Spiritual meaning of the crow: own sound, death and space for new

Many people associate the crow with death. They see him as a messenger of doom and darkness. Certainly, the crow has to do with death. He cleans up Mother Earth and eats what nature gives him from dead animal remains. He also has bright sides. Many of the more highly sensitive will have one or more crows in their environment. It doesn’t matter where you are. They are supervisors who keep an eye on whether you are doing well between heaven and earth. They come to greet deceased loved ones and let you know that you are never alone on this sometimes harsh planet. It therefore does not hurt to greet the crow or crows that you see every time and thank them for being with you.

Own sound

His scratching sounds harsh and obnoxious, but the crow doesn’t mean badly. He is simply very recognizable because of his own unique sound. Just like you. What are you doing with this? Will you raise your voice to make yourself heard in the midst of the turmoil that reigns in the world to spread love and light with your words? Are you, like the crow, unique in something, but do you do it too little? Or do you not dare to show your unique BEING to the world? Because you don’t believe that’s what people are waiting for?

That ‘not believing’ comes from your head, dear one. If you would listen to your heart better, you would know that. Your own insecurity is only fed by your head and therefore your voice only becomes softer and softer. Until it is almost inaudible and it gets the feeling that it is able to shout against the wind, while it wants to reach you so badly. That is not the intention. You have been given a unique power. Whether you like it or not. It is your mission to make the most of this as possible. To rely on your skills, which will continue to develop if you dare to take the step.



Are you still stuck in your old way of BEING? The YOU that has been sucked into the 3rd dimension society of having to perform, coercion, fear and oppression? Or do you already have one foot in the YOU, as you really are, and with the other in the past? It feels like the jacket that no longer fits you, the shoes that have become small, your favorite pants or sweater that have holes in it and that you can actually get rid of, but that you keep wearing anyway, just because it is so comfortable. The time is right to finish everything that you know doesn’t suit you (anymore). To be able to go full for your strength. That means saying goodbye. Of patterns, people, habits, situations, of everything that does not serve you to be who you really are. You can see or feel like things are bleeding, dying,

Let go, dear man, the crow asks you. He, as a messenger between heaven and earth, asks you to BE the same as he. Know that death and parting, whether it is meant literally or figuratively and whether it is of people, animals or things, both always create space for something new, different and better. Search, follow your path, don’t be afraid. The crow will guide you to stay on the one hand with 2 feet on the ground in full contact with Mother Earth and on the other hand to receive the radiant fine energetic light, so that you will be a beacon of light.

Not only for your SELF, but also for the people around you. Those who need urgent help, who have become unbalanced because they have forgotten their soul and salvation. But also the world as a whole. Your light point is 1 in the link of many. Think of it as if you were in space, looking at the Earth from a distance, seeing all kinds of tiny points of light shining in the darkness that envelops the Earth. Mother Earth is waiting for your light that will contribute to the ‘enlightenment’ of the earth from all the dark karma that has been built up over the centuries.



The crow is wise. He knows, sees, hears, feels and sometimes smells things that have not yet manifested in reality. You could describe it as foresight. Many of you, and perhaps you, have this too. A feeling that comes from within, with a pressure behind it, an image that arises and moves across your retina like a flash. A kind of déjà vu. Know, dear one, that when this occurs to you and it is not as you wish, you can adjust that image at any time. If something is shown to you, words come into your head that are ugly and unhelpful, if you can see what’s happening on the world stage and it doesn’t fit the picture you have of the future earth, then change it. Simply, by projecting a different image in your ‘cloud’.

The crow shows you that you can believe in destruction and manifest it. If this is not what you envision, create the opposite: a world of clean skies, pure waters and fertile soil. A world in which we live together from our unique CONSCIOUSNESS in harmony and connection with our SELF, Mother Earth and the Universe. Where peace, love and respect for each other and everything else that lives from the smallest organism to the highest mountain triumphs. In which there is no room for everything that has been looted, destroyed, diseased, excavated, poisoned and polluted through the ages, for the simple reason that you create a different image. It’s not difficult. You can do it. You just forgot. Now you know, dear one, do the best you can with it.

To impose

The crow sometimes shows pushy behavior. Yes, he also has dark sides to learn from and to hold up a mirror to you. With a lot of noise he proclaims his truth to everyone. In this he sometimes ignores the fact that not everyone is waiting for his truth. Not because his truth is not true, but because others are not ready for this, or cannot get to it in this life. Everyone has their own soul attunement and matching energetic frequency and drive. Sometimes your words fall on deaf ears. To people you would like to help, because ‘taking care of’ and ‘wanting to save the world’ is anchored in your deepest BEING.

Dear one, you cannot save others. Your well-intentioned advice and all the energy you put into this is for nothing. That is not entirely true, because the energy you put into someone will certainly feed off the other, but what you lovingly aim to achieve will not succeed unless someone has a soul attunement close enough to yours. When this happens to you, you will feel that your energy is gratefully used or misused and you yourself are left a bit of an army. That is not the intention, but of course you are always free to choose this.

Be selective in the moments and the people you want to share your energy with. If you feel that people only come to collect and then do nothing with your advice and/or insights, for whatever reason, decide how far you want this to go. Setting boundaries is part of growth. Feel if the gap is too big between your soul attunement and that of the other. If that is the case, you cannot help the other person, no matter how much you would like to. Perhaps someone else can. Someone who has the same soul attunement as this person and can therefore exchange on the same energetic level.

It is important that you remain in your power and do not lose it unnecessarily to people and/or situations that do not bring you any further. Are you afraid of losing people around you because of this? It could even be family or friends. Do not worry, because worries have a low energetic frequency and as mentioned before, everything that is said goodbye offers room for new.

Secretly never lonely

You will never be lonely and when you feel good, you know it. After all, you are surrounded by loving energies. As a human being of flesh and blood it may feel that way, but if you stay in touch with your BEING, the need for others to fill your void will disappear and make way for ‘a welcome addition’. So you don’t ‘need’ someone else, but the contact is purely an enrichment of your life, an added value.

Trust the Universe and your inner wisdom. Ask the crow to get the message across if the right people may appear in your path. People you can share with and where you feel the energy you bring together creates an overwhelming synergy. Just for the simple fact that the sum of 1 + 1 may be 3. Then there is pure room for pleasure, happiness and blissful feeling. An exchange at this level is wonderful and contributes to your BEING, but also to that of the other.

You will find these people or they will find you. They come your way in the most extraordinary ways as you implement the wisdom of the crow more and more into your life. Do you need help on your path? Let me know .


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