Spiritual meaning of the magpie: confidence, knowledge and wisdom in your SELF

magpie, spiritual

You are black and white, or rather metallic rainbow-like and white, special magpie. You have an eye for detail. You also have a lot of knowledge and wisdom and you love shiny things. Not for the sake of having, because you don’t know greed, but more out of curiosity for the unknown.

The magpie feeds on insects such as earthworms, spiders, caterpillars, beetles, and leatherbacks (worm-like larvae of crane flies that live in the soil). In addition, he is integrated into today’s world. So fries and bread are also included. He also eats eggs and sometimes a young of other birds, especially if he has young of his own. He knows that the nutrients of egg, which are also still represented in a small young bird, makes his young strong. He never robs a nest completely in one go and does not destroy all the eggs.

You don’t have to, because you can take what you need. The magpie has long learned that lesson. As a result, it contributes to maintaining the balance in nature. After all, not all eggs have to hatch and the chance of survival of the fry that do hatch increases as a result.

Shamelessly full in the light

The magpie is not ashamed of his behavior. Hijacking a young bird from a nest or pecking an egg is done in full view. Sometimes all this is accompanied by a lot of noise. This is about honesty. Honesty to your SELF. Full recognition of the SELF and daring to admit it. Just completely, as you are, the black and white of the magpie integrated into one. If you look closely at the magpie, you will see that its black is not black. Just like your fears aren’t.

Your fears want to teach you something. That is, you don’t have to worry about it. That you can get over it. And that is only possible if you dare to face those fears. Dare to look at them full of light with curiosity to see that they are not black, but colorful and help you to grow as a person. When you are no longer afraid of your fears, you have experienced a tremendous growth and you will notice that a kind of peace comes in you, where you can feel that everything that is, is good.


magpie, sharp

The magpie’s boundless curiosity takes him where he should be, and sometimes not. It’s probably the same with you. On your journey of discovery you come across situations and people that initially look like a kind of shiny treasure. You can feel a huge connection with that new person or an attraction. Your quest from the mind tempts you to do a certain course, get into a project, start working together, and so on. The lesson that sometimes follows is one of ‘to good to be true’ and ‘nothing is as it seems’‘.

Dear human being, do not forget that the degree of spirituality is equally present in all dimensions here on earth and that people can behave like a chameleon. Especially when it comes to people with narcissistic traits, who know exactly how to wrap you around their finger from their 2nd or 3rd dimension soul attunement (envy, hate, money, power, ego). You are full of joy, full of your heart, because you ‘think’ you have finally found connection. All that happens is that these souls need your energy to benefit themselves. They feed as it were on yours and also on your loving unbridled effort.

The same applies to projects, companies, networks, associations, etc. Every entity has a soul (also to be expressed as ‘the atmosphere that hangs there’) and a corresponding motivation and energy. Sometimes the skin is sold more expensive than it is. Sooner or later you will find out that the motivation is not genuine and straight from the heart.

Use the magpie’s knowledge and wisdom by listening to your intuition. It’s all about FEELING and unfailingly trusting your intuition. Are you going to fine-tune it? And if you unexpectedly find yourself in such a situation and get the insight, don’t be disappointed, sad or angry. You don’t have time for such low frequencies, do you? You have learned another lesson. You can now recognize better and that is a wonderful development.


You usually see the magpie wandering around alone. However, magpies do not live their entire lives solitary. Up to the age of three they discover the world in groups that can make a lot of noise. They are not unfamiliar with bravado. In these years, the magpie learns beautiful and wise lessons from the others. For example, about nutrition, hibernation and how to interact with each other. Then comes the wisdom that puts an end to the MUST prove itself. How about you?

Dear human, you do NOT have to prove yourself, to anyone. You ARE valuable. Just as you are. What may have happened is that others in your groupie have put stickers on you and given you bad experiences, which have thrown you off balance and started to rely on judgments and opinions about you that are outside of your SELF. That doubt has entered your life. Whether you are good enough and whether there are things wrong with you. That you got a feeling of guilt. Thinks less about your SELF.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, the magpie wakes you up scratching. Where has the beautiful connection with your powerful SELF gone? The SELF that KNOWS. The SELF who knows that your victimization behavior is just the projection of others. That you let your head race and thereby gave the mind the chance to rule above the heart, where the real inner knowing is.

The moment the magpie withdraws from his groupie, he suddenly sees. He gains an overview and can see things from a different perspective. From a distance he sees the illusion he wanted to be a part of, just to belong, to gain appreciation. He also sees that ‘walking on tiptoe’ and ‘running after the pack’ is completely pointless. He learned the basics and is eternally grateful to his groupie for that. From now on, he trusts his own BEING and doesn’t need anyone else for that. For the wisdom that takes him further is already in his SELF.

Not everything at once

magpie, sharp

The magpie doesn’t carry all its treasures home. If he suspects it is valuable or that he doesn’t have time for it right now, he hides his bling treasure under the leaves to investigate later whether it has added value for him or not. Dear human being, if you come more and more in balance with your BEING, more and more magic will arise. Magic that makes you want to discover more, to collect more treasures. Suddenly everything seems interesting and has a different depth. All wonderful and very useful.

If you are triggered by something, look at it from all sides. Do not forget to feel what is truth for you and what is not. If your antennas are on, you can collect too much treasure and get bogged down. You lose the overview and that is not the intention. It is very wise to say to certain things: “Not now.” If a subject is of interest to you, you can be assured that the universe will let it cross your path again at a later time. Just like the magpie that finds its treasure again.

Knowledge and wisdom

When the magpie comes your way, it asks you to connect with your OWN inner knowledge and wisdom. This is already present in you, because it is not for nothing that you have led all those past and future (yes, you can. ‘Back to the future’ exists) lives. So it is important to fully trust your SELF and learn to listen to your inner voice and then take action in the direction that is indicated. You will receive insight into your gifts and/or the opportunity to deepen them further. The careful and pure application of this is also part of this journey of discovery.

On the road to completely becoming your black and white SELF, you do not have to wait until this process is finished (you are inclined to do so from the programming in this life), because it never really is. On your learning path you can share everything you have learned about this special and magical personal growth with others. Shameless and full of light, remember? Lots of knowledge and wisdom!



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