to be as inconspicuous as possible because of it, cuddle up, and walk out the door without confidence, then everyone will notice. If you are nicely round, you are a reflection of Mother Earth. If you want to be artificially very thin, then something is really going on, you are eating yourself inside and that is never the intention.

If you have become artificially fat, then something is wrong. Are you trying to fill yourself with what you lack in yourself? You won’t succeed. Pack yourself together in love. Love every cell in your body. Don’t fill yourself with craft food that comes from outside, but fill yourself with yourself. Your beautiful loving self that connects with Mother Earth and the Universe. Do you have crazy toes? Laugh about it. Your feet will still take you wherever you want, right? You won’t get anywhere without those crazy toes.


Don’t you see it anymore? Is it a fight against anything bigger than you? Nothing is bigger than you. All you have to do is stop fighting. Be normal. Come into yourself. At home where it is warm and comfortable. Lower your energy from your head to your toes. Feel the ever-present energy of Mother Earth tingling under your bare feet. She is waiting for you to come home in yourself. Don’t be tempted by drugs. Beetles don’t take antidepressants to survive. Beetles believe in themselves. Take the situation as it is.

Spiritual meaning of the beetle: discover your gentle self

Do not fight against themselves, but trust that their shield will protect them at all times. Means to influence your mood do not remove the cause. In fact, they put you in sleep mode, so that you can no longer shine your light in the right way. Difficult situations are there for a reasonEvery situation provides you with a learning moment. Take the message it contains and you will prevent worse. Don’t be paralyzed by anyone or anything. You are ‘in control’. All the time!


Beetles are there for a reason. They clean up. They also destroy our eyes. The larvae of beetles (longhorn beetles) that eat the wooden beams of our homes, beetles from Asia eat palms and agaves from the inside (even from the animal and vegetable kingdom a worldwide invasion is taking place, but that is another topic), and are therefore difficult to combat. But is that necessary?

Don’t these animals show us that something is gnawing at us? Or that there is something wrong with the energy that reigns in your family and therefore house/garden? Create balance in yourself, then you can also be there for others and help them in a loving way. And are you not yet able to fully trust yourself and move forward from your strength? Dare to ask for help from loving people around you or silently ask the universe for answers. It’s about showing the beetle’s will to survive. Even in harsh conditions. Go for it!

Do you need help to gain that extra insight, so that you can move on? I’m happy to help you.


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