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Spiritual Meditation Techniques: What to Do Before Meditating.

What should you do before meditating? Just as important as meditating is what you do before you meditate. You want to be relaxed and spiritually protected at all times, because when you meditate you are spiritually vulnerable to ethereal attacks.

The first thing you want to do is to relax by breathing in deeply through your nose, holding it briefly into your solar plexus (solar plexus chakra), then slowly exhaling through your mouth. While doing this, you can also start with some relaxing exercise. Rest your chin on your chest, then slowly bring your head all the way back.

Then return your head to the upright position and very slowly move your head from one side to the other. Return your head to the upright position.Rest your chin on your chest and now start to slowly turn your head, clockwise, and repeat this whole process once. Repeat the whole procedure several times, while continuing to breathe deeply.

Now you are almost ready to begin your meditation. Now close your eyes and ask your spirit guides and guardian angels for protection while you meditate. They are eager to help you at any time and they are more than happy to support you. Visualize a beautiful white light radiating from the center of your body that slowly expands to cover you all the way from your head to your toes. Try to feel this light as it flows into all your limbs. This is your divine spark that will help to protect you. You can extend this light as far as you want. I regularly expand it to cover my room, then my house, my city, the province, the country, the planet, the galaxy and the universe.sphere-tree

The next thing I do is something I borrowed from a dear friend, Miriam. I visualize embracing the planet, sending complete unconditional love to the world. Now you are ready to start meditating. If you are learning about meditation, try out as many techniques as you can, such as the open-eyed meditation, the mirror meditation , vipassana , and so on. Eventually you will develop your own style and technique, which is totally fine.


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