Standing still to move forward


Sometimes life feels like it has come to a standstill. Especially when you are in an important process, it can temporarily feel as if little is happening. As an entrepreneur I notice that well:

In my company, which has a nice flow these days, everything suddenly comes to a standstill. You might think that everything collapses, that your flow disappears and everything you did was in vain, but I have found that nothing could be further from the truth .

Start of a growth spurt

I’ve noticed that periods like this often turn out to be a kind of springboard . An impetus to something bigger and better. They precede a growth spurt and a new phase in my life and therefore also in my company. Personal development always takes you much further than you initially think, also in your company or in your work.

But not all personal development comes from a book or course. Sometimes it is subtle or less subtle inner processes that cause your growth spurt. You could compare it with the ‘jumps’ of small children. Every parent knows them, a period when your child is clingy, doesn’t seem to be feeling well, which gets in the way.Sometimes that happens to us too, just before or during our own jumps.

What precedes it

You often notice that something is coming, but it can also happen unconsciously. Sometimes you feel, like I had recently, a deep drive to change something in your life. You will then feel restless for a while, because you know that something has to be done, but the real leap of faith is often scary.

I was really scared to death myself, but I did feel that it was necessary. Once the time had come, the world seemed to slow down, everything around me seemed to come to a standstill, fewer emails came in, I suddenly seemed less ‘needed’ than usual.

Of course my life went on at home – kids don’t stand still because you do – but everything else seemed to slow down and that turned out to be exactly what I needed.The delay often continues for a little longer, even if you are already boldly stepping forward.

And then it comes

Suddenly the moment is there, sometimes faster than you expect, sometimes slower, but it is coming: Suddenly everything starts flowing again, you realize what it was good for. Suddenly you see that the brave steps you took after the stoppage brought you exactly where you needed to be.

Suddenly you see all the puzzle pieces fit together, even the ones you didn’t see the point of before. And then you will see that you have only stood still in order to be able to move forward at full speed afterwards.

Writing helps

If you don’t know what you’re doing it all for, writing often helps. Write all the questions you have in your head on paper and let your pen go. You will find that answers will come, even when you don’t expect them. Even if you can’t reach it in your mind. The answers seem to float around you and if you give them the chance, they will be on paper before you know it and you will have more peace of mind because you know which way you can go, or what you are doing it for.

Into the wide world

And as soon as you have all those insights, as soon as you know what it was all good for and you feel recharged and strong again, then those insights can be released into the world. Because how nice is it to share your insights, for example in your blog, so that others can also benefit from it? Then it all made more sense than you could have ever imagined.

And then it just might happen that while you are writing, the perfect song suddenly enters your ears to let you know that you are never alone and that you are on the right path, as just happened to me. Everything happens for a reason and sooner or later you will find it and help others with it, don’t miss your opportunities.


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