Standing Rock: militarized violence, human rights violations and ‘fake news’


The worst of the hype is over, but a determination remains in the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protest at Standing Rock. At the same time, it also becomes even more visible that something completely new and unprecedentedly unique is going on here.
Under pressure from the protests, parties are beginning to withdraw from the project

The Norwegian financier has indeed withdrawn from the project. 1 This was the start of a new wave of #defunddapl (‘disinvest DAPL’): more and more people withdraw their savings from the bank that co-finances DAPL, film the procedure and put it on social media (various YouTube videos to find). Organized resistance against the ING bank is beginning to arise in the Netherlands.

So with this: everyone who is still with the wrong banks: just leave. They get that. Banks rely blindly on your confidence that your savings are ‘safely managed’ there. You must have had such a cute piggy bank as a child to puppy train you in financial goodness. Well, they fund this sort of thing with it. Blinders off and out of there. That’s the only solution.

This will only end if we stop trusting us with banks, read: donating our hard-earned money. No trust = no money = no financing. That’s how simple it works. ABN AMRO bank does not finance the DAPL directly, but is involved in financing the parent company that wants to build DAPL.

ABN AMRO finances the operations of parent company Energie Transfer Partners, which has a 38% share in the pipeline. 2 So they haven’t really lied, but they are a little stingy with the truth.

Banks lie about their participation in the project. A few weeks ago I sent an email to the ING bank in which I expressed my concern about the impact of DAPL on the environment. I then received the answer that ING bank does not finance DAPL. Nevertheless, the website of the ING bank now literally states that the ING bank is financing this project, 3 while they have previously denied this.

So responding works. If enough people keep talking to them, the truth will come out on its own. The ING bank does enter into discussions with the parties they finance, but I don’t think you should be so naive to expect a lot from that.

The protest against DAPL is setting change in motion elsewhere

The protest against DAPL is starting to bear fruit in the sense that people in other places are being inspired to protest in the same way.

In Montana, a project to extract gas in an area sacred to the local Blackfoot tribe has been canceled. It is therefore possible to stop a project that is already running. 4 The Obama administration has set a precedent.

This is good news for Standing Rock, although we’re not there yet. Besides, we don’t yet know where the Trump administration stands on these kinds of issues. Similar protest has begun in Mongolia against gold mining in Mount Noyon

Militarized Violence

Police brutality against the protectors continues and takes increasingly extreme forms. Ordinary citizens and journalists are arrested for ‘participation in riots’ that are not there. Prayer group participants are arrested while being held at gunpoint. Facebook accounts of people who record excessive violence will be blocked.

There are suspicions that Stingray technology is being used to wiretap telephone traffic 6,7,8 (perhaps checking in on Facebook didn’t make any sense at all).

The region is militarizing. In the video below, a man is stopped at military checkpoints for no reason. Let’s face it, if in the Netherlands a man in army uniform approaches you and says that this is a ‘traffic information point’, you are surprised.

Needless to say, this excessive violence costs a lot of money. Day after day after day, week after week, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the police force at full strength. Agents from other states are called in and money is borrowed to pay for the police force.

They probably wouldn’t have included that in the budget….. protesting works. As long as it’s just to knock your opponent out. There are already questions about the backward amounts of taxpayers’ money being spent on protesting a pipeline that nobody wants. 9

The human rights violations at Standing Rock violate international humanitarian law

We already knew that the military police (a euphemism for a military force disguised as police officers) is not willing to throw tear gas and rubber bullets at innocent people. They have recently gone one level further: people are sprayed with water at temperatures around freezing point.

There are legitimate concerns that this will lead to deaths. In addition, the MP now also uses grenades: projectiles that explode are fired at civilians. As far as I’m concerned, this relegates the ‘police’ action to a civil war: the state fights against its own citizens.

Peaceful people are held at gunpoint with automatic weapons as they are taken from their caravan.

On November 25, the district commander of the corps of engineers sent a letter to the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe that part of the Oceti Sakowin camp will be evacuated on December 5. 10

The reason for this is that ‘the public must be shielded from violence between protesters and the police’. It is also so sad that those people have to camp in tent camps in temperatures below 0. It’s nice that they think along with the protectors like that. However, people are not afraid to spray the protectors with water cannons.

The commander does come up with a compromise: a ‘free speech zone’ has been designated at a safe distance from the construction site where people who want to can demonstrate against DAPL.

