Spiritual meaning of the squirrel: listen to your intuition and discover your treasures

Spiritual meaning of the squirrel: listen to your intuition and discover your treasures

The squirrel is considered a cute animal by mankind. He is smart, agile, and has guts. His focus is on hopping through life and he is willing to give a lot for that. He is also a bit of a loner, who enjoys himself just fine. He is not accountable to anyone but himself.

Squirrels come in all different shapes and sizes. The most famous for us is the reddish-brown squirrel with its bright beady eyes and fluffy tail. But the striped ones, such as Chip and Babbel, are also part of our frame of reference. They live in trees, but also know their way around on the ground. Especially when it comes to the hiding places of their secret food treasures.

Discover your treasures

The squirrel is a forager when it comes to food. Before winter comes, he makes sure that he skilfully hides his winter stock of (beech) nuts, acorns, and seeds in various places in Mother Earth. It is his treasures that help him survive. How about yours? Have you discovered your treasures yet? They are deeply hidden in your BEING.

Unlike the squirrel, you don’t find them outside of yourself. Through all the lives you have lived, you have gained experience and wisdom, which is still present and accessible. You just need to clear the way to it so that you can find your treasures again. Sometimes you have to go deep for that. Everything you need is already there, but it is about the portion of courage and perseverance you need to unlock all of this so that you can integrate all of this into your current BEING.

Take the plunge

When you see the squirrel flying through the trees, jumping from branch to branch, the amazement often strikes. If you feel good in such a moment or can see it now, you can feel the freedom that the animal carries with it. The squirrel doesn’t wonder if he’ll get that branch from that other tree. He just jumps. And the funny thing is, he never falls flat on his nose on the floor. How is that possible? He believes in himself. Trusts in his own abilities.

Spiritual meaning of the squirrel: listen to your intuition and discover your treasures

How about you? Do you dare to take the plunge, step out of your comfort zone and listen to what your intuition tells you and act on it? As humans, we are afraid that we can make mistakes. That you can go nuts if you don’t comply with everything that is considered normal in your current environment.

That you don’t have friends if you don’t do this or that, or look a certain way, unlike society all around you continuously shows. That if you don’t follow the rules and don’t live in the straitjacket that society dictates, things won’t end well for you. Dear one, three things are important here.

1. Errors do not exist

Maybe something you try won’t (immediately) produce the result you expect, but that’s another matter altogether. It’s others who say you’re doing it wrong and that’s so ingrained in us. Ever since we were toddlers. There you learn that daddy isn’t green and mommy isn’t blue, while you really know for sure that it is. However, because you are small and trust that Mom and Dad will know better, you adjust your colors.

You have to get grades at school to be able to progress well in the current school system. But what did you actually learn here? Especially that you got the feeling that you failed when you had so many mistakes again? How did it feel when you got a high grade? The squirrel doesn’t have to get grades.

He has developed through practice and become more agile at what is originally in his power. Dear human, find out what you want to practice in, learn from the times when it doesn’t turn out the way you expected, adjust your strategy and try again. If you hadn’t had that one experience, you can never come to another that does work.

2. Fear is a Bad Counselor

Life is meant to be discovered. In it, humanity is opposed by fear. Great opportunities that arise remain where they are because you do not dare to step over your fear. The squirrel may also have had to swallow at times when it had to make another jump. By relying on his inner BEING he did not have to doubt or dawdle. His primal power has made him jump and has always succeeded. Now you.

Spiritual meaning of the squirrel: listen to your intuition and discover your treasures

3. No matter what happens, you always have your SELF to fall back on

The great thing is that you are perfect just the way you are. Whether you can count well or not, whether you can jump well or not. you’re okay. You don’t have to prove yourself to others. You are accountable only to your SELF. Whether something feels right or not and to act on it.

