Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Spiritual or material?

My (Indigo and Crystal) children are very sensitive and intuitive, but also the first to deny this and even be a little afraid of it. My Indigo children tend to pick up on all the emotions in their environment and my Crystal children keep their intuition to themselves.

They turn their energies to the material world, denying their spiritual gift and wondering why they are having such a hard time. Why don’t they use their gifts to make their lives a lot easier, what are they afraid of? Have they made a final choice and should we be concerned?

I can remember the first conversation with my son about intuition, asking casually if he ever had predictions or knew things. He said that was true, but that he was afraid of it, so he paid little attention to this. However, sometimes he did use his gift, if he could avoid getting into trouble.

And my other son has always been highly empathetic and sensitive, so much so that he often ignores it because he doesn’t know what to do with the energy. He too has turned himself to the material and seems to ignore his spiritual gifts. He only uses them when he needs them.

All Indigos and Crystals go through a period of denial of their spiritual gifts because they are afraid of them, or overwhelmed by them, they don’t want to be different from their friends or don’t know what to do with them anyway.

They want to belong, so try to act like others. While they only use their gifts when they need them, they mostly avoid them. Everyone, including the adult Indigos and Crystals, has done that, to come back to our spiritual connection later. They will also, much faster than us and in a different way, come back to it. They need to be ready for the world and also need the world to be ready for them.

As you read this the energy of the planet is changing, each moment bringing new energies, vortexes, paradigms and the removal and release of energy that no longer resonates with them. Indigos and Crystals know what they are doing and when the time comes they will come out of their spiritual shells and amaze us with their gifts.

In the meantime they take small steps, learning, karma healing, releasing old energy and fear and preparing themselves for what is to come. The world must be ready for them (especially Crystal Children) and once it is, they make their entrance and are ready to get started. For now, it seems they are quietly preparing and when the time comes, they will impress us with what they can do.


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