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Stand in your own power again

“Stand back into your own power.”

How simple does it sound?

After a violent event for us that has thrown us completely off balance, people often say to us; ‘Let it go. This event, or this person, is no longer good for you. Be grateful for the experience, and stand in your own power again.’

Sounds a lot easier than reality often is to our souls.

I believe we are here on this earth to learn our soul lessons. That all the people we meet, and situations we find ourselves in at some point, are for a reason. Regardless of whether we still remember it.

Forming our blocks

Our lives are in constant motion. It goes up and down. Sometimes like a calmly flowing stream, sometimes we are about to go under in a ferocious storm on the open sea.

Now it is true that we humans undergo many emotions. We have experienced this from an early age. We are not always aware of the feelings we have and where they actually come from.

We can experience something traumatic for us at a young age. Many scenarios are possible and what is very intense for one person may not mean anything for another.

You can think of missing a connection . Not being able to express feelings of love to each other.

Being left alone as a baby in our bed to go to sleep in our bedroom can already be experienced as traumatic for a person. At a later age this can still haunt us, and can also be referred to as separation anxiety.

We may also be born into a family where you always have to make ends meet. This can trigger the fear of shortages. To never have enough of anything.

Letting you go with the flow of life

Often we are not aware of our thoughts and certain behaviors. Why we live our lives a certain way. We hide behind comments like, “That’s just the way it is, and that’s how I’m used to it.”

Not everyone thinks about their feelings and the choices we make. For some people, that’s fine too. They live their lives this way and it works for them.

For others of us this is not enough. We are looking for just that little bit more. We want to understand why we feel the way we do and actively respond to this.

we find that we no longer have the satisfaction of continuing to live our lives the way we do now. We have let ourselves be carried away by the flow of life for so long, choosing our thoughts based on the situation as it was presented to us.

Take back the lead. repacking you

Often something serious has to happen before we are actually ready for a change in our lives. Think of losing a job, losing a loved one, or the death of a loved one.

When we are at our most vulnerable, we are face to face with our higher self. Are we able to contact our guides. To let our soul speak .

How lost can we feel after losing, for example, a great love?
I take this as an example because this event is closest to my heart.

How beautiful it was. What a connection we had, and how good the love felt. Everything was wonderful, beautiful and fantastic. It felt good, it felt like one. Our souls fused together. Like I was at home. Finally! How I longed for that.
As time went on I became a kind of slave to my own desire. Ignoring certain signals. Not everything was as beautiful as it once was. But I was afraid… terribly afraid of the pain I would feel if I let this love go. Afraid of being alone again. Afraid of myself.

The beauty of daring to feel and admit our pain

I think we are all in this world looking for some form of love and connection. We want to let this love flow and also receive it again as an interaction.

The moment we are born, our soul is still aware of the fact that we ourselves are this source of love, and that we can also evoke this love in ourselves at all times.

During our lives we sometimes lose this feeling. We lose touch with ourselves and think we should look for this love in others, or in matter, in whatever.

Eventually we will come to realize that life works differently. That we don’t need anyone but ourselves to let our souls shine. To make ourselves happy. To love us, to love us.

And how beautiful is it that we can recall the loving connection with ourselves in the depths of our sorrow? May remember again, and start building.

Feeling your own power flowing again

I won’t say it’s easy. And this life experience is different for everyone. We are all shaped by the lessons this life has in store for us.

But what I can confirm is that the angels are with us, our loved ones watching over us. That the Universe wants to help us, and that each loved one is never further away than a thought.

Call on them, they will hear you and guide you. in love!

You can do this! No matter how heavy, no matter how sad. You are worth it, you are a beautiful loving being and you have chosen this life.

Hold on to yourself, and give yourself the love you deserve.

If you believe in yourself, the angels will guide you on your path to love.


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