This move takes place in the vacuum between the Obama administration and the Trump administration. Barack Obama has run out of time, Donald Trump has something else on his mind than a bunch of angry natives.

It is now up to us to activate the power of democracy and in the few days left to stand firm against the undemocratic and warlike resistance of DAPL against the protectors

Is deploying an army in peacetime against civilians actually legal? I’m not in the position to verify whether this action is legal under the US Constitution, but let’s take a look at what exactly is happening here. And is it actually still peace? With plans for a corpocratic monstrosity globally and on a large scale thwarted, no means seems to be shunned. If you want to know who is oppressing you, ask yourself who you are not allowed to criticize (Voltaire).

Eyewitnesses have observed small planes flying over the camp at night, the type used to spray crops with pesticides. These planes only fly over Oceti Sakowin camp and avoid the posts of police units and the blockades. Camp residents express concern about being sprayed with chemicals. If that is true, then that is an act of extreme violence and attempted genocide.

Medical personnel are arrested when they are practicing their profession. This is contrary to international humanitarian law . 11  It is forbidden to hinder doctors in their professional practice, even in times of war.

People who do not participate in that violence in a situation of escalating violence (because, for example, they are injured or ill or are bystanders), are entitled to protection.

American veterans to defend the water protectors

You read it right! Veterans have responded en masse to a call to travel to Standing Rock and stand on the frontline unarmed and nonviolently to absorb the blows. Veterans have gas masks and bulletproof vests and are much better able to cope with the military police.

The site that organizes the appeal indicates that it already has more people than can go there.(16) The Native elsewhere have welcomed the veterans with open arms. This is a unique and unprecedented piece of healing that Native Americans embrace and receive help from American soldiers. That is the effect of this protest.

‘fake news’

And it is also quite coincidental that the moment the internet explodes with images that the mainstream media does not show14 ,  a war against ‘fake news’ is declared.

There’s even a neat pointer with ‘wrong channels’ that you are advised not to watch. 12 Even Nieuwetijdskind is on it (I’m in the resistance! Whoehaa!). The awakened person can only laugh very hard at that.

I’m curious to see what pop-ups I’ll soon be getting from: ‘Ma’am, do you know you’re on questionable news channels? We know where to find the real news!’

And independently highlighting stories that are hushed up in the mainstream media works. The New York Times eventually spoke out against the excessive use of force against the protectors. 13

`The department’s video was meant to portray the protesters as dangerous troublemakers, but the photos and videos in news reports suggest a more familiar story — an imbalance of power, where law enforcement fiercely defends property rights against protesters’ claims of environmental protection and the rights of indigenous people. American Indians have seen this sort of drama unfold for centuries`

If mainstream media is speaking out like this, there is still hope.

Awakening also happens to police officers

The protests continue. The atrocities too. But there is a turning point. Members of the militarized police put down their weapons and quit. They have not signed up to beat up unarmed women and minors. The protest against DAPL is not only awakening Native Americans and spiritually oriented people (so to speak).

It also awakens where it is most needed: among the parties that support the establishment. And then it shows again how that establishment is in fact supported by collective blindness and the willingness to obey. Nothing but a willingness to obey and follow orders. Police officers from other departmentsare – often to their dismay – sent to Standing Rock to manage ‘disorders’ there. 15

In the video below you can see how at a demonstration in Frankfurt police officers step out of their rows and walk along with the demonstrators:

At the same time, healing also takes place among the Indian people:

What I feel sets Standing Rock apart from previous protests and what really ushers in the New Age for me is the importance attached to healing. There is prayer everywhere. Native Americans pray for the police forces who pelt them with tear gas and rubber bullets that they may repent (which is already happening here and there – something we can all bet on across the ocean).

People who have been in a violent confrontation receive healing. Your protest may be non-violent, but you don’t mind something like that. This is unprecedented in history! These are the true warriors of peace.

You go into confrontation knowing it’s necessary, but take care of yourself and others by clearing the trauma right away. Perhaps most importantly, there is a growing awareness that violence not only harms the victim, but also the perpetrator. People who commit atrocities become traumatized and therefore open to committing more atrocities.

Resistance sometimes has to be fought with resistance, but it is important – and that is the warriorship of the New Age – not to let that resistance become a breeding ground for even more violence.


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