Because we have been programmed our whole lives, and we have also allowed ourselves, we have adapted parts of our SELF to be able to survive in this society, family, and relationship(s). It makes perfect sense that this happened and there is nothing to blame anyone for. But when you meet the squirrel, the time has come to consult your SELF. Your SELF offers the hold that pulls you through everything, that helps you stay in balance, no matter what.

Unlocking wisdom

Of course, in this life, the squirrel has learned from his parents, who have preceded him so that he can estimate distances and know which branches are strong enough for his antics. They showed what you can and cannot eat and the best food hiding techniques to get through the winter. In addition, his own experiences have contributed to where he is today.

But every animal and every other living being, including humans, has an ‘elephant memory’. This means that the squirrel also carries information from all the squirrels that have gone before it. That goes beyond his bloodline alone. This is the total population of squirrels that ever existed. He can draw from this so that he intuitively knows whether an unknown nut is edible or not.

So it is with you. You carry so much more with you that you have lost touch with. The good thing is that you can access it again. All you have to do is open up, trust, believe in your SELF, and listen in silence. There in the depths of your BEING are hidden your treasures, which you can see as the nuts that the squirrel has hidden to ensure its existence.


To stay in balance, the squirrel uses two techniques. First of all, it has its tail that contributes aerodynamically to its jumping capacity. Humans also have a tail. Our tailbone. This is the point of our earthly chakra. One of the points from which a cord runs that connects us to the core of Mother Earth. If you visualize that cord attached to your tailbone, you see that you have a tail. Not to jump from branch to branch, but to ground and ground yourself, so that you remain more balanced and therefore gain more confidence to take your jump.

Flying through the trees ungrounded will make you feel rushed, stressed, and rushed. The person will be more open to criticism, fear, the call of the ego (your head), and other low-frequency emotions, whether imposed by others or not. If you do this ground, you can move quickly and smoothly with a certain peace and security. Like the tail of the squirrel, your connection to Mother Earth gives you the balance you need to stay with your SELF.

Do you still have nuts to crack?

On your quest for your secret treasures, you may also come across things that you don’t like very much at first. Things from the past, that can go further back than in this life, which doesn’t feel pleasant. If the squirrel finds such a nut, he will look at it carefully. Spinning it around, tapping it against a tree or rock before he sinks his teeth into it.

Spiritual meaning of the squirrel: listen to your intuition and discover your treasures

That also applies to you. See what happened. Know that it was there to get you where you are now. Try if you can look lovingly at such a nut because even if it doesn’t feel nice, it is part of your BEING. In this case, the squirrel will decide after his examination to leave the nut for what it is. So you don’t always have to eliminate or solve everything. Fighting against something often has the opposite effect. Realize that everything can just BE there and everything is good.

If the nut is still interesting enough and probably edible, the squirrel will crack it open and sniff it. This is about confronting but in a positive way. You cannot adjust past situations, but you can see whether they contribute to your current state of BEING. If the squirrel does not like the smell or taste of the nut, he will leave it for what it is, because it may be there, but he does not need it. He then lovingly releases it, knowing that the nut was there, and continues on his way.

The lost nut

If the lost nut has passed the complete examination, he will enjoy it deliciously. It will enrich him and give him energy. It may be that because of everything you have been through, you have become so far removed from your SELF that the original qualities of your BEING are hidden somewhere deep, you are no longer in contact with them.

For example, you were a very cheerful and happy child, but you have lost that. You also felt love for everything and everyone, but your trust in it has been damaged. You used to love to dance and jump, but you have unlearned it because you had to act like an adult. The contact with your creativity has been lost because other things have been made more important than they really are. You find a nut of a past life, in which you have gained wisdom,

Dear human, there are nuts to crack for everyone. Breaking open to fully reconnect with your true BEING. They are hidden in you. Sometimes just below the surface, sometimes you have to go deep. Sometimes you find them in this life, sometimes in the next. It is also possible that you hide nuts in this life, which you can use in the next life. Whatever nut it is, it’s always worth digging up and exploring any treasure you come across. In this way, you work steadily towards the integration of everything that has to do with your BEING and you grow steadily.